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Bharat Parseja

Ab>Initio Developer at Capgemini Technology Services India.


  • Over 4+ years of experience in Data warehousing and business intelligence primarily working on Ab>Initio.
  • Experience in interaction with users and functional people for gathering the business requirements & functional specifications.
  • Experience in implementing Batch graphs interacting with Hadoop Environment.
  • Experience in implementing web services and continuous flows using Ab>Initio.
  • Experience with Ab>Initio to create and manipulate source and target definitions.
  • Exceptional performer with the ability to work in teams as well as excellent communication, analytical, relationship management and problem-solving skills.



Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Computer Science)

Modern Education College of Engineering

Obtained Bachelor's degree in Engineering with majors in Computer Science, finishing with First class.


High School

The Bishops School, Pune

Completed higher education from Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ( I.C.S.E. Board) with a percentile of 88%


Junior College (Information Technology + Biology)

ST. Vincents Junior College

Completed Higher secondary education (SSC) with a percentage of 70%

Work History


Ab>Initio Developer | Associate Consultant

Capgemini India Technology Services

Project : CACL

Technology used: Ab>Initio 3.2.2,/3.3.2.x, Hadoop file system, Hive DB, Oracle 11g, Teradata, GNU/Linux.

Client : Barclay's Bank PLC.


This project implies creation of specialized data lakes/marts, which will be used in identifying High risk customers and Forbearance accounts.

The main objective of the project is to create a Lineage based system, which by the use of the Model Ready Data(MRD) Reports could be handy of the Compliance /Regulatory Officers.

Currently implementing the system for the Bank to be complaint with the regulatory BCBS 239 principle i.e to to strengthen the internal risk data aggregation capabilities and internal risk reporting practices.

Creating a model for BCBS 239 compliance which will herein adhere to the principle of reporting which in turn will be implemented as compliant to International Financial Reporting Standards 9 (IFRS 9)

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Worked on Ab>Initio GDE, to create batch graphs integrated with the Hadoop Environment.
  • Well versed with Ab>Initio components which interact with hadoop like READ HDFS, WRITE HDFS, READ HIVE, WRITE HIVE TABLE. 
  • Worked on parquet data format, which is one type of hadoop data formats and well versed with all the characteristics of handling a parquet file, creating a DML, and reading it using  a PySpark shell using the Unix box.
  • Performed ETL and created use cases according to business rules using various components like Read, Write HDFS/HIVE, Join, Partitioning components, Sorting Within Groups, Dedup Sorted, FBE's, Rollup and Scan.

Ab>Initio Developer | Senior Software Engineer

Capgemini India Technology Services

Project : DAWN

Technology used: Ab>Initio 3.2.2, Oracle 11g, Teradata, GNU/Linux.

Client : Barclay's Bank PLC.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Worked on advanced Ab>Initio concepts like  Continuous flows and web-services.
  • Well versed with Ab>Initio web service components like call web service and call SOAP UTF.
  • Hosted Web service in Ab>Initio to accept data from 3rd party source system.
  • Called 3rd party applications to fetch / update data onto their systems using web services.
  • Well versed with working on SOAP and REST api's
  • Well versed with understanding of RAML's and WSDL's to be used for data binding in Service calls.
  • Performed ETL and created use cases according to business rules using various components like XML split, XML combine, normalize, queues, rollup, reformat

Ab>Initio Developer | Software Engineer

Capgemini India Technology Services

Project: PNP-AutoSweep

Technology used:  Ab>Initio 3.2.2, Oracle 11g, GNU/Linux.


This project sends text messages to the user. The message alerts can be either one way alert or interactive two way alerts which is received by the customer as an SMS.

Client  : Barclay's Bank PLC.

  • Worked on Continuous flows in Ab>Initio v3.2.2.
  • Called 3rd party applications to fetch / update data onto their systems using web services.
  • Created a use case to add 2 new alerts to be send to the customer  as an interactive alert mechanism which had one way as well as two way communication involved.
  • Created low level design documents, assisted with supporting of application and worked on various enhancement activities


Project Intern

Tech Protocol Pvt. Ltd.

Project : DNA Sequence Alignment using Hadoop Map Reduce Framework 

Technology used: Java, Eclipse IDE, Oracle 11g, Hadoop Framework (MapReduce + HDFS).

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Created clusters of 15 systems  using replication factor as 1:3 using college commodity PC's.
  • Developed a UI In Java to access the DNA samples stored in HDFS.
  • Created map-reduce jobs in Java to design a genome scanning algorithm that scans the while genome sequence in any given DNA for a set list of regular expressions which represent a variety of protein domains or motif signature profiles.
  • Investigate the speed-up sequence for a number of different size genomes in order to determine the impact of parallelism

Personal Details