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Work experience

Dec 2007Present


Logan's Roadhouse

My duties while working at this job include but are not limited to greeting guests, showing them to their seats, engaging in conversation with them, answering the phone and any questions guests have, assisting servers, and coordinating takeout orders. While working at this job I have gotten a lot of useful experiences under my belt. I have learned a lot about the commercial restaurant business, i.e., how to work in a fast-pace environment and that the number one goal is to provide the guests with a great dining experience.

Mar 2007Apr 2008


Linda's Produce #3

My duties here included greeting customers, answering the phone and any questions customers had, cleaning up, and just assisting customers in any way that I could. While working here I learned about how small, privately owned businesses run, how to stock fruit and vegetable displays so they look more aesthetically pleasing, and how to count the cash register down at night. I learned a lot of valuable things from this job. I learned how to work with people, money, and how to keep the workplace neat and clean.



Hello and welcome to my online resume! 


My objective is to obtain a challenging entry-level position in the interior design field working as an interior designer or assisting in that setting, utilizing my creativity and experience to benefit the company that employs me.


I have a lot of interests, but the main ones that would benefit my career in interior design would include decorating, shopping, planning, drawing, and crafts. I absolutely love doing all of these things and don't mind spending long hours doing them. I think they are good interests to have in the interior design field.


Mike Martin

Mike was one of my past managers at Logan's Roadhouse. He managed the hosts and hostesses so we worked together a lot.

Mark Ramey

Mark was the owner and manager of Linda's Produce #3. He taught me a lot about small businesses. We worked closely together to benefit the business as best we could.

Erika Turner-Flowers

Erika is one of my managers at my present job. We work closely together to make sure to do our jobs to the best we can.