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Work experience

Volunteer Transcriptionist


online digital transcription of birth, marriage, death record images, to allow researchers to find records of their ancestors online.

Jan 2013Present

Instructional Designer/ Web Developer / Content Manager

Bergen Community College
  • Created collaborative and publishing SharePoint Sites and granted access to site owners, approvers and contributors
  • Analyzed business process workflows to identify and diagnose failures: discovered and restored HR Staff Directory and  Daily Class Cancellation SQL applications to proper function.
  • Created “Science Infusion” Site and InfoPath forms to enable faculty partnerships for STEM grant
  • Created DotNetNuke video tutorials to ease transition from SharePoint for web content managers
  • Advised Academic VP  - by providing technical analysis of issues associated with transition - isolated  technical point of failure to expedite resolution strategy
Sep 2009Aug 2011

Instructor - Math, Computer Applications, Resume Writing

Bergen Community College

Taught Administrative Professional Certification course geared for unemployed adults who need to update their resumes and their technology skills.  The 2007 MS-Office suite; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, were covered in-depth.   Resume writing, editing, and proofreading were also a big part in this workshop.

Last year, I was teaching Algebra, Basic Math, and Fractions to remedial college students.

My Bergen classes integrated a blended learning environment, utilizing Pearson's MyMathLab software.  I administered the online learning environment with interactive homework activities. 

Acted as liaison to Pearson Tech Support in identification and diagnosis of  software bugs.

Jan 2008Feb 2010

Technology Training and Mentoring

  • Designed and delivered Professional Development workshops and curriculum for Teachers and small Business Owners. In process of creating an online version via Moodle.
Topics include:
  • Integrating Web Applets in the high school Algebra curriculum.
  • Algebra and Computer Programming: Complementary Skills
  • Creative Social Networking 
  • Created CISCO CCNA Discovery lesson enhancements for high school curriculum by simulating actual tech support client scenarios
  • Reformatted, edited, produced educational testimonial video clips using multimedia graphics software (MAC iMovie, PhotoShop, Camedia, ImageMixer)

High School Math Teacher

Vocational County Technical School
  •  taught Algebra I, II & Integrated Math to inner-city high school teens at Regional and County Vocational schools.
  • used creative strategies and cooperative learning to engage students and encourage teamwork
  • developed my own lessons and rubrics, aligned with NJCCS
  • incorporated weekly PC Labs to reinforce classroom learning by allowing students to collaborate using interactive, digital manipulatives and animations.  Studied their effects on learning as part of my Master's Thesis: 80% of the students surveyed felt that the online activities helped them learn by reinforcing classroom lessons and discovering new concepts.
  • Integrated Internet, PowerPoint, Access + SQL, TI83+ graphing calculator, SmartBoard and unitedstreaming digital video technologies
  • Created lessons with color, visual effects, stories and animations – along with special materials for ESL and remedial students
  • collaborated with Math team, admin, and parents

Database Analyst - Trainer


Consulted with clients:  TutorComputer, Catherine's Closet, and ArchDiocese of Newark

Redesigned and normalized their MS_Access tables and SQL queries, to maintain data integrity and facilitate reporting on all data fields

Sep 2002Dec 2002

Adjunct - Computer Programming Instructor

Gibbs College

taught college freshmen - Intro to Computer Programming - lecture & lab

creating  algorithms


Business Marketing Instructor

Business Training Institute
  • Taught Career and Marketing workshops -
  • Helped students realize their true potential and communicate their professional image and vision through resumes and marketing collateral
  • Lead MS-Access workshop to allow massage therapy students to track customer visits and income for their new business

Sr. Technical Trainer / Curriculum Developer

Chubb Computer Services

§      Instructed corporate and TopGun students:

classes included UNIX, Shell, NT, Web/HTML, JavaScript, Internet, TCP/IP Networking, SQL, Database Design, Programming and Client/Server

§      Delivered customized SQL*PLUS classes for E&Y;  Network Admin classes for Sharp. 

