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Work experience

Nov 1985Present

Internet Marketing Consultant

Hana Like

We specialize in direct mail and internet marketing. We can help you leverage the internet to grow your business or to start a new one,

We include full service web design and promotion including:

  • copyrighting optimized for the web,
  • website optimization for high search engine rankings,
  • Website promotion needed to bring visitors to your website, and
  • photography and videography related to web design and development.  

The company started as a consultant to an industrial coating sales rep. Over the years we have provided a variety of computer and natural resource management services to small business and private land owners. 

As a forester and life long conservationist, I actively promote conservation. I believe climate change is a challenge that threatens the quality of life of my children and am doing all I can to wake up the world to the threat. Our business provides many pro bono services to conservation organizations. We believe we must be personally and financially resilient, and we must maintain the biodiversity of the earth for biodiversity is vital to the resilience of our planet.

Like all businesses, Hana Like has evolved over time.  We recognize the importance of the internet in helping brick and mortar businesses attract customers, and we know anyone can set up an internet business with unlimited income potential.  The advantage of an internet business is:

  • you can work from anywhere you have a phone and an internet connection,
  • you can set your own hours, and
  • because you can reach the world, you have unlimited sales potential.

We can help you be more resilient and create the life of your dreams.

Jan 1972Oct 1985

Protection Forester

Department of Land and Natural Resources , Division of
Hawaii Forestry and Wildlife. Gradually increasing responsibilities. 1972 to 1985 Protection Forester on the staff of the state Forester responsible for the endangered species program, the forest insect and disease program and wildland fire management throughout the state. Major accomplishment during this period was the training of wild land firefighting crews to understand wildland fire behavior and related fire fighting safety. No one was seriously injured during my tenure.
Jan 1967Oct 1972

Assistant District Forester

DLNR, Hawaii Division of Forestry

Assistant District Forester, Maui District, Division Forestry and Responsible developing and implimenting management plans and forestry field crew supervision. Accomplishments: developed resource management plans for all Forest Reserves on Maui

Apr 1965Jan 1967

Field Supervisor

U.S. Forest Service, Camp Angel

Field supervisor for the Job Corps and for the City of Portland Neighborhood Youth Corps. Major accomplishment included design and construct the Forest Park recreational trails and development of a Technical Forestry Training Program for the University of Oregon.

Mar 1958Apr 1965


US Forest Service

gradually increasing responsibilities to include Timber Management Officer responsible for the forest management activities of a District.


Continuing Education courses in Natural Resource Management and Computer Science.


My interests include conservation, marketing and living resiliently.  I continue to study and learn and to share what I learn with the world.

Vanport Community College Portland State University


Oregon state University College of Forestry

Forest Management and Engineering


Jan 2005Present

Olelo Producer, Director and Camera Operator

Certified to use Olelo equipment at all levels of production.
Jan 2012Jan 2015

HAM Radio Operator

General Amateur Radio Operator

Mission Statement

To help others live more resilient live personally, financially and Globally

Personal resilience requires planning and preparation to deal with emergencies and to take advantage of opportunities.

Financial resilience is achieved when we have enough passive income to be able to deal with any contingency.

Community resilience depends on community planning so that we as community members are ready to take care of our selves and our neighbors in recovering from a serious storm or any other disaster.

Global resilience requires us to live within the earths capacity to support us. Infinite growth on a finite planet is leading us to disastrous climate change and resulting social collapse.