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Armed with new ideas and a creative global marketing strategy, bHIP Global intends to bring a refreshing perspective and creative products to the energy drink industry. Headed by founder and Chief Executive Officer Terry LaCore, bHIP Global hosts its main offices in Dallas, Texas, distributing its energy products in more than 30 countries, including Australia, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Poland, and Japan. BHIP Global plans to expand its market through localization, enabling products to be fulfilled and distributed within the community based on each location's needs and allowing for transactions in a variety of currencies. BHIP Global seeks to transform the energy drink industry by offering products that provide a long-lasting energy boost and present healthy alternatives to popular energy drinks that are filled with sugar and unhealthy additives. Drinks like bHIP's classic energy blend use herbal clean ingredients such as B vitamins, amino acids, green tea catechins, and willow bark extracts, combating free radicals that are harmful to the body. Additionally, bHIP Energy’s sugar-free formula means users can avoid the exhaustion of a sugar crash. With its marketing strategies, bHIP Global gives commercial power to the consumer by offering the opportunity for anyone to become a distributor of bHIP products. Distributors will use several tools to manage their own businesses effectively, including the user-friendly Team in Motion software designed in cooperation with bHIP Global. The company offers numerous incentives for high-performing distributors, including one-time bonus checks for up to $1 million and bonuses to assist in obtaining a new automobile. With creative new products in a growing industry, bHIP Global aims to expand its business model and bring bHIP Energy's benefits to the worldwide market. For more information, please visit

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Lexxus International

$500,000 in email orders in 24 hrs, 22m first year, 64 m 3rd yr, 198m namwes in 03 DMN fastest growing public company inTx EY Entreprenuer nominee 05

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BHIP Global
Feb 1999Jun 2001



Started as VP of Sales and within months promtoed to CEO.

Nov 1997Jan 1999


Netvision/ was one of the first online yellow pages web sites.

Nov 1996Jul 1997


InTouch Communciaitons

#1 earner of 33,000 distributors within first year.

May 1995Oct 1996

STS Strategic Telecom SystremnsInc

#2 earner of 130,000 distributors within first year.