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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Lead Consultant Developer

HCL Technologies

Presently working as Lead Consultant in the Configuration Management team. Managing build, deployment, maintenance and release of the client’s end-user tools and frameworks like “Retail Service Platform (RSP)”, SIGMA, ESP 2.0 etc. Leading a team of four engineers; coordinating with dev and test teams and interfacing with client.My roles include –

  • Task assignment to team members, receiving and collating status updates, coordinating with teams with stakes, acting SPOC for onsite team.
  • Build, deployment and release activities of Client products.
  • Production deployment support for monthly releases.
  • Installation and configuration of Application Servers. Extensive experience of Weblogic 11g and Oracle Service Bus.
  • Source code version control, defect tracking and quality control.
  • Automation tasks to reduce turn-around time and increase efficiency.
  • Knowledge management in the form of process documentation, training organization etc.
  • Process improvement activities.
Nov 2006Dec 2009

Senior Software Engineer

Ness Technologies

Worked as Senior Software Engineer in the Configuration Management team. Managed build, deployment, maintenance and scripting work of the client product - Foundation Architecture. Also, I was offshore owner of Asset Suite related tasks.My roles included –

  • Build, deployment and release activities of Client products.
  • Off-shore ownership of client’s J2EE based Primary products – ‘Foundation Architecture’ and ‘Asset Suite’.
  • Provide support to Development and QA team as well as clients on Configuration Management, Build and environment issues.
  • Process documentation, in the form of Viki pages. Worked on migration from Wiki to Confluence system. Off shore’s primary owner of these Confluence Viki pages.
  • User Interface designer of 'Knowledge Portal' for client and internal use.
  • Involved in Process Improvement activities.


Wiki Pages
Have used MediaWiki to create a Knowledge management center wiki page for current client. My primary role was WEb developer and content developer. Previously, had created similar wiki page for last client using Confluence system.
Involved in database maintenance and patch applications using SQL developer. Have experience with TOAD too.
Version Control
Worked with Accurev extensively for 16 months. Advance skills in its version control techniques. Have prior experience of using Clear Case.
Python, Perl, WLST
Shell Scripting
Extensively used shell scripting in all kinds of automation in build, deployment and setup configuration. Product builds, Domain setups, Deployment on app servers - all automation done using shell scripts. Deployment script also adopted for production deployment.
Managing builds of different client products and tools, using ANT builds scripts. Integrating these builds with Shell automation scripts and cruise control.
Application Servers
Manage different client product deployments and maintenance on different flavors of App Servers -   Weblogic 9, 10g and 11g Oracle 9i Websphere 5.1 and 6.1
Managing different client product deployments and maintenance on different flavors of Unix - Sun Solaris, HP, AIX and MVS.
Apache / Tomcat
Been managing Apache / Tomcat web server on Unix platform for last one year. Expert in Installation, configuration and management.
C++, Java
Before starting my professional career, I was expert in C++ and Java too. That's how I got my mail id vicky.codemaster. Didn't use them in last 3 years. So, out of touch. Just need one revise. And I'll be back.
Some codes in the blogs are AJAX, JSON etc scripts. Even though those are library codes, going through them for better understanding. That's how I became rockstar in HTML/CSS.
Designed all my 5 blogs myself, which I regularly customize and update. Designs are highly appreciated and are regularly sought after.


  • ITIL v3 certified software professional with 4+ years of working experience in Build, Release, Deployment and Support / Maintenance of Products and services.
  • Presently working in HCL Technologies Ltd. as Lead Consultant with Configuration management Team.
  • Expert level skills in build, deployment and setup automation.
  • Extensive experience in providing production deployment support.
  • Diverse background with fast learning skills, creative analytical abilities, good technical and innovative problem solving skills.
  • Also, passionate about User Interface designing. Worked with AJAX, CSS, JSON, JScript. Customized my blogs myself, which are highly appreciated.
  • Passed ITIL v3 certification with 83% scores.
  • Expert in C, C++, Java, ANT, Shell
  • Worked on all flavors of Unix - AIX, HP, SUN Solris - and MVS
  • Worked on all flavors of App server - OAS, WAS and WLS
  •  Automation expert. Have developed several build, deployment and setup automation scripts, which are adopted for production deployment use as well.
  • Superb UI designer.


