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Biancamaria is a multifaceted artist who has developed a very personal performing style combining visual arts, theatre, movement and music.

Moving onward from her formal theater studies and her apprenticeship with Master Painter Carlo Cattaneo, Biancamaria molded her way to performance not limited within a single art form, but shaping herself as a round vehicle of expression. Biancamaria's performances are therefore a journey through voice, body expression and visual arts: highly poetic, but also never forgetting the slight humor inherent to life.

Constantly exploring the different aspects of creativity, Biancamaria devotes also much of her time into creating three-dimensional collages, jewelry and artistic books. 

As an offshoot of her experience managing her own experimental theater company, Biancamaria created and organized several festival, cultural activities and worked extensively as a producer for radio and television.

Biancamaria loves life, traveling and being the mom of her lovely daughter, Delfina. 

Work experience


Author, Director, Performer and co-Founder

Associazione Artistica Piccoli Traslochi

In 1999,  Biancamaria founded with composer Massimo de Majo the Associazione Artistica Piccoli Traslochi, a project-oriented company devoted to creating unusual relocations and dialogues between art forms. Our main interest is creating subtle alterations in public spaces so to bring new artistic inputs to a varied and unconventional audience. 

During the years, AAPT has worked for several public and privately founded projects. Specially to be mentioned the Galleria Comunale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of the CIty of Rome and the Discoteca di Stato (the Italian National Sound Archives).

May 2009Present

Last Productions

rm2: Caterina & Coltrane / The Pursuit of Transcendence

in July 2011, for the 150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy, Biancamaria and Massimo de Majo presented the second production of their "reading mediterraneo" series. A program on spirituality and mysticism, where for the first time the timeless words of St. Catherine of Siena and the notes of John Coltrane’s suite “First Meditation for a Quartet” are performed together with a video installation by Biancamaria. 

After a three months long research, Biancamaria has created five new texts, combining many striking passages from the 400 letters which Caterina wrote to popes, kings and common men of her times. These “song-poems” were specially written so to focus around the themes of Coltrane’s musical suite: Love, Compassion, Joy, Consequences and Serenity. A work that, reaching beyond the theological aspects of the letters, aims to the profound spiritual message carried by both Caterina and Coltrane. A timeless message of renewal, based on peace, honesty and selflessness. 

The music is performed by an international group of artists led by Massimo de Majo on drums, with Danish saxophonist Thomas Agergaard, Italian Flavio Piantoni on bass and different guest artists such as Alessandro Giachero on piano, Franco Fabbrini on bass and the young Maltese pianist Andrew Bugeja.

In 2011 the project has been performed in Italy and in Malta, where it was invited to conclude the 19th edition of the festival Evenings on Campus. In 2012 "Caterina & Coltrane" will be touring again in Italy, Scandinavia and different cities in USA. The performance can also be seen on its own channel on YouTube.

reading mediterraneo

Invited to conclude the 18th edition of the festival Evening On Campus, presented in August 2010 "reading mediterraneo", an innovative program of Maltese poetry, video installation and live jazz music.

Biancamaria performed in Italian and in English, interpreting poems by the well known Maltese poets John Cremona, Joe Friggieri, Maria Grech Ganado and Immanuel Mifsud.

For the musical side of this event, Italian percussionist Massimo de Majo has invited a group of well known international jazz artists: Maltese pianist Dominic Galea, Italian Flavio Piantoni on bass and, from Denmark, Thomas Agergaard on saxophones. The program included also special lyric recordings of Father Peter Serracino Inglott and a video installation by the Maltese multimedia artist Vince Briffa.

Ugo Foscolo's "Dei Sepolcri" / Mario Luzi's selected works

In January 2010 Massimo de Majo and Biancamaria were invited by The University of Malta for two challenging performances: a recital of Ugo Foscolo's daunting masterpiece "Dei Sepolcri" and a presentation of selected works by Italian Poet Laureate, Mario Luzi. These two hour-long monologues, presented along with a vibrant counterpoint of visual art and original scores, proposed a completely new approach to some of the most important examples of Italian poetry.

bisbigli... partitura poetica per sampler, voce recitante e percussioni

In October 2009 Massimo de Majo and Biancamaria were asked by the Italian Embassy in Malta to create a new production for the IX Week for the Italian Language in the World. It became bisbigli... a dream-like monologue threaded with poetry, soundscapes and texts spanning from St. Francis and Dante, to the words of contemporary poets and song writers.

