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A bright, talented and self-motivated software engineer who has excellent organisational skills, is highly efficient and has a good eye for detail. Has experience in the software development and analytical techniques. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. Now looking for a suitable data analyst position with a ambitious company.



B.Tech IT, NIT Kurukshetra

7.44 CGPA
Jun 2015Aug 2015

MITx: 15.071x The Analytics Edge

MITx and edx : 82%


Jan 2016April 2016

Camera Based Calculator for Mobile Devices

Major Project

An Android-platform based calculator, which captures the arithmetic equation and compute the result. The project involves capturing image from android application, image processing in Matlab, text recognition of computer printed expressions using Tessaract-ocr library and handwritten expressions using SVM.

August 2015November 2015

Tag Recommender for StackOverFlow Questions

Minor Project

A system that is able to automatically assign tags to questions from the question-answering site StackOverFlow. Our system consists of a programming language detection system using Naive-Bayes algorithm and a SVM system using content-based features.

July 2015July 2015

Predictive Analysis on eBay Product Sale

An analytical model that predicts whether listed product will be sold or not also help buyers and sellers predict the sales success of a set of eBay listings for Apple iPads from spring 2015.

December 2014January 2015

Predicting Wallpaper Preference

A Desktop Application based on Machine Learning and Image Processing. This application predicts wallpapers for a user on the basis of their rating for an image by dividing them into clusters using K-Means Algorithm. Image Processing is used to create feature vector using which clustering is applied.

September 2013October 2013

Android Application, ScheduleME

An android app for our college students that gives notification before the lectures and automatically put their cell phones on silent mode during college hours. It also shows time-table and curriculum.

Positions of Responsibility


Techspardha'16, NIT Kurukshetra
May 2015May 2016


Jun 2015Jul 2015

Campaign Associate

Scholars for Change Campaign, IIM Ahmedabad

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages :                    C , C++, Java, R Programming
  • Computing Environments :                    Android Studio, Matlab, R Studio, STS
  • Web Development :                               HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS

Achievements and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • First position in Excalibur- A software development competition held at Altius’13, NIT Kurukshetra.
  • Second position in Technim – A technical quiz competition held at Altius’14, NIT Kurukshetra.
  • Member of sponsorship, marketing and exhibition team, Techspardha'15 and Confluence'15.
  • Member of Photography Club, NIT Kurukshetra
  • State Level Hockey Player in School.