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An experienced banking and financial operations leader, with a successful record of accomplishments achieved throughout a diverse background of position responsibilities. Possess a passion for strategic thinking and solving business problems. Expert in combining financial and business planning with tactical execution to achieve gains in performance, customer service, and cost reductions. Equally adept in start-up, troubled, and mature organizational opportunities. Proven expertise in the following: • Continuous Process Improvement • Operations and Business Reengineering • Quality Improvement • Profit Planning and Cost Containment • Vendor and Partner Management • Project Management • Developing and Motivating Teams • Managing Multiple Diverse Operations • Strategic and Tactical Planning • Problem Solving and Change Management • Business Process Mapping • New Product Design

Work experience


Vice President of Item Processing Services

Responsible for all day-1 and day-2 check processing operations, research and adjustments, remote deposit support, and item processing projects and implementations in Plano Texas; supporting over 720 credit unions, to include strategic and tactical planning for item processing Check 21 initiatives, remote deposit capture, lean processing and operational efficiencies. Other responsibilities include budgeting, operational controls, team development, sales team support, business continuity, new product development, vendor selection, and item processing mergers.

·Implemented first remote capture credit union in March 2004, 470 credit unions through 2009

·Leveraged image exchange with the FRB, Viewpointe and SVPCo partner banks, and Endpoint Exchange networks to become 100% image exchange (paperless) by June 2008

·Participated in developing the strategic direction and design of item processing products, services and technologies to include branch, merchant, consumer and ATM capture

·Developed strategic and tactical plans to close and consolidated our Houston item processing site in June 2006 and the Albuquerque and Jacksonville sites in 2008, saving over $3MM

·Developed and managed the project plans for Northwest Corporate FCU merger in 2007

·Developed the business case, and tactical implementation and roll-out of Southwest Corporate’s incoming returns product launch in June of 2009

·Elected Chairman of the Endpoint Exchange Advisory Council 2009

  • Authored a white paper on MICR Repair Standards, and a best practice document on Image Exchange of Monetary Incoming Returns, for the Image Industry Interoperability Group (i3G), a small contingent of large, regional and community banks, chartered to develop “last-mile” best practices and standards for the image exchange industry

Sr. Operations Manager

Sr. Operations Manager, Pension Payroll Operations

Responsible for the issuing of defined benefit (pension) checks and ACH transactions to the participants of fourteen multinational companies such as, Boeing, Avaya, AOL/Time Warner, Westinghouse, and Sears. Other responsibilities include auditing of participant adds, changes, and deletes, making necessary FICA adjustments, and year-end tax reporting.


Vice President

Bank Of America

Vice President, Account Services (1998 to 2002)

Directly responsible for a $4.2 MM budget and a team of 52 associates (originally 140) processing Return Item Chargebacks, NSF and Stop Payments, Non-Posted Items, and Signature Cards for North Florida. Other responsibilities and objectives include; training, process and procedure review, quality and productivity improvements, East Region Customer Service Champion selection committee, profit planning and cost containment.

·Reduced post conversion error rate by 50% within three months, 100% within five months.

·Used Six Sigma methodologies to improve defect rates and improve efficiency of Incoming Returns.

·Through best-practices and right-sizing, reduced 28 FTE by year-end 1999, 36 FTE in 2000, and 26 FTE in 2001.

·Implemented operational change to reduce annual Return Item Fed fee’s by $75,000.

·Developed and delivered a training class to improve associate retention and talent planning.

Manager, Electronic Transaction Services, Barnett Technologies (1994 to 1998)

Responsible for directing and managing a $5.2MM budget, 119 associates and all operations associated with Automated Clearing House (ACH), Funds/Wire Transfer, Funds/Wire Transfer Compliance, Electronic Data Interchange Operations (EDI), Information Reporting, and Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR).

·Initiated customer service improvements in a fifty-eight-person call-center to include; improved call answer speed, improved turnaround times for incoming and outgoing wires, and reduced set-up times for new customer packages.

·Implemented new Funds Transfer Compliance department to gather and retain information on wire transfers, as required by the Bank Secrecy Act.

·Member ofSenior Management Quality of Worklife Task Force. Received Employee Commitment Award at annual Senior Manager’s meeting for support of “empowered teams”, involvement as an instructor in internal training, and spearheading a divisional associate opinion survey.

Manager, Proof Department, Barnett Technologies,(1989 to 1994)

Responsible for a $4.8MM budget, managing 107 FTE in the Proof of Deposit operations, and all air and ground transportation in the Jacksonville center. Additional responsibilities from 1992 to 1994 included the Check Image Project team (Unisys IIPS), a leading edge check processing technology.

·Reduced the reject rate of unencoded POD from .74% to .47%, turnover from 80% to 38%, increased productivity by 100 fields per hour, assisted in the development of a statewide incentive pay plan, and reduced transportation expenses by $50,000, all within nine months of assuming the position.

·Implemented Image POD in the Jacksonville center. Lead various teams in comparative cost analysis, document and routing number re-design, workflow and migration planning, equipment and staffing models, development of a training unit, and designed a new compensation plan.

Manager, Proof and Second Shift IPC, Barnett Technologies, Orlando (1987 to 1989)

Responsible for completing a region-wide proof consolidation, improving quality, productivity, turnover and cost per item. Also responsible for computer and sorter operations, balancing, transit, distribution, and sign-off deadlines, 72 FTE and a $3.8MM budget.

·Accomplished lowest cost per item, most items per FTE of four centers. Met deadlines 96.4% for the year, reduced turnover to 41%, received “Best Overall Proof Center” award 1988.

Received “Best IPC” award in 1987, highest sorter throughput rate and lowest balancing adjustments.



Course Work


Course Work