Futurist Performance

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the birth of FuturismMassimo de Majo and Biancamaria have been invited by the Italian Cultural Institute and the University of Malta to perform their arrangements for voice and percussion of two texts of F.T. Marinetti. The performance took place at the University Main Hall in May 2009, in connection to Prof. Massimo Arcangeli's seminar on the Futurist Movement. 


Author, Director and lead actress

Teatro dei Sensibili

”L'Aria di Psiche“. Monologue.

“Ceronettiana”. Texts by G. Ceronetti. With artist Carlo Cattaneo.

”Pandemia, Giochi d'Amor Profano“. (Astro Faliaco) Poetry Collage with Carlo Cattaneo.

”Frammenti di Voce“. Monologue.

“Elektra”. Monologue from H. von Hoffmanstahl.

”Athena Arte“ Poetry Happenings

”Se Questo é un Uomo“ by P. Levi. Monologue for recorded voice, electronic music and tape recorder.

”Alice in Wonderland“. Monologue for recorded voice, electronic music and tape recorder.

CD/AudioBooks: recorded poetry by Lidia Ferrara

Gli Immortali di Kubla Khan (Coleridge),

Sull' Uscio una Luce,

Annunciazione (by .M. Rilke)


Film and TV Productions

”Vostra per Sempre“ Canale 5, Italy

”A me mi piace“ with Enrico Montesano

”Storie Segrete“ - TV production by M. Bazzy, RAI

Eco-friendly TV-spot for American Broadcasting Company. J. Stevenson Director.

Other work within film and TV production: Management, Casting, Press Office etc.

Junior TV / GULP!

TV Italia

MediaSet: Sgarbi Quotidiani

MediaSet: Sarabanda con E. Papi - Casting

MediaSet: FORUM


Events Management

Roma Incontra il Mondo, Festival of Villa Ada: 1st edition

The Bali Club, Rome: Artistic Director

Natale nel Mondo. Castel S. Angelo

Café Latino: Soundtrack

”Festa del Cittadino“

Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti, Roma

Jasmine Club, Rome: Artistic Director

Production Manager for ”Stand-By Production”, Italy


Co-Director, stage design and lead actress

Pojein Theater Company

One of the leading experimental theatre companies in Italy during the 1980’s, PTC’s work was centered around the relationship between contemporary music, scenic action and poetry. The texts were always reworked with the interaction of contemporary music, tape recordings, percussion instruments, and other devices.

The company worked extensively touring in Italy and abroad with several annual productions. Among others: ”Metapherein“, ”La Sfida di Prometeo“ (V. Majakowskij), ”Alla Luna“ (G.B. Marino), ”La Stanza del Deserto“, ”Nous“, ”Endon“, ”Prologo a Ljub“ (G. Toti). 

In 1985, PTC toured some of the most important venues in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay with ”Metapherein“ receiving great acclaim by both the critic as well as the public.

PTC's work extended during the years also to many educational activities for the youth and the schools. Performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations and other activities were therefore brought to the students parallel to the shows.


Independent Theatre Performances

”I Racconti di Mezzanotte“ Radio production by RAI. 

”Autori Prima“ Contemporary Playwriters' Festival. S. Porrino's Text Collage.

”Dies Irae“ by R. Marafante. Gruppo Teatro G.

”Due Dozzine di Rose Scarlatte“ by De Benedetti. Paolo Paoloni, Director.

”I Due Timidi“ by Labiche. Lead role and Direction..

”Agrippina e la Cavalla“, unknown French author from 1500. Lead role and Direction.

Int. Theatre Festival, La Versiliana: ”Saffo, la Luna allo Specchio“ by M. Freni, World Premiere

Leading roles for the premieres of New Italian Theatre “Le Ombre in Tasca” by S. Doria and ”Invenzioni a Tre Voci“ by S. Porrino.

”Piccola Cittá“ by T. Wilder. Paolo Paoloni, Director. Italian Tour.

Int. Experimental Theater Festival of Rome “L’Apocalisse” by Leo de Bernardinis.

Frammenti di Scena

on stage



Master Classes and Workshops

Master Classes and Workshops with A. Fersen, J. Grotowski, S. Strasberg, T. Kantor, Sepe, Carlo Merlo, Anna Maria Setaccioli, Marco Lucchesi, Giancarlo Maestri and Dario Fo.


Classical and Contemporary Dance

IALS, Rome

Professional open classes and workshops in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary Dance and Yoga.


Art Academy of Rome

Open Courses in different techniques.


Carlo Cattaneo - Apprenticeship

Direct Apprenticeship at the artist’s studio — 1979-81


Universitá La Sapienza, Rome