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Work experience


Student Sound Technician

West Albany High School

Sound Equipment-

Mixing consoles-Yamaha IM8 (40 ch analog), Presonus 24.4.2 (24 ch digital), Mackie 1202, Mackie 1402, QSC Touchmix(8/16 ch digital)

Cabinets- QSC K152, QSC k12, QSC k10, QSC k8, Mackie 450, Mackie 350, Yamaha DXR12, JBL SRX718S

Microphones-Sennheiser e835, Shure beta 57a, Shure sm58, Sennheiser Wireless G3 Series Handhelds/belt packs 

Sound duties-

EQ'ing up to 20 individual headsets for a single show. Intricate patching between multiple boards due to low quality performance venue. Understanding basic signal flow in a professional manner. Using delays for large venue, such as a high school graduation. Using warm reverb when necessary for a dead hall, such as a cafeteria.

Lighting Equipment-

Lights & Dimmers- Source 4 ER (26, 36, 50), 500w Fresnel's, 1000w Par-Can's, Strobes, 2000w Spotlights,

DDS 6000 Dimmer Packs, Leviton D4DMX Dimmer Packs 

Boards- ETC Smartfade 1248, ETC Express 24 48




West Albany High School