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Personal Information

DOB: 12 September 1998

Mobile: 083 3688477

Phone: 051 425101

Address: Swallows Rest, Southknock, New Ross

Work experience


Physio Matters

Observed the head physio doing massages and stretching the patients

Helped to stretch the patients when they gave their consent and did exercises with them

Clerical work on the computer-setting up appointments and printing receipts and exercises 

Assistant Baker

Bakehouse, New Ross

Worked in the bakery, making sweet and savoury items

Worked in the shop front, at the till and deli counter

Cleaned the shop

Shop Assistant

Hanley's Pharmacy

Helped any customers that had any questions

Restocked shelves and checked stock

Cleaned the shop


Junior Cert 2014

St.Mary's New Ross

Irish                                                       B

Maths                                                   B

German                                               B

English                                                 C

Science                                                B

Business                                              B

Home.Ec.                                            A

Religion                                               B

C.S.P.E                                                 A

Geography                                        B

History                                                B


National Pool Lifeguard Award

Irish Water Safety

I have completed level 2 of the award which allows me to supervise areas of water in a swimming facility where depths are greater than 1.5m