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About me In a Nutshell

I love transforming ideas into plans and then making those plans become reality. And in this process, I feel motivated by the small steps, challenges, and successes in the day-to-day work.

I am analytical and I have a rich imagination. I need to feel my work matters. Writing and organizing events matter to me because they are a way of both expressing myself and bringing forward ideas and stories that I find important.

My Work

Springer Nature

Nov 2017Present

Editorial Office Implementation Specialist and Project Coordinator

My work is somehow similar to the work of a watchmaker. I look at the processes behind Springer's journals and I am responsible of making sure the communication and workflow between authors, editors and the production team run smooth. This means I know how to create and adjust the workflow in Editorial Manager, and I am able to fix the big or small issues that appear along the way.


Apr 2011Present


I am a regular contributor to award winning photography blog Feature Shoot and to the European documentary magazine Besides this, for the past seven years, I have been writing features, essays, travel pieces, interviews and reviews for publications such as Guernica Magazine, Coldnoon, Lost Magazine,, The Holland Times, DOX Magazine, Point of View Magazine, METRO,, Dilema Veche among others.

My writing is mainly focused on culture, people and places.


Jan 2015Present

Co-founder Eastwards and Spotlight: Romania Festival

Eastwards is a cultural initiative meant to promote Eastern European art and culture in The Netherlands.

Spotlight:Romania is a festival taking place each fall in The Hague.

It all began with a successful first edition that took place the whole month of October in 2015. The festival was organized in collaboration with GEMAK Art Gallery and De Nieuwe Regentes Theater and was a showcase for contemporary Romanian photography and film. The underlining theme was ’migration’. On the overall, the festival attracted more than 1300 visitors. Because of its success, the Spotlight:Romania photography exhibition was extended for another month.

In the beginning, in addition to curating the photography exhibition and the documentary selection, I was involved in all aspects regarding the organization of the festival, including planning and development, communication and funding. As the festival developed and more people joined the team, I am now more focused on the documentary selection, introductions and Q&As.

Springer Nature

Jun 2016Nov 2017

Editorial Coordinator - Transfers

In this position, my role was to support researchers, scientists and journal editors, by coordinating the transfer of scientific manuscripts between different Springer journals.

My tasks included matching manuscripts transferred to Transferred Service with relevant journals, and mediating the transfer process by acting as an intermediary in the communication and decision process between authors and editors.

In this position I was a coach for my colleagues in India. We had weekly meetings, in which I answered all their questions and helped them with difficult cases. An important part of my role as a coach was editing their texts and communication materials. The goal was for them to write concise and clear texts, and I developed and delivered a webinar to help them improve their skills and approach.

European Patent Office, Rijswijk

Jan 2015Jun 2016

Administrative Officer

My role was to help digitize the organization's information, applications, and publications. I edited and processed patent applications and different scientific publications.

Platform Spartak, The Hague

Jul 2014Jul 2015

Event Programmer and Coordinator

Ulysses' Gaze was an international project focused on migration which took place in several countries across Europe.

I was in charge of the project in The Netherlands and I programmed and organized monthly film screenings of Eastern European films about migration, followed by discussions with experts, which I moderated.

Rank a Brand, Amsterdam

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Junior Communication Officer

I developed the communication plan of the organization. I was also in charge of daily administrative tasks.

Fairfood International, Amsterdam

Apr 2010Aug 2010

PR Assistant

My tasks included writing and editing, coordinating petition initiatives and different administrative tasks, including database management and clean-up.


University of Amsterdam

Feb 2008Oct 2009

Msc in Communication

During my master studies, I focused on visual culture, photojournalism and research methods.

My thesis ”Looking at Beautiful Drama: Framing Photojournalistic Images” is a study on how the representation of social issues in press photography influences people’s perception of these issues.

Because the subject was relatively new and I conducted an extensive research, I was one of the few Master students invited to present at the International Communication Association conference in Singapore, June 2010.

Babes-Bolyai University


Bachelor in Political Science

My main interests during my bachelor studies were political theory, migration issues, and human rights.

My thesis ”Violence, Ideology and Romanian Communism” is a research into the double life people were forced to live during communism.

The thesis was well received and published in Studii Politice, vol.3, edited by S
Gherghina and V Boari, Presa Universitara Clujeana, 2008.


Thompson Reuters Foundation

Nov 2012Nov 2012

Writing and Reporting News (UK)

Intensive course on writing and reporting news, including practical
assignments under time pressure.

ACTIS / ETH Zurich

Sep 2011Sep 2011

Youth Encounter on Sustainability (Switzerland)

Intensive three-week course on sustainability, incorporating academic
work, field trips, workshops, cultural and social activities.

Top Quality Management

Sep 2007Oct 2007

Training of Trainers TUV Certified Diploma (Romania)

Knowledge and practical tools for organizing and conducting trainings.

Portfolio: Articles

Portfolio: Events


Interpersonal Skills

I am a team player, empathetic, assertive and creative. I focus on finding solutions to problems, I have good analytical skills and I can think outside the box.


English (fluent), Romanian (fluent), Italian (fluent), Dutch (NT2), French (intermediate understanding and reading), Spanish (basic).


Microsoft Office, Editorial Manager, WordPress, MailChimp, InDesign, SharePoint, SPSS, Google Analytics.


Volunteer & Buddy (STEK Den Haag, 2013 - 2016)

I was a social buddy for victims of human trafficking. Part of this, I showed them around the city, helped them meet others, socialize and re-learn to enjoy and trust the company of others.

When I became part of this project, I initially worked in a women's shelter and helped with small events.

Through this work, I learned a lot about human trafficking, health, and emotional issues and eventually about human nature. On a personal level, this experiences taught me how important small things can be and it also helped put my own worries in perspective.

Caretaker (Egelopvang, 2013 - 2014)

During my time at the shelter, I took care of wounded and sick hedgehogs. I cleaned, fed them, weighted them and gave them medicine and food.

This was such a beautiful and rewarding experience. The shelter was run by a family and they were so warm and taught me everything I now know about hedgehogs and how to take care of them.

United Nations Online Volunteering Program (2010 - 2012)

For two years, I wrote and edited communication materials for organizations from Africa and Asia. Some of the organizations I worked for are Free World Foundation, Ghana and Grace Association, Pakistan.

My (Other) Interests

I am much fond of animals, yoga, distance running (this year I will run my first ultra-marathon), reading (mainly non-fiction) and traveling.

I dream of running a marathon at the North Pole.

I am interested in nostalgia and I love the Eastern Europe feel and stories.

I also write short fiction and draw a character called Veve, which has his own Facebook page: