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I would like to point out my great desire and interest in improving and learning new technologies,I am a self-directed learner with aim for personal development and growth, always in trend with evolution of technologies.

Focus is on building high quality systems driven by a good understanding of the business requirements where improvements to the current business processes drive the implementation of IT systems, rather than technology.

Keen interest in all aspects of emerging technologies, and utilising broad knowledge of IT and problem solving techniques to come up with robust and sustainable solutions.

For me, programming is an art where we give life to artworks.



BS(Information Technology)

Imperial University

Work experience

April 2016Present

Software Engineer

Nextbridge Ltd.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
- Work with outside data sources and API's.
- Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
- Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
- Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Sept 2014March 2016

Software Engineer

Pikes Soft
  • Responsible for development of full lifecycle IOS applications.
  • Implementing product features within a team using best practices to meet product deliverables.
  • Planned and carried out daily scrums, weekly estimations and retrospectives and pair programming.
  • Managed code Git and BitBucket.
  • Designed applications using object-oriented concepts.
  • Managing a small development team at technical level on day-to-day basis.
  • Providing guidance on implementation and design best practices to other developers.
June 2013Augest 2014

Web Application Developer

Dot Solutions & Technologies

  • Design, develop, test and deploy web applications.
  • Code pages, files, test, debug and deploy.
  • Planing to deploy project in production environment.
  • Develop appropriate code structures to solve specific tasks.
  • Coordinate with other designers and programmers to develop web project
  • Collaboration with staff and teams to develop, format and deploy content.
  • Fix bugs, troubleshoot and resolve problems.


  • IDE : Xcode.
  • Language: Objective C , Swift , PHP
  • Controls: Label, Button, TextField, TextView, Segment, Switch, Sliders, Progress.
  • Controllers: Navigation Controller, Tabbar Controller,PageView Controller , Custom.
  • Navigator: Action Segues, Custom Segues, Unwind Segues.
  • Listing: TableView, CollectionView, PickerView, DatePicker.
  • Locations: LocationManager, MapKits, Google Maps.
  • Layouts: Auto-Resizing, Auto Layout, Resize classes, Animations.
  • Social: Google Plus, Facebook & Twitter Integration.
  • Notification: Local, Push (General, Parse).
  • Networks: AFNetworking, NSURLConnection.
  • DataControl: SingleTon, Delegates, Blocks.
  • Webservices: JSON
  • Payment Gatway : Strip , Braintree , Paypal , Authorize.Net.




  • At the Stock-Yard our goal is to improve the way cattle producers and consumers interact.
  •  We are able to drastically minimize the costs associated with current market options while directly maximizing cattle visibility and value
  • We do this by improving networks between buyers and sellers which leads to improved market values that each party is able to take direct advantage of.
  • As a Seller we give our users the ability to post their cattle online and in real time get direct feedback from solid buyers. No more rounding up, loading up and hauling cattle to sale barn just to receive a "market value" and pay premium fees that diminish your profits. Put all that money back in your pocket by posting your cattle now on the Stock-Yard and watch the buyers come to you! 
  • As a Buyer are you tired of searching high and low looking for that specific need that will not only improve your herds quality but your production costs? Well at the Stock-Yard, we are able to maximize the number of cattle you are able to see daily which increases your time value of money and provides you an immediate valuation on the cattle market.
  • As a Stock-Yard buyer, you have the ability to search cattle by location, cost, type, breed, weight, sex and age to name a few without having to leave your truck. Locate your desired cattle instantly and talk directly to the seller.


  • Exhibii is the best mobile tool for documenting your exhibition projects as they come together. Features include:
  • Import checklist to create object records
  • Custom media albums to record photos, videos, and notes for specific topics such as crate, packing, condition issues, and installation for each object
  • Keyword search tool to quickly find the object record you need
  • Sharing options including email and exporting to various apps
  • PDF reports generated from media albums for sharing or attaching to your collections database
  • Edit and sort object records


  • its marketplace app.
  • You can post your product for rent.
  • Other user can offer price what they can pay.
  • you can accept any offer form offers list what suitable for you.
  • Once offer accepted. Other user have to pay(Stripe payment gateway integrated).
  • Amount will be transferred  to your account once you delivered product.
  • User can add multiple credit card and make one as default for payment.
  • User can add his bank information where amount will be transferred. 


  • Social Networking app.
  • User can contact  to any user on same checkin location.
  • User have  the opportunity to send message to other users.
  • Inbox to view all incoming and outing message requests.
  • User will receive instant push notification when someone send request.
  • One user can block to any user so he can not view him on that checkin location.


  • SnapGraph streamlines the user experience in capturing a special moment.
  • Allows taking a selfie and autograph (SnapGraph) within the application.
  • Re-size, rotate, and position the signature in a desire location.
  • Timestamp of the event is recorded on the SnapGraph.
  • The excitement of sharing your experience is wrapped up into an interface that the user is already accustom to to post to their favorite social media outlet.

Pato Drive (iPhone)

  • Duck Drive is your personal assistant.
  • Duck got your order in minutes.
  • Duck is responsible for conducting your order.
  • Duck will pick order from customer define pickup location.
  • Duck will deliver order at customer define deliver location.
  • Customer can directly chat with Duck. 
  • Customer can see Duck location on Map.
  • Customers will review duck.

GoPato (iPhone)

  • Define where your order and its final destination is collected.
  • Once You've asked for a service, your duck is responsible for conducting your order.
  • You can get an estimate of the time and cost of your service.
  • In the application you can see the name of your Duck, qualification and registration.
  • It -Compare scores of different ducks.
  • If You have a craving and you have not decided an option , we give you the best tips around.
  • Once order placed , we send an email with the receipt of your order.


Paypato(iPhone/ iPad )

  • Its virtual Inventory/Stock application.
  • Maintain inventory.
  • Customer Module.
  • Seller Module.
  • Payment through Cash or Payment through Credit Card on time.
  • Using cardFlight for Credit card payment on time.
  • Complete Reporting feature.
  • Using Stripe for payment gateway.

Toys42(iPhone )

  • e-Commerce application specially designed for kids toys.
  • App user have many option to select a product , base on category , special product  and Best seller.
  • User can add products in cart and then checkout order.
  • User will get order ID to check order status later.
  • Orders History to review what kind of order he placed.
  • User Can Mark Product favorite and then check later.

Eaater(iPhone )

  • App is about what people / business are interested in according to their geographical location.
  • App user will get Business listing according to his current or defined location. 
  • Business listing according to user defined radius , interested categories and location.
  • User can post small description with current or specified location and interested category.

Memberships for 3in4NeedMore (CMS , API)

  • Set up unlimited membership levels.
  • Provide restricted access to pages, posts, categories, videos, forums, downloads, support, single page access, and more.
  • Integrate with the PaypalPro Payment Gateways.


 CRM System (CodeIgniter)

  • Its an easy to use Invoice, Customer and Project management system.
  • Customer Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Paypal account  payment
  • Member subscription 
  • PDF invoices