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Versatile, skilled and technically competent graphic designer seeks growth-oriented position in a dynamic, high - paced creative environment.  Demonstrate a wide-range of artistic abilities coordinated with project management, organizational and administrative skills.  Adept at digital imaging, illustration, advanced photographic procedures and techniques coupled with knowledge in the printing industry.  Fine arts foundation.  Exhibit a keen sense of design aesthetics, commitment to excellence and avid motivation to succeed.


COMPUTER SKILLS:  Mac and PC proficient. Adobe CS2 and CS3 Suite. (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver). Scanvec Amiable Flexi-Pro. MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.   • Employ an intuitive grasp of interaction between fine arts, illustration and design including color theory and composition.  Ability to work independently and collaboratively.  Solid academic history; committed life-long learner; superior recommendations.   • Superior verbal and typographic skills.  Experience with freelance.  Ability to make stylistic, structural, and grammatical corrections including copy writing for brochures, newsletters and press releases; compose, proof, edit, re-proof, prepare printed materials for publication.   • 4+ years experience in the graphic design field as a graphic designer.   • 2 years experience as head designer and manager of a department.   • Ability to use cross platform computers and operating systems.  Substantial expertise re-touching photographic images to improve quality of originals by manipulating the photographs to correct material imperfections, color, tonality and the resolution. Keen eye for color correction. Careful attention to detail.


Jan 2004Dec 2006

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Aug 2001Dec 2003

Associate of Fine Arts


Michael Ainsworth

Danny Carr

Michael Burke

Lauren Thompson

Gary Freeman

Kris Poovey

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Graphic Designer

Transport Graphics
Jan 2004Jul 2007

Graphic Designer

Precision Printing Group
Jun 2000Jan 2004

Graphic Designer

Tape Corporation of America

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