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Profissional Experience

Aug 2013Aug 2015

Coordinator of Planning Area

Blueticket (BR)

As a Coordinator of Planning Area my goal is to deal with strategic information to provide best decisions in several fields, since internal operational issues and business strategy until market analyses and customers experience.

Apr 2013Aug 2013

Member of the Management Board

Project Cauã

As a member of the Management Board my goal was help to build and launch into the market the first pilot of the Project Cauã.

This project is a Free and Open Source Software and Hardware (FOSSH) project conceived by Linux International executive director Jon “Maddog” Hall to make it possible for people to make a living as a systems administrator. The vision of Project Cauã is to promote more efficient computing following the thin client/server model, while creating up to two million privately-funded high-tech jobs in Brazil, and another three to four million in the rest of Latin America.

Feb 2010Apr 2012

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Intelbras SA

Set of Activities:

- Sizing and mapping of potential markets and new opportunities for products/services;
- Analyses of business environment, competitors and customers;
- Analyses of trends and market risks;
- Transforming data into information that impact strategically on the company's business;

Oct 2007Feb 2010

Marketing Analyst

Intelbras SA

Set of Activities:

- Development and improvement of management reports and modeling analyses of KPIs;
- Market Analyses (competitors, potential, projections, prospects) and participation in defining sales strategies;
- Development of model and consolidation of sales budget;
- Preparation of a performance research of the sales force and monitoring the outcome indicators.

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Educational Background

Sep 2014Present

Masters in Management

Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - Florianópolis - Brazil

Master's Student in Business Management at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - Brazil (2014). At the moment I'm a researcher in Customer Experience Management area, Transformative Services and Social Inclusion.

Jan 2013Jan 2013

Continuing Education

University of La Verne - California - USA

3 weeks training program divided in:

1st week: Strategic Thinking Change management; Leadership, Strategic Management and Change management; Mission, vision, and Social Responsibility. Business Cases.

2nd week: Strategic Planning Core competence; Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard; Strategic alignment. Business Cases.

3rd week: Marketing and market conquest Marketing in the International Arena - landscape and trends; Managing cultural and legal differences among countries. Business Cases.

Jan 2013Jan 2013

Business English Course - La Verne - USA

ELS Language Centers

22.5 hours of Praxian Business English in the University of La Verne - California - USA

Jun 2012Dec 2012

Continuing Education

Institute of Commercial Management Certificate - Dublin - Ireland

Covering all the major business studies areas and topics, the ICM Certificate (from England) programmes have, over a fifteen year period, achieved international recognition and are currently undertaken by students in over 100 countries. The certification training was provided by SEDA College, in Ireland.

Modules: International Business Communications, Business Management & Administration, Interpreting & Analysing Information (Numeracy and Statistics) and Marketing Principles (Marketing).

Mar 2011Mar 2012

English Course - Florianópolis - Brazil

British and American
Feb 2011Feb 2011

Spanish Course  - Córdoba - Argentina

Habla Spanish

3 weeks of intensive spanish training program 

Aug 2005Feb 2010

Bachelor in Management

Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - Florianópolis - Brazil
Oct 2005Oct 2007

Spanish Course - Palhoça - Brazil

Centro Comunitário Ponte do Imaruim