Consulted with clients prior to lesson delivery to enable them to

  • build custom queries  that worked against  their own Oracle data
  • create Shell scripts to troubleshoot their own network

§ Certified as Technical Trainer:

  • Chauncey (CTT) - passed written and performance exams
  • CompTia (CTT+) - (I was videotaped teaching a UNIX class, which was judged by a panel)
  • Microsoft (MCT) -  passed Net Essentials and NT 4.0 admin exams

§ Authored, revised and compiled Networking Technologies Course Materials.  Brought courseware up-to-date and enhanced class delivery

Apr 1993Apr 1996

Tech Support Rep

Information Builders

§ Configured FOCUS and EDA/SQL for access to UNIX & mainframe data from PC LAN tools. § Resolved complex database connectivity: Sybase, DB2, Informix, TCP/IP, SNA protocols. § Assimilated new technologies through extensive research, hands-on analysis. § Composed technical write-ups, RFP responses and competitive marketing materials EDA/SQL provided the middleware between the desktop and the server. My clients in Northern Jersey included Maersk, Sharp Electronics, Journal of Commerce, Warner Lambert...

  • Worked onsite installing, prototyping, demoing, and troubleshooting Client-Server Data access configurations.
  • Escalated trouble reports to corporate product management, while tweeking beta software. 
  • Acted as clients' single point of contact, the funnel for coordinating and solving their Technical issues.
  • Advised and counseled sales reps and customers
  • Liaison between customer, sales team and product management
Jan 1985Jan 1991

software support

  • Lead strategic sale of Merrill Lynch OTC’s first DECsystem 5000 workstation network including over 50 workstations and servers plus software and consulting services. 
  • Recommended optimal UNIX network solutions for Brokerage clients by interpreting sales proposals, deciphering technical jargon, coordinating benchmarks, and drafting network configurations.
  • Composed Instructional scripts and seminars to train sales reps on UNIX marketing strategy and TCP/IP concepts
  • Communicated market demands of NY UNIX customers to Ultrix Product Management

§ Trained customers and coworkers on UNIX workstation and TCP/IP system concepts.

§ Composed Instructional scripts and application for easy access.

§ Conceived & prototyped SIAC's NYSE trading floor Operations Application.

§ Lead technical sales, diagnosed and resolved system configuration problems. supported the NY Financial District. UNIX platform and networking . customers included SIAC, Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merril Lynch,.... workstation and network installations, configurations, troubleshooting ..


Economics, Analytical Techniques, Organizational Behavior, ....


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick


completed New Pathways followed by Ed Tech --

distance learning, hypermedia, unitedstreaming, ....

Thesis:  "Using Web-based applets in the 9th & 10th grade high school Algebra curriculum"


