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Career Objective:  To pursue a career in a company of repute, to be able to accomplish my goals and objectives in life, which include professional excellence and value addition to my career through dedicated work, creativity, perseverance and teamwork.

Employment History:  

Currently working as an Senior member of technical staff for Wipro  Ltd .

Professional Summary:

  • Good in Core Javascript and having knowledge of front end frameworks like React.Js, React Native, Appcelerator  etc.
  • Acquainted with libraries such as Redux, momentJS, currencyJS, accountingJS, numeralJS, underscoreJS, 
  • Experienced in developing front end for mobile Enterprise Applications using cross platform technologies (Appcelerator/Titanium).
  • Adaptive to learn new technologies, next generation JS based frameworks.
  • Good knowledge of REST Services.
  • Able to provide critical reviews, feedback for members in team.
  • Experienced with major tools like Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Reviewboard and Scrum, Sprints processes.
  • Integrated key features like Google Map, In App ticket generating, Chat feature, High charts, Pub-Nub

Work History

Freedom Application - Wipro

Customer: American Bureau of Shipping(ABS)

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is a classification society, with a mission to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities. 
ABS' core service is the provision of classification services through the development of standards called ABS Rules. These Rules form the basis for assessing the design and construction of new vessels and the integrity of existing vessels and marine structures.

Freedom application is all about digital version of this certification. 

EMK (Enterprise mobility Kit) - Mindstix

Customer: VMware

Baseline Project:

Baseline is the value or condition against which all future measurements will be compared. The baseline is a point of reference.It's Mainly contains Library ,Utils. Layer structuring .


  1. Widgets:  Widgets are self-contained components that can be easily dropped into Alloy-powered Titanium projects. They were conceived as a way to reuse code in multiple applications or to be used multiple times in the same application. Widgets have their own views, controllers, styles and assets and are laid out the same as the app directory in the Alloy project.
  2. Packaged Modules:  Packaged modules are optional extensions to the Titanium API that can be imported into your application using the require method. Packaged modules are imported using an identifier (such as Packaged modules can include native code & JavaScript. 

Sales Edge - Mindstix

Customer: VMware

Sales Edge is web application created for business administrators of VMware. This app represents the individual targets for each BA and represents their quarter based results and respective targets. It also includes accounts revenue and opportunities in that particular quarter. 

My VMware (Android and iOS App)

Customer: VMware

The mobile application is used customers of the company. The project consists VMware portal operation for mobile devices like Android Phone, Tablet, iPhone and iPad. This Project divided into 8 Sections. Alerts, License Keys, User Permissions, Knowledge Base, Support Request, VMware Blogs, My Profile, Feature Walkthrough, Login Section. This project is helpful to maintain the good relationship between the organisation and the customers, i.e., which maintains the detail information about particular customer’s Product  which makes the organisation grow faster.

VMware Partner Mobile

Customer: VMware

This mobile app for VMware Partners brings what you need for successful selling anywhere you go. VMware Partner Mobile was created to help VMware Partner Field Sales Representatives grow pipeline, increase revenue, and enhance interactions with customers. It features customer insights, deal registration, renewals, service requests, and VMware contact information. It serves as a complement to Partner Central, the desktop site for partners.


Open Source @ Github


This is a widget for the Alloy MVC framework of Appcelerator's Titanium platform.

segmented control is a linear set of two or more segments, each of which functions as a mutually exclusive button. Within the control, all segments are equal in width. User Of this widget just need to pass an  name of segments in array format and he is done with UI and interaction of it. It's more of reusable component where user cans customize his styling according to his/her branding.

Admission Helper :

Android Application on Google Play

Admission Helper is a student’s companion and guides to help in their search for the right colleges. The App assists the student to search, shortlist. The app provides all the support to students in their quest to discover, prepare and achieve their dream college and career. The App has been designed to be a student’s friend in need when the need arises. The app provides a detailed list of 350 plus institutes, across all streams of Engineering in Maharashtra.