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Work experience

President, Technologies, Group President, Chief Technology Officer

President, Technology for S&P 500, and NASDAQ 100 company, with 5,500 employees across 28 countries.

CAGR of over 60% for 7 years.  From 70M in annual revenue to 1.2B in annual revenue

Position Responsibilities:

  • Global responsibility for all Technology systems, staff, and strategy.
  • Corporate Executive Officer, responsible for 150M operating budget, 75M Capital budget, 700 technical employees in 20 countries.
  • Executive leader across Strategy (M&A), Product and Technology groups for 3 Regional and 7 Business Units, and 5500 employees
  • Technology interface for company to Wall Street analysts

Highlighted Results:

  • Developed and Staffed - Monster Labs. A Research & Development unit to serve as innovation center of company.
  • Reorganized Global Technical staff from 6 divisions into one centralized team of 750 people, for an operational savings of $20m to the company in the first year.
  • Built development center in Prague, CZ and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for support of product development. Increased development capacity by 40% with no net increase in expense. Off-shored 50% of development staff to low cost country, with positive morale and distributed development processes.
  • Implemented utility computing, server virtualization to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Incorporated program management structure and discipline within Internet startup culture.
  • Supported continuous evolution of web based products to expand customer base and increase revenue on average 25% per year.
  • Developed products which contributed to customer satisfaction and new revenue streams for Monster. Customer Satisfaction with product from 50% to 85% during my tenure.
  • Received awards from Sales department for product improvements, customer attention and sales process improvement.
  • Integrated over 35 acquisitions in NA, EU and APAC.
  • Managed regional and divisional divestitures (post centralization of Technology) with no legal exposure and under budget in all cases.
  • Designed and managed one of the most efficient large scale web sites in world. (as measured by Tech exp % of revenue, or Tech exp % of total expenses)
  • Created process improvement practice in Technology, which contributes on average $10M in savings for Business Units each of the last three years.
  • Supported site traffic increases of 100-200% (on average) per year, while reducing expense structure.
  • Developed plan for International expansion using technology and marketing only - first three countries launched, within 6 months. Plans for 8 more in next 12 months.

Key Technology Highlights:

  • Implemented global Siebel CRM solution , for 3,000 Sales & Support staff, with substantial Sales productivity improvements.
  • Implemented Global Oracle Financial system.
  • Developed key Web Services strategy & technology for company, which supports third party application integration
  • Microsoft Joint Development partner - developed .NET applications and development environment
  • Built 40TB datawarehouse using SQL Server, Business Objects, BPEL
  • Dell beta customer for multiple products, including 64bit architecture and blade server technology
  • Web 2.0 pioneer development for new Consumer applications
  • Developed new Advertising Network for employer recruiting. Currently in launch phase.
  • Implemented Marketing Automation toolset and Service infrastructure
Jun 2009Present

Chief Technology & Product Officer


Designed and Built product for new Startup in Internet Advertising Space.

Successfully funded company with Series A round of financing from R.W. Baird of 2.5M, due to Product, Market and Executive Team.

·Remote team used for coding

·Product pricing, collateral and positioning developed for local Telesales

·Product seen as competitive differentiator within 3 month build window


Chief Technology Officer

Recruited for company scale up and Initial Public Offering.

Company YOY Revenue growth of 40% over first 14 months

Position Responsibilities:

  • Global responsibility for all Technology systems, staff, and strategy.
  • Current sites attract 70M unique visitors per month, globally
  • Manage Product Development, Systems Engineering and Web Development staff of 80 across NA and EU
  • Acquisitions of 7 internet companies since arrival - Tech teams consolidated into larger organization with little disruption
  • Major systems stabilized with revenue increases of 35% due to platform expansion
  • Multiple new products introduced within first months
  • Major strategic product direction developed and presented to investment companies
  • Grew organic team from 20 to 50 people within first 9 months
  • Off-shored some development functions (approximately 1/5), to ramp team faster

COO & Chief Technology Officer

Company Name Changes - LitleNet to OrderTrust to Litle & Co

A secure, proprietary business network start-up company integrating multiple front-end commerce engines into a seamless real-time transaction messaging infrastructure across supply chain and through the fulfillment cycle for telemarketers, ISPs, service bureaus, direct and World Wide Web marketers. 

