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The economic situation isn't as good as we would like it to be; that's no secret.  Companies need to make difficult decisions about where every dollar goes just to stay afloat lately, and relief seems very slow in coming for all of us.  However, in order to succeed in the near future as well as in the long run, businesses need to assure they maintain their current customer base as well as acquiring new loyalty. 

As consumers become more aware of the value of quality goods and services, they will choose companies that provide them with the quality levels they expect.  To provide that level of service, businesses are going to need dedicated professionals whose personal values reflect this growing need.

I would like the opportunity to apply myself to any technical, challenging position where I can utilize my electromechanical, leadership and training abilities along with my understanding of Demand Flow and Six Sigma processes to help the team succeed. I believe my high level of attention to detail and in-depth understanding of what defines quality and how to retain customers will be a great benefit to any position I am chosen for, and I welcome the opportunity to be more productive.


I have a diverse background that reflects a variety of natural and learned abilities. My technical and mechanical expertise lends naturally to any kind of manufacturing position, while my ability to instruct others and create learning content in multiple media allows me to help an organization improve overall knowledge and compliance. I have recently learned the entire Six Sigma DMAIC process as well as Lean manufacturing techniques, and would enjoy putting it to work in practical situations. I have found that learning new and interesting things comes naturally to me, and it is one of my biggest joys in life to absorb as much as possible. Within the past few years, however, I have discovered that I also enjoy passing what I learn on to others. Whether personal or professional, I enjoy watching people grow and accomplish previously unreachable goals and take pride in themselves. Though I prefer the medical or medical Equipment industry, I would like the opportunity to expand these new skills in whatever fashion I am able, wherever the path might lead.

Work experience

Mar 2010May 2011

Quality & Regulatory Specialist

Microlife Medical Home Solutions

My primary responsibilities at Microlife were to manage the Quality System of the company, monitor and address customer feedback issues, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance with FDA 21 CFR 820, ISO 13485, MDD 93/42/EEC and CMDR.

I was also in charge of Document Control, Training Records Maintenance, Change Control, Inspection, Management Review, Audit Coordination, Vendor Approval and Purchasing.

Feb 2008Apr 2009

Equipment Systems Trainer


In this role, I was responsible for creating and administering training to multiple employees on the manufacturing floor.  The delivery methods ranged from e-learning modules I created delivered via e-mail to personalized, one-on-one training for complex medical assemblies or policy updates.

My goal was always to improve communication and clarify expectations to a skilled manufacturing force.  I feel that in this manner, potential problems were addressed very quickly by the employees who first experience them and an extremely high level of overall quality was achieved.

Feb 2005Feb 2008

Equipment Ops Assembly Technician


My role as an Assembly Technician was to fully understand and build various electromechanical medical devices & sub-assemblies.  As these devices were considered Class III, they directly interacted with a human patient and could mean the difference between life and death.  This was not a responsibility taken lightly, and I took great pride in making sure each and every item I built worked flawlessly.

In addition, I was given the opportunity to help transition a new machine from the prototype phase into full manufacturing production.  This involved learning every aspect of the new device, creation of visual assembly documents, hand fabrication of necessary prototype parts, planning & setting up a new assembly line and workflow, maintaining inventory control during the transition, and training additional personnel in the assembly process.

Nov 2000Jun 2004

Sr OSP Design Engineer

Qwest Communications
Translated long term planning goals into CAD-designed construction plans to assure timely service transition of new and returning customers. Managed complex network capabilities providing service to over 100,000 customers across 18 cities. Facilitated ongoing cooperation between six corporate entities to assure reliability of the network and quick response to client needs.


Tim Buhler

I have known Tim for over four years as a supervisor, valuable team member and friend.

Shawn Shenton

I worked with Shawn a number of years ago as a telecommunications engineer, and we have been friends ever since.

Cliff Bishard

I have worked with Cliff for a number of years, recently as his trainer for equipment testing and checkout.  I think I can golf almost as well as him, too.

Resume & Letters




DeVry Institute of Technology


Quality Control
When I made the transition into medical equipment manufacturing five years ago, I was introduced to the FDA Quality Systems Regulations manual, ISO 9000, and many other quality tools.  From that point forward, I realized that working with these quality tools resonated strongly with my personal values, and I enjoy using them on a daily basis.  I joined the American Society for Quality shortly thereafter, and have been studying better ways to improve and control many areas to help businesses meet their goals.
Customer Service
Have you ever been disappointed with something you purchased?  An electronic device that goes through batteries faster than it should, a phone installer who left mud on your carpet, or waiting on hold with a company for a simple issue?  How many times would you have chosen certain things if you thought either the product or the company behind it didn't really care about your needs as a consumer?   People are spending more time to make sure they are getting the highest quality lately.  They want to make sure they aren't spending money on goods and services that may not live up to their expectations. Goods and services that they don't have to worry about down the road, that they can rely on and tell others about.   I understand how to listen to the voice of the customer, and how to translate that into tangible improvements and increased customer loyalty.  I enjoy taking the opportunity to "dig down" to the root cause of issues and offer the insight and expertise to remedy the problems that may be keeping a company from succeeding.
Mechanical Aptitude
Anyone can put Tab A into Slot B, but if you want something made with feeling, I'm the one you should call!  I grew up as a Lego kid, and it has progressed into my computer hobby, repairing my own cars, setting up my home theater, and building and maintaining my own bicycles, to name a few.   I seem to intuitively understand how things are supposed to work, and quickly learn even the most complicated procedures, which has led me to many former positions working on semiconductor machinery and life-saving medical equipment.  I have constructed (as well as authoring multiple procedures on the exact process of constructing) therapeutic apheresis machines and RF valves filled with tiny components.    Working with my hands makes me happy, and I take great pride in always giving my absolute best in everything I do.  
Computer & Software Skills
One of my personal hobbies that lends itself easily to any working environment is my use of computers.  For over 10 years, I have built, maintained, and upgraded my own personal computers, including all software installs, updates, and troubleshooting.  I enjoy the process of researching components every few years to find the right balance of cost and performance, the systematic construction, and the subsequent benchmarking and overclocking.    For the search engines, I am fluent in Microsoft Windows, Office, Word, Excel, Exchange, Powerpoint, and Visio, as well as Adobe Acrobat. I am decent with Autocad 2007 and NX Works, and can quickly become fluent in any CAD/CAM software.  I have used various photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro for instruction manual layouts and presentations.  In addition, I have also learned various proprietary software and have no issues learning new ones.
Six Sigma Process Improvement
After four years in a medical device manufacturing environment, I have learned many techniques to streamline production and maintain tight regulatory compliance.  I have since expanded those skills through a very comprehensive Six Sigma course that has complimented my understanding of Demand Flow and lean manufacturing techniques.   I can now utilize the entire DMAIC process from start to finish in order to help any company achieve positive results in their products or processes.