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Work experience


Work with Middle Grades Students

North Carolina State University

During my time at North Carolina State University I had several projects giving me hands on experiences with middle grades students. Each helped me develop my teaching abilities in different ways.

  • Study Abroad at Pskov State Pedagogical University (April 2013- May 2013)During my time abroad I traveled to Russia to experience the education system there. I spent five weeks working with Pskov Pedagogical University and The Humanitarian Lyceum. This experience taught me how to better work in a culturally diverse atmosphere.

    • Attended teaching methods courses at the university

    • Participated in the 2nd International Students Conference “World Languages. Language and Cultural Identity in the Modern World”

    • Presented and published my paper “The Benefits of a Global Perspective in the Classroom”

    • Taught English as a second language classes to middle school and high school level students.

    • Learned a new perspective on the world that will help me to provide a more globalized classroom.

  • Student Teaching (Jan. 2013- April 2013)I student taught under Cathy Babinski at Wakefeild Middle School in Wake County North Carolina. This gave me hands on experience inside a classroom and taught me the important aspects of running a safe, orderly and productive classroom.

    • Provided students with authentic, higher-order assessments

    • Created fun and engaging lesson plans that followed the Common Core curriculum and use critical and higher-order thinking

    • Learned time-management and organizational skills necessary to run an effective classroom.

    • Taught a diverse classroom containing students with different home-lives, back-grounds and learning abilities.

    • Attended and observed the inner workings of school administration and faculty responsibilities.

  • TOP 2012 with Adolescent Literature class (Aug. 2012- Dec. 2012) and TOP 2011 with Ado Development Class (Aug. 2011-Dec 2011)This program sponsored by the Friday Institute, NC State and Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School is designed for college students who will become teachers to collaboratively work with seventh grade students to analyze literary elements, interpret text and create an original music-video based on the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. In 2012 I focused on the skills associated with teaching literature, and in 2011 I focused on the skills for recognizing certain developmental factors in adolescents.

    • Associated behavior with certain aspects of adolescent development based on research by Bloom, Maslow, James, Piaget and others.

    • Worked individually with two seventh grade students

    • Took on a leadership roll collaborating with three other students in the teaching program.

    • Analyzed student interaction with the text and the music associated with that text, and how adolescents understand and interpret literature.

    • Organized the creation of a unique product from middle school students.

  • Wolf Pack Writers Project (Jan. 2013- April 2013)This project, sponsored by the Friday Institute, NC State and Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, focused on working with sixth grade students to create authentic writing and poetry. I worked with a student to create several different original poems reflecting his thoughts and emotions.

    • Worked individually with a sixth grade student's to Analyze their abilities to work with text, and written expression.

    • Provided an environment for facilitating academic and literary growth in the student I worked with.

    • Learned how to use writing across the curriculum by creating a unit focus on social studies but incorporating many different writing strategies.



The Jones Family
  • Jones Family (May 2012- Mar 2013)

    • worked one-on-one with a student, who has ADHD, to complete homework assignments and projects and helped him to develop study and work skill necessary to be successful and independent


Private Childcare Work

The Jones Family
  • Jones Family ( Mar. 2008- Feb. 2009, Mar-July 2011 and Jan.- May 2012)

    • Cared for four children between the ages of nine and twelve and managed a schedule that included school pick-up, extra curricular activities, homework help and day-to-day house-hold responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, etc.).


Retail Experience (Seasonal and Part-time)

Retail Stores

Working during school breaks and holidays to help me attend school and live independently.

  • The Picture People (2007)
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond (2009)

  • Kohl's (2010-2011)

  • Joann's Fabric (2012)


Aug 2007May 2013

Middle Grades Education: Language Arts and Social Studies

North Carolina State University

B.S 2013; GPA 2.867/4.0

Academic Honors:

  • Martorella Award 2012-2013


Cathy Babinski

Mrs. Babinski was my cooperating and mentor during my student teaching. 

Becky Rickman

Mrs. Rickman mentored me through student teaching. She ensured that I was on track with the tasks and milestones I needed to complete successfully to graduate. 

Candy Beal

A professor and mentor I worked closely with near the end of my degree program.

Carol Pope

A professor and mentor I worked closely with near the end of my degree program.