Palamarneri Krishnan

Bikram is an hard working individual who is meticulous in following directions and provide solutions in time. He anticipates issues ahead of time and suggests for advice and resolution. This cuts down time to resolve issues and he is good at communicating ideas and solutions for problems. I'd recommend Bikram to any of his potential employers.

Jerry Magilton

“Bikram is a dependable and hardworking resource who I would gladly have on my team anytime - anywhere. He worked hard to overcome tremendous obstacles and was a part of making Ventyx' outsourcing to Ness a success!

Reddappa Gowd Bandi

Bikram is a fine developer I came across in one of my teams where he is responsible for development of SDMI products. He closely works with Build and Deployment Architects and develop the important core build models. He is responsible to write some custom build models followed by custom tasks and targets. He has good knoweldge of Java/J2EE, Ant and Shell scripts. He will be an asset to any Development team with rich CM capabilities. He is a good team player and nice to person to work with.

Jay Williams

"Bikram is extremely talented and hard working; he has each skill necessary to be a great software systems engineer. He can be trusted to do a fantastic job on any deployment, application server, build and release, or otherwise software related project."


Retail Service PlatformClient: T-Mobile, USA

T-Mobile USA is currently the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. market. RSP (Retail Service Platform) is built on Java based Web Services (Service Oriented Architecture - SOA) to primarily support the activations and account management business functionalities within T-Mobile Retail and its partners.

Role: Build, deployment & release engineer

Environment: Unix, J2SDK, ANT & Shell Scripting, Weblogic, SQL


• Doing daily build and deployment activities.• QAT and DIT code-drop activities.• Backend database maintenance and patch application.• Identifying and assisting in the repair of build failures.• Configuration, deployment and maintenance of Development and QA application environments.• Installation, configuration and maintenance of Weblogic 11g application server domains.• Source code version control using Accurev.• Defect tracking and quality control using Quality Center and Remedy.• Working with dev and test team in resolving bugs.• Building tools for automated builds, deployments, domain setup and other tasks.

=====================================================================================ESP 2.0 and ESP_LiteClient: T-Mobile, USA

The purpose of this project is to modernize the current EAI, JPayment and Tibco portfolio content and to understand the related services, data and processes as a vendor agnostic T-Mobile asset. Primary goals are quality improvement, productivity improvement and cost avoidance & reduction.

Role: Configuration & automation engineer

Environment: Unix, Java, Python & Shell Scripting, Weblogic, WLST, OSB, SOA


• Installation of Weblogic server, OSB, SOA, java, RCU.• Doing domain creation and server setups including additional jms queue, connection factory configurations for dev environments.• Database schema creation for these environments.• Build, deployment and code-drop activities.• Integration with RSP, Samson, Tibco middleware.• Source code version control using Accurev.• Automation work for OSB & SOA build and deployment, customization file creation.


Tibco, JPayment, EAIClient: T-Mobile, USA

Tibco, JPayment and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) are the legacy frameworks and applications for T-Mobile business process management. They encompass several individual projects internally like "Handset order", "Paperless Billing", "Mocking Bird", "Broadband Management" etc.

Role: Build, automation & release engineer

Environment: Unix, Java, ANT & Shell Scripting, Tibco middleware


• Offshore resource for daily build and deployment activities.• Tibco middleware installation on dev environment machines.• SQL database environment setup for backend and integration with dev/test environment.• Supporting production deployment and monthly release activities.• Pre-production deployment cleanup, setup and verification.• Automation and process improvements.


WikiClient: T-Mobile, USA

The T-Mobile wiki is the web based central access point for all dev environments of different projects, managed by the config team. There's a separate tab for each project, each of which contain a table of different dev environment, depending on their release date. These tables also contain other relevant details like DB backend, linked domains, Owners etc. There's also a "troubleshooting" tab where users add known issues and problem resolutions. This acts as a knowledge management portal too.

Role: Knowledge Management

Environment: Weblogic portal, MediaWiki


• Creation of wiki pages using weblogic portal.• Migrated to Media-wiki.• Individual page creation and maintenance for different projects.• Addition of troubleshooting and known-issue information.• Process documentations and upload to wiki and sharepoint.


