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Work experience

Jan 1992Present

CFO and Director of Business Development

Stayart Law Offices

I handle all financial aspects of this law firm. I also coordinate the paralegal and office staff. Oversee evidentiary discovery and manage all court cases from inception to trial and/or settlement. Meet with clients in conjunction with attorney.



University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is acclaimed for its Writer's Workshop.

Sep 1978Jun 1981


University of Chicago


St. Joseph's Indian School

Humane Society of the United States

World Farm Animals Day

Defenders of Wildlife

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


attending dog shows; attending antique shows; United States and foreign travel; genealogy research; writing poetry and short stories. 

Bev Stayart is an animal protection activist.  She is a member of many animals rights organizations.  She has organized, coordinated and participated in countless demonstrations on behalf of abused and mistreated animals.  The purpose of these demonstrations is public education and awareness of animal mistreatment in order to initiate sweeping change.  Bev Stayart has been involved in helping to shut down puppy mills, preserving the wild horse population in the western U.S., and prohibiting the aerial shooting of wolves in the western states.  Additionally, she has been a leader in the campaign to stop the annual slaughter of baby seals in eastern Canada.  Bev Stayart has spoken out and coordinated demonstrations to expose factory farm and slaughterhouse abuses.  In 2007, World Farm Animals Day ("WFAD") honored Bev Stayart with an Awartd recognizing her contribution to the 25th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day.  WFAD has been exposing factory farm and slaughterhouse atrocities since 1983.  In 2009, Bev Stayart received a Special Recognition Award from the Humane Society of the United States ("HSUS") for being a leader in the campaign to preserve the baby seal population in eastern Canada by directly soliciting restaurant, company and consumer support of the international commercial boycott of Canadian seafood, organizing demonstrations, spearheading letter writing and e-mail campaigns, and coordinating field trips to garner public support.

Bev Stayart is an experienced genealogist with a special interest in Native American ancestry.  Bev Stayart has a number of famous ancestors, including James Bowles Stephens and Robert Fulton.  James Bowles Stephens founded East Portland, Oregon, which later merged with West Portland.  The James Bowles Stephens House in Portland is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.  Robert Fulton is most famous for designing and constructing the Clermont in 1807, the first steamboat achieving commercial success.  He also designed and built the first steam-powered warship.  Please visit to learn more about Bev Stayart's genealogical research. 

Bev Stayart is very interested in photography, particularly wildlife, nature, and landscape photography.  Bev Stayart lives in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, where Bev Stayart has many opportunities to photograph wildlife and the natural environment.  To learn more about Bev Stayart and her hobby of photography, please visit and where Bev Stayart is a frequent visitor. 

Bev Stayart likes antique cars.  Bev Stayart lives near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which hosts many antique car events each year.  Bev Stayart is a member of several Internet forums in which Bev Stayart discusses antique cars.  You can learn more about Bev Stayart and her interest in antique cars by visiting and

Bev Stayart also likes sailing.  You can learn more about Bev Stayart and her interest in sailing and boating at of which Bev Stayart is a member and makes frequent posts. 

Bev Stayart likes to cook and has a number of favorite recipes, including artichoke risotto.  Bev Stayart discusses her interest in cooking at and

Bev Stayart studied piano as a child and has a lifelong interest in all types of music.  You can learn more about her musical interests at  

Bev Stayart learned to play billiards and pool as a child and continues to enjoy these sports today.  You can learn more about her interest in billiards at

Bev Stayart enjoys swimming and diving and has an interest in oceanography and scuba diving.  Please visit to learn more about Bev Stayart.  Bev Stayart is interested in history.  Please visit and to learn more about Bev Stayart and her interest in history. 

Bev Stayart has a B.A. degree in English Literature.  Please visit and for more information about Bev Stayart and her interest in literature. 

Bev Stayart grew up in a family associated with the automotive industry.  Her father was employed in the automotive industry his entire life.  Bev Stayart has a strong interest in cars, having grown up in a family associated wtih cars.  To read more about Bev Stayart and her interest in the automotive industry, please visit;  and . 

Bev Stayart learned to knit as a teenager and continues to enjoy knitting.  Learn more at  Bev Stayart is interested in crafts.  Read more at

Bev Stayart enjoys outdoor activities, sports, and birding.  Learn more at;  and

Find more about the interests of  Bev Stayart at

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