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  • Actively seeking full time positions and available for interviews.
  • Rich background in working on challenging Data Engineering problems.
  • Adept in programming, algorithms, operating systems, databases and interpersonal skills.
  • Versatile, highly adaptable and diligent, can handle time sensitive projects, production support and DevOps roles.  


fall 2015spring 2017

M.S in Computer Science

University of Texas at Arlington

Notable Academic Projects:

  • Vector Space Model - Built a simple search engine using Vector space model on presidential debate dataset using python and NLTK.
  • B+ tree Index - Implemented B+ tree index - insertion, deletion and rebalancing of the tree, using Java and Minibase which is typically used in a RDBMS.
  • DBMS Transaction Manager- Implemented a transaction manager for a typical DBMS using  C++, POSIX threads, system V semaphores and strict Two Phase locking protocol.
  • Weather data analytics - Analysing 5 year weather data of Texas to get stations with similar weather conditions using Java, HDFS and Mapreduce.
  • Hash partitioned Apriori algorithm – Implemented a parallelized data mining algorithm using C and MPICH on the Stampede supercomputer.

B.E in Information Science

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Notable Academic Projects:

  • File finder - A standalone search engine for indexing, searching and retrieving files in a computer, built using C++.
  • Media Player - A local media player for audio and video, built using Java spring and Media framework.
  • USB drive security - A symmetric key cipher based security and theft protection software for USB drives, implemented in C# .NET

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages - C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, Bash
  • Big data – Hadoop HDFS, MapReduce
  • Operating Systems - Windows, Linux
  • Databases – Oracle, MySQL, Neo4j

Work History

Jun 2017present

Application Developer II

Sprint - Overland Park, KS

Hired back by Sprint after graduating school. Tasked on Design and Development of Call detail record(CDR) search engine.

  • Data Engineer for Call Detail Record (CDR) team. Working on terabyte scale databases that store CDMA, 3G, EVDO, 4G LTE, VoLTE and IoT billing and non billing CDRs.
  • Learning the aspects of a telecom network and the data that generates off of it.
  • Working with Data Scientists and helping them with Network forecasting and Churn prediction.
  • Designing and coding of ETL workflows in shell scripting and Oracle SQL.
  • Production support for CDR Search engine.
  • Retired a mainframe and migrated Wireline CDR data to oracle database to save contract costs.
  • Using Machine Learning and Data Science to help predict Churn and forecast Network issues.
Jun 2016Aug 2016

Application Developer Intern

Sprint - Overland Park, KS

Spent the summer interning at Sprint and worked on Oracle and ArcGIS projects.

  • Delivered HTTP request/response capabilities in the database using PL/SQL for accessing ArcGIS geocoding REST services.
  • Designed and developed data acquisition strategy for bulk data uploads to Sprint Vendor database.
  • Replaced regex based matching to fuzzy matching for Vendor address data to gain more accuracy.
  • Prepared performance tuning and scheduled maintenance plans for large tables in the database using Partitioning, index and stats rebuilds.
  • Assisted team in design, development and performance improvements in ongoing projects .
Oct 2014Jul 2015

Analyst Programmer

British Telecom - Bengaluru, India

Worked as ETL solution designer and developer for the UK Business Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Key Achievements:

  • Quickly filled a crucial position and ensured timeliness of the ongoing project deliverables.
  • Elicited technical requirements from architects and business analysts, created exhaustive design documents for development team, estimated development costs.
  • Secured data compliance by designing and developing virtual private database for retail data.
  • Delivered data acquisition, ETL and BI reporting capabilities to BT's newly built Galaxy and Advice of Transfer applications.
  • Fixed critical bugs in old ETL code and reports and delivered enhancements to the UK Business billing accounts analytics dashboard.
  • Designed strategy for a large scale data migration project from UK Business to UK Revenue Assurance data warehouses.
Jun 2012Oct 2014

Database Operations Engineer

Monsanto - Bengaluru, India

Worked for Monsanto's global support organization as a DBA, IT operations and Release engineer.

Key Achievements:

  • Managed Database administration, support and operations for 50+ databases with OLTP and OLAP systems ranging from single instance to 8 node RAC databases each with over 60 TB of research data.
  • Delivered flawless business critical database changes as part of monthly sprint releases on weekends.
  • Automated several manual tasks done by the DBA while reducing complexity, errors and eliminating manual effort of 100 hours per month.
  • Completely automated the database account auditing process using Oracle Apex and PL/SQL and saved 40 hrs of manual work each month.
  • Handled the DBA on-call support with most urgency during weekends, holidays and critical harvest time, stretched until midnight several times during production issues.
  • Conducted technical training for teams within organization.
  • Organized team building activities, hosted and participated in outdoor events and tech talks.