Revenue growth from 5M to 20M over tenure.

Lead Technology staff growth from 3 to 200.

Grew Company from a startup to 150-person business with 20m operating budget.

  • Fiscal responsibility for the entire Company budget of 20m operating and 2m capital
  • Member of senior management team, along with CEO and CFO.
  • Led Management meetings and weekly Company meetings.
  • Managed lead generation programs through Sales, to Customer Service and Operations process for the company.
  • Developed detailed company reporting reduced bottlenecks and streamlined internal processes.
  • Set strategic technical direction and matched technical capabilities with Business strategy
  • Initial design, and installation of a redundant network to service 1000 processing customers, supporting multiple protocols, multiple access methods and guaranteed high level of reliability.
  • Direct involvement in technology direction and product selection, User Interface technology, Middleware and messaging infrastructure, Database and Object Data Base, System and Network.
  • Implemented Service Delivery Process, company-wide, which improved quality and reduced release cycle by 40%
  • In-depth knowledge of E-Commerce systems and processes
  • A 'Hands-on' technical manager that leads by example and if necessary can get involved directly with projects and people to ensure success.

Key Technology Highlights:

  • Designed and built large scale order & payment processing network (1 billion trans/year)
  • Initiated major technical platform change, including move to CORBA distributed processing and Java UI.
  • Designed and built large operations center for network and data center support (7x24)
  • Designed and built redundant data center with active failover capability






Eisenhower College



Stanford Executive Program.

The purpose of the Stanford Executive Program is to equip senior executives with the knowledge, relationships, and tools necessary to drive results at the highest levels of global management. Participants in the program embark on a comprehensive academic journey that prepares them to successfully navigate the diverse challenges facing top executives in today's dynamic global marketplace.


Technology Leadership Roles in support of Internet based Companies.  Opportunities offering exciting and challenging projects, technologies, companies or resources. 


“Brian Farrey is first and foremost, a tremendous business leader who happens to focus on technology. Brian is one of the most strategic thinkers I have ever met. He combines innate creativity, a thirst for knowledge, analytical horsepower and global thinking to drive innovative solutions. Brian is a P & L manager with strong financial acumen. He develops strong followership and loyalty amongst his employees by leading through example. His values of honesty, integrity, accountability and teamwork are second to none. Brian joined at a time when the technology was failing. Not only did he "rescue" Monster but he developed a world class technology operation and infrastructure. Brian, simply put, is world class.”  Steve Pogorzelski , December 17, 2008

“If you want it sugar-coated & wrapped in a bow, Brian is not your guy BUT I can say with great confidence that he is a successful leader who can intelligently navigate both business & technology opportunities while managing the complexities of both. I have known Brian at both a personal & professional level and have learned, laughed and accomplished many goals with his support.” Marcel Legrand, December 17, 2008


  • ComputerWorld Top 100 CIO - 2000
  • Infoworld "Top 25 Most Influential CTO" - April 2001

Professional Summary

Key Executive Highlights:

  • Visionary Information Technology executive with more than two decades of experience spearheading dramatic business and revenue growth for technology based organizations. Strategic thinker who possesses a unique combination of business acumen and technical depth. Global experienced leader who has led teams of up to 1K across 30 countries. Financially savvy expert who has managed budgets of up to $200M. Disciplined manager who effectively balances process, control, and innovation to produce stellar business results.

    International Business • IPOs • Joint Ventures • P&L • Project Management • Restructuring • Start Ups / Turnarounds • Team Leadership / Motivation • Outsourcing • Procurement / Mobile Development • Cost Reduction • IT Infrastructure / Design • IT Strategy • IT Security • Software Development • Web Design • Budgeting • Cost Accounting • M&A • Internet Marketing • Social Media • Merchandising • eCommerce • Internet Product Development • Sales Systems Development / Support • Global Product Rollout • Innovation / Labs Development

  • ComputerWorld Top 100 CIO - 2000
  • Infoworld "Top 25 Most Influential CTO" - April 2001