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Jan 1992Present

CFO and Director of Business Development

Stayart Law Offices

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My right to privacy has been continuously abused on the internet, first by the search engines, and then by judges who have refused to enforce state laws regarding privacy rights of the individual.

At the time I first discovered the violation of my rights on the internet, I was living in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has a "right of privacy" statute which prohibits the use of any living person's name or picture for advertising purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the person.

A few years ago, I did a search for my name on Yahoo.  When I typed my name in Yahoo, Yahoo immediately suggested a related search for "bev stayart Levitra" in its dropdown menu.  Levitra is one of the most heavily advertised drugs on the internet and elsewhere, along with Viagra and Cialis.  All are male sexual dysfunction drugs.

My attorney wrote to Yahoo to complain.  He received no response from Yahoo, and I was forced to file suit against Yahoo in federal court in Milwaukee to stop this violation of my rights under Wisconsin law.  Yahoo's attorney then wrote to my attorney, and explained that Yahoo had an existing "block" on the use of a person's name in connection with Viagra and Cialis, but did not have a similar block on the use of a person's name in connection with Levitra.  Yahoo's attorney stated in his letter that Yahoo would now institute a similar block in connection with the use of my name with Levitra.

But I almost immediately discovered that Google was also suggesting a related search for "bev stayart Levitra" in its dropdown menu when I typed my name in Google.  Further, Google, unlike Yahoo, was then suggesting thousands of related searches for a multitude of other products and displaying ads for these products in connection with my name.  None of these ads bore any connection to the search results for me or to my prior suit against Yahoo.

Google is paid a fee each time a viewer clicks on an ad.  My attorney wrote to Google to complain.  He received no response from Google, and I was then forced to sue Google in federal court in Milwaukee.  My complaint was assigned to Judge Lynn Adelman.  Judge Adelman abruptly dismissed my suit without a trial or even a hearing.  He said that (1) my name had no commercial value, and (2) that Google was deriving no financial gain by using my name in connection with sexual dysfunction drugs.

I appealed his decision to the Court of Appeals in Chicago.  My appeal was assigned to a three-judge panel headed by Judge Joel Flaum.  This panel held that it was a matter of public interest for Google to use my name to display ads for Levitra because I had previously sued Yahoo for using my name to display ads for Levitra.  The panel ignored the fact that Google was also using my name to display thousands of ads for products unrelated to Levitra.  The panel also ruled that Google's use of my name to generate ad revenue was "incidental" rather than "substantial."

A mere six weeks before deciding my case, Judge Flaum had  been a member of a three-judge panel which decided another right of privacy case under Wisconsin law, Bogie v. Rosenberg.  Judge Flaum, as a member of this panel, upheld the dismissal of Bogie's complaint.  Judge Flaum twice cited Judge Adelman's prior 2011 dismissal of my suit against Yahoo in which Judge Adelman ruled that Yahoo's suggested search for "bev stayart Levitra" was incidental rather than substantial.  This was despite the fact that Yahoo had agreed in the future to cease connecting my name to sexual dysfunction drugs.

I then realized that Judge Flaum had cunningly used Judge Adelman's decision against me in Yahoo by ruling on the Bogie v. Rosenberg suit immediately before ruling on my suit.  In Bogie v. Rosenberg, Judge Flaum cited Judge Adelman's decision against me in Yahoo twice.  Judge Flaum then used the Bogie v. Rosenberg case against me to decide my suit.  Judge Flaum could not have used Judge Adelman's decision in my prior suit against Yahoo directly against me in my suit against Google, so he inserted another case, Bogie v. Rosenberg, immediately before mine, and then cited Bogie v. Rosenberg against me.

In June of 2013, I asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review my suit against Google.  The U.S. Supreme Court denied my petition for a writ of certiorari in October of 2013.

The owners of Google are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both of whom are Jews.  Judge Adelman and Judge Flaum are both Jews.  Four of the eleven judges on the U.S. Supreme Court are Jews, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor (a Jewish surname).

Google is displaying search results for me which are nothing but attack blogs written by Jewish bloggers, including Eric Goldman, previously Eric Schlachter (he recently changed his name from "Schlachter," the Hebrew word for "animal slaughterer" to "Goldman"), Mike Masnick ("Techdirt"), John Pospisil (an Australian Jew who titled his blog "Bev Stayart Cannot Give You an Erection" and called me a "frigging idiot"), and Danny Goodman, among many other Jewish attack bloggers.

The initial violation of my rights was perpetrated by the Jews Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Google;  the subsequent ratification of the violation of my rights was instituted by Judge Adelman and Judge Flaum (both Jews);  and the U.S. Supreme Court (comprised of over one-third Jewish judges) denied me the opportunity to review my case.

My Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court can be viewed in its entirety at  Click "Documents" on the left hand side, and then download the Document which appears.

I note that Jews represent only 2% of the U.S. population.

The 98% of the population who are not Jews are being sold up the river by Jewish judges giving a pass to Jewish wrongdoers.


Sergey Brin's face is likened to a Neanderthal on the website  His photo on this website is described as showing "a slightly sloping forehead, but he has the large nose, protruding mouth, and receding chin of a Neanderthal."  This website continues, "Larry Page, his partner, is similar."  The website asks, "Was Google wildly successful because these two men are incredibly talented?  Or do they work with the global Jewish crime network?"  Click on this website to see Sergey Brin's profile photo, the detailed description of Neanderthal characteristics, and decide for yourself.

The Jew Mike Masnick has the same facial characteristics as Sergey Brin.  Mike Masnick has a sloping forehead, a large nose, protruding mouth, and receding chin.  Mike Masnick has a very large face and a big mouth with puffy lips.  His features are disproportionate and repelling.  Mike Masnick looks very similar to the other repugnant Jews whose photographs appear on the website



University of Iowa
Sep 1978May 1981


University of Chicago


Beverly Stayart is interested in bird and wildlife watching, travel, genealogy research, hiking, boating, photography, swimming,and antique cars.  Beverly Stayart has researched her family history and counts James B. Stephens, the founder of East Portland, Oregon (which later merged with West Portland) and Robert Fulton, the talented inventor, among her ancestors.

Groups / Organizations

St. Joseph's Indian School, The Humane Society of the United States, World Farm Animals Day, Defenders of Wildlife, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.   In 2009, the Humane Society of the United States honored Beverly Stayart with a Special Recognition Award for helping to lead the campaign to preserve the baby seal population in Eastern Canada by soliciting restaurant and consumer support of the international commercial boycott of Canadian seafood, organizing demonstrations, spearheading letter writing and e-mail campaigns, and coordinating field trips to garner public support.  On October 2, 2013, Beverly Stayart distributed 300 leaflets for World Day for Farmed Animals to educate the public about the mistreatment of animals in factory farms and slaughter houses, and to promote a vegan, plant-based diet.  Beverly Stayart continues to support St. Joseph's Indian School, as well as numerous animal protection organizations throughout the world.