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I have always been a leader. I like to follow the rules but I also like to make my own up some times. Growing up in the military has offered me a structured life and being in a sorority has too. I like to be in charge of small groups. Being the lead youth worker in the nursery at my church has helped me realize that some day I would love to be a CEO of a company. I liked being the one that the workers came to with questions and I also enjoied making a schedule of when workers were scheduled.
My organization skills began to grow through out high school. Knowing that I needed to manage my time helped me realize that an agenda was the best option. Now, in college, I am never late for class, I turn all my assignments in on time, or early, and I manage my time between friends, school, homework, and sorority life leaving me a chance to have relaxing time.
Growing up in the military has offered great chances to meet new people and grow with my ability to get along with new people. My people skills work as an advantage towards everyone I am around. Also, being in a sorority has improve my people skills; having to meet so many new girls/sisters one must have good people skills. My people skills associated with my sorority have helped me to become closer to so many new people.


I like to learn new things along with helping others.


Work experience

Jun 2009Aug 2011

Lead Youth Leader

O'Fallon First United MEthodist Church

I worked in the nursery and during the Parent's Morning Out (PMO) program as the lead youth worker.


Aug 2011Present

Murray State