Asset SuiteClient: Ventyx, USA

Asset Suite is the most crucial product as per business aspects of Ventyx. It is a complete solution that helps customers to effectively manage assets and MRO costs to achieve the high level of performance, safety and reliability. Asset Suite allows managing information such as equipment model, serial number, vendor, date purchased, spare parts, services performed, recalls and much more.

Role: Build and deployment engineer

Environment: Unix, Java, Shell Scripting, Apache / Tomcat.


• Installation of AS releases on client servers to create AS regions.• Advanced configuration and maintenance of these regions.• Scheduled patch and emergency patch installation.

• Integration and configuration of additional components like Integration Framework (IF), ADS, Financial Integration (FI), ICDS etc.


Foundation ArchitectureClient: Ventyx, USA

Foundation Architecture is the J2EE based web application and the new front-end for accessing AS range of components. Because of its rich interface, ease of use, robustness and support of localization, this is now the most sold product of Ventyx.

Role: Build, release and deployment engineer

Environment: Unix, MVS, Java, ANT, Shell Scripting, Application Server (OAS / WAS / WLS), Apache / Tomcat, Cruise Control, Confluence Wiki.


• Primary owner and first point of contact for all FA related tasks in offshore.• Involved in build and deployment of daily builds.• Configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the build automation using cruise control.• Configuration, deployment and maintenance of Development and QA application environments.• Deploy and manage these environments on different OS (AIX, HP, SUN and MVS) and app server (OAS, Websphere, Weblogic) combinations.• Installation and configuration of Application Servers. Worked with OAS 9i - 10g, Websphere 6.1 - 7.0 and Weblogic 9 - 10.1• Automated the deployment process using a single shell script for all these combinations.• Hotfix, patch and Upgrade deployments.• Creation of Database for different application environments.• Customization of environments as per request from clients.• Monitoring the different environments for availability.• Resolving customer issues through tickets and coordinating with onshore team.• Maintain the Wiki page which lists all the FA environments.• Maintain user and technical documentation.


Integration Framework (IF) & ICDSClient: Ventyx, USA

IF and ICDS are the middleware for external systems which want to communicate with Asset suite. They accept XML as the request from the external system and replies back to the external system in the form of XML response.


• Installation of IF and ICDS releases on client servers to connect to AS regions.• Configuring and Enabling them in FA, so that FA applications can communicate with AS.• Scheduled patch and emergency patch installation.


Ventyx Knowledge CenterClient: Ventyx, USA

The Ventyx Knowledge Center provides a single unified platform to share information among Ventyx EDC members. One can store and access information on a variety of Ventyx products, processes and trainings. This portal is a one-stop access to create, store and share information. This provides an environment where individuals can communicate and collaborate within and across teams based on common interests.

Role: UI developer

Environment: Twiki, Confluence, CSS, AJAX, Photoshop


• Chief template developer. I was responsible for major part of the front end UI design. • Table less HTML and CSS Development.• Added a Web 2.0 style search-bar, utilizing AJAX and javascript.• Added ‘notice board' with latest topics and event calendar.

Own Blogs

ePaper Seminar

Graphic Design


  • Won the "Delivery R&R award" in the innovation category during the 3rd quarter, 2010 at HCL.
  • Coded deployment automation script for weblogic which reduced the turn-around time by 60%. Also upgraded the script for use in production environments.
  • Lead the team through 3 major releases during 2010 and 2 in 2011 and got the team "team of the quarter" award.
  • Nominated for the ‘Best Employee of Quarter Award' in Q3 2008 for great Performance.
  • One of the primary contributors to Configuration Management team's demonstration of Excellence during the 2nd quarter of 2008, which got it the ‘Team of the quarter' award.
  • Grabbed Snap Award three times for exceptionally supporting and troubleshooting client issues and build environments.
  • Received exceptional performance bonus during the year 2008.


Jun 2002May 2006

B.E. in Information Science and Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University
  • Developed 'Infopedia' using .Net - a college records maintenance application, which was ranked 1st.
  • Among the top 3 in 2nd semester University exam at department level.
  • Presented technical seminar on ‘e-Paper Display’
  • Member of Cultural Committee
May 2000Apr 2002


Jitendralal Vidya Bhaban
  • 2nd prize in district level inter-school Technical Quiz competition.
  • 'A' grade in state level ‘medha anusandhan’ exam.