Learning Management Systems: Moodle
created online course design instructional scripts.  provided workshops to students and faculty.  help  faculty troubleshoot gradebook issues, ...
Camtasia Studio
created multimedia instructional videos for faculty and students on using Moodle. included voice annotation, callouts, transitions. Instructional videos created to help faculty perform tasks within their Moodle online course shells. published to web
Math Teacher
Taught Algebra to inner city high school teens.  Developed lessons aligned with NJCCCS.  Encouraged teamwork and collaboration. Creative integration of technology, color, visual effects, stories and animations.  Maintained online gradebook. Developed curriculum, assessments and rubrics Collaborated with parents, admin, colleagues Mentored other teachers on technology as a teaching tool, social networking, video clips. 
Speaking and Writing
I have 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher - including Corporate, High School, and College   As a Toastmaster since 2009, I have earned my Competent Communicator and Advanced Leader awards.   At Bergen, I was the inspiration speaker for our first TEDx event in April 2013.  As an Instruction Designer I lead weekly technology workshops for faculty and staff.     My writing experience began as a programmer writing technical documentation and has evolved into much more.   As a Tech Rep I had to respond to highly technical customer RFP's.  At Chubb I consulted as a Curriculum Developer to rewrite the course manual for the Networking Fundamentals class I taught.  
Database Design and SQL
I began as a database designer and programmer at AT&T with RAMIS and then   ODIN,,, At DEC I included INGRES and INFORMIX in various RFP's. At IBI, I programmed FOCUS & worked with EDA/SQL to connect with ORACLE and Sybase.  clients included Maersk, JOC, Sharp At Chubb I taught relational database design & SQL queries - using SQL Anywhere, & Oracle SQL*Plus classes.  created ERD. I also helped students at BTI set up their massage therapy database tables in Access. Recently, I helped clients redesign and normalize their data tables in MS-Access; Clients: CyberConXion, BTI, ArchDiocese of Newark, Catherine's Closet, Tutor Computer.
LAN's and Networks
I recently created lesson enhancements for the CISCO Discovery program for a high school While at DEC I supported ULTRIX.  I had to install, configure, and customize UNIX workstations with TCP/IP .  Decnet ran concurrently with TCP/IP on the clients' LAN.  I drew up network configuration and Ethernet topology diagrams: including routers and repeaters (DEMPR).  ran benchmarks to test the bandwidth.  provided connectivity to SNA.  I created a software prototype of Socket communications code on UNIX for a client. (C, X-Windows, TCP/IP, UIMX...)   At IBI I installed and configured EDA/SQL client-server software to allow access to mainframe and server databases from PC LAN desktop tools.  This involved many hours on-site to troubleshoot issues with beta version of product   At Chubb I edited and taught Networking Fundamentals and Client/Server classes.  I passed the Netwokring Essential Exam as the first step of my MCT Certification. Topics included: OSI, 802.3, origin of the Internet, DHCP, CISCO, routing tables, IPV6, CSMA/CD and other access control methods, Token Ring, LAN vs. WAN....   I recently wrote supplemental lessons for the CISCO discovery high school curriculum.  
I've been a  UNIX tech  at AT&T, DEC, and IBI.  coding in C, Shell, awk I programmed various databases and tools  in a UNIX environment.  My knowledge of UNIX has helped me learn other technologies including: Windows NT and PhP scripting,   At AT&T Unix Systems Division - I programmed UNIX database applications and demos for UNIX Workbench tools At DEC I was the only UNIX tech rep for the NY Financial District.  I was the  liaison  between sales and marketing. At Chubb I taught UNIX admin, awk and Shell programming classes.


Judith Ennis

"Beverly set up an Access program with relationships for Catherine's Closet…. She is a good teacher making difficult concepts easy to explain.  I was putting in the data in the Volunteer section and was thrilled to see that it appeared automatically in the Query.  Beverly saved me many more hours of struggle to teach myself this difficult program.  She did a terrific job and I haven't found anyone who can set up the relationships program like she did! "

Judith W. Ennis


producing, editing, sharing online photos and video testimonials.  using videos to create annotated  ancestry photos for digital archive.

genealogy research with digital search techniques

soccer, skiing, biking, hiking



As an Instructional Designer at Bergen Community College, I lead workshops and coach faculty in usage and troubleshooting strategies for online learning technology.

I tutored high school seniors in Algebra, Geometry, SAT Prep, and college placement exams.

As a High School Algebra Teacher I  have used creative techniques to incorporate technology, color and visual effects into my lessons. I have created workshops that empower Math Teachers in integrating technology as I have.  My goal is to simplify the lesson delivery for the instructors while engaging the students.

My workshops focus on innovative web applets to help developmental students visualize Mathematical concepts.  For my Master’s thesis, I researched and documented the impact of these online applets on learning. More than 80% of the students I surveyed felt that these activities helped them by reinforcing concepts presented in the classroom.  I am currently preparing my materials for online learning via Moodle.

Foot Note:

My experience in the software industry combined with my experience as an educator has given me a unique perspective. I have always been fascinated by and fluent with technology. As a Tech Rep, I helped my clients decipher technical jargon, configured their networks,  programmed their database applications, setup software demos, prototypes, and benchmarks.  When I left software sales, I taught and developed curriculum for Chubb Computer Services.  This led to my segue-way into teaching High School and College.


  • Wayne Toastmasters - President  - 2013-2014
  • Wayne Toastmasters - VP of PR  - 2011-2013
  • NJ Creatives


Safety Certified Soccer Coach


Certified Technical Trainer

Microsoft, CompTia, Chauncey