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The Sales Training and Certification Program is designed for new and existing sales professionals. The program is designed to empower sales professionals to gain knowledge and experience in an interactive, dynamic sales training and certification process.


The Sales Training and Certification Program will enable Sales Professionals to gain the knowledge foundation on which to sell your company products and services and meet sales targets. This will be achieved through use of existing sales skills, training, and open communication between all departments within the company.


The goal of the sales aspect of the Sales Training and Certification Program is to ensure that Sales Professionals meet specific revenue targets for products and services on an ongoing basis. In addition, throughout the sales cycle, it is expected that the customer/prospect experience with these Sales Professionals be of the highest quality in the industry.

To achieve this, your Sales Professionals need to understand and be able to position and sell your company. This involves product knowledge and an understanding of the sales cycle. Through this program the Sales Professionals will acquire this information and be able to clearly articulate the value proposition. The goals therefore of the Sales

Training and Certification Program are to enable your sales professionals by providing knowledge, information, and hands-on experience with the products, services and company resources.

Learning Pathway

There is to be one continuous certification pathway delivering knowledge and information on The Company, the product family, and all available services. In order to achieve certification the sales professionals must complete a series of training activities and achieve certain sales objectives. On achieving certification, participants in the program should be able to:

  • Understand the role of the sales person in a sales cycle
  • Understand how to use existing sales skills to sell Company products and services
  • Successfully deliver against target quotas over a twelve month period of time

In its initial roll out the sales training and certification program will focus on the knowledge sales professionals need to sell current products and the attendant services necessary to support these products.

Success Criteria

Defined, quantifiable success criteria for the Sales Training and Certification Program are important to provide overall measurement of the benefits of delivering education and training. While success criteria may be further defined as the Program progresses, the following measurements of overall program success may include the following: impact on quota attainment, win rates vs. forecasted deals, ability to cross sell and up sell, deal size, deals that include all product and services, selling value and avoiding discounting.


Training programs often include benchmarks for a variety of purposes. The Sales Training and Certification Program offered as described in this document, consists of five (5) benchmarks. Rather than deliver one lengthy benchmark at the conclusion of this phase of the Program, a series of benchmarks are available.

Benchmarks help determine the knowledge and understanding that Program participants acquire. They also assist Program developers to assess areas of strength and opportunity of the curriculum, learning exercises, and session presentations. Benchmarks in this Program are available throughout to provide feedback for all aspects of Program design, delivery, knowledge transfer, comprehension, retention, and application.

Tracking and Reporting Progress

Similar to benchmarking, there is need for tracking and reporting participant progress during delivery of training and certification programs.

Tracking participant progress helps to gain an understanding of individual progress throughout the Program. By reviewing individual progress, comparing individual progress to overall participant progress, insight into areas of excellence and opportunity can be identified. Once identified and understood, additional learning options may be defined and implemented. Participant progress throughout the program will be tracked and reports will be provided to management and others as needed.

Program Design

The intensity of the program is designed to ensure knowledge transfer, skill transfer, and knowledge retention over time. To this end the program is designed with the following parameters in mind:

  • The program is designed in a blended learning fashion
  • Over time, a mentoring and coaching function may be added
  • The program is composed of the following blended elements:
  • Surveys
  • Online, live sessions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Reading assignments
  • Case studies
  • Benchmark Evaluations
  • Additional materials and methods for delivery

Curriculum Key

As described in the Program Design section, the curriculum is composed of multiple elements. A Curriculum Key will be designed that will describe the element by color, with a short explanation.

Time Requirements

Participants should plan to spend approximately two (2) hours per week engaged in program activities.

Program Timeline

The Sales Training and Certification Program, Phase I, is designed to begin with a survey on or about 30 days after the design of the program is complete.

Accessing Sales Certification in the company LMS system

Utilizing LMS technology for the delivery of the Sales Training and Certification Program is part of the learning process undertaken in this Program. For this reason, the entire Program will be delivered via the corporate LMS system.  The goal is to deliver the curriculum through the LMS including live on-line sessions.

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