Bharath Venna

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Dec 2014

Department of Income Tax

 GoI, Hyderabad 

Application: TDS Application(Intranet web database application)

Technologies/ Languages used: MySQL build 4.1.22, PHP, XML, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS

The application is used to monitor the TDS payments of the assesses, on a timely basis (monthly, half-yearly, etc) and chart out each assessor’s payment history over a period of years back and other kinds of statistical manipulations. Integrated content management, logging the assesses history. Synchronized with the main database server. Statistical reporting is done. The application is used to find out defaulters and low payers etc which in turn is used for search and investigation operations by the department.*

Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad

Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad
Apr) Application: Applimation(SAP v 4.2 Environment) Sandbox Server Technologies/Languages used: ABAP/4 Debugged SAP objects created in an earlier version of SAP to fit in with the present version. Created objects, modules to plug-in with the earlier version objects. Objects created included basic modules to Cross-App objects.
Jan 2007 - Dec 2007

Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

 Application: Wipro In-house data migration application Technologies/Languages used: Oracle 10, Datastage Data migration from SAP server to Dataware housing server using SAP in-built App LSMW(Legacy System Migration Workbench). Migrated data was corrected of all errors using various techniques and applications(commercial and open-source) and mapped using tools like Informatica, IBM(previousl Ascentialy) Datastage(test). Performed Oracle database administration where the migrated data was stored, tasks include installations, backups, recovery etc.










* OS: UNIX/ Major Linux flavours (admin: installations & troubleshooting) * Databases: Oracle 8i,9i,10i,(,  Mysql build (Admin:archiving, backup,scheduling,recovery, installations, coding,remote server, Performance tuning, Monitoring)


* Database Admin Activities: Recovery of crashed db, Archiving - Backup (all in Oracle )   * Web Technologies: HTML 4.0 - CSS 2.0, css 3.0-Javascript-PHP * HTML/ CSS Frameworks: Blueprint, FEM Framework, 960 Grid, Fuid960gs * Client side tool/ frameworks Jquery  


* Content Writing: Blog writing, Article writing, Technical documentation. * SEO Activities: SEO Optimization, website submission. * CMS: Wordpress, Drupal.


* Programming Language: C, ABAP/4 * ERP: SAP R/3 4.0 * ERP Fucntional Modules: Sales & Distribution, Materials Management * Datawarehousing Tools: Ascential Datastage, Informatica(Admin & mappings


* Network Protocols: Knowledge of network/ web protocols, tcp/ip udp, ssl, http, https. * Network Concepts: IPv4, IPv6, DNS, ftp, ftpd -ssl, apache/ httpd, NAT (RFC 1631) 

Data Base

* Database tools: Oracle Developer, Toad, Oracle Admin console* Database modelling tools: ERwin, dbwrench