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Best Work

Character Trait

ACCURACY – This is an important trait for any journalist or publication. It embodies the entire goal of a newspaper in setting out to provide information to the public. Without it, a news source becomes unreliable. The Foothill Dragon Press has established itself very well as an accurate news site, and is therefore trusted as being truthful and exact. We are expected to provide news exactly as it took place, and if an instance of inaccuracy does take place, the Dragon Press is always quick to correct the mistake and notify our readers that it has been changed. Accuracy is a trait I pursue in whatever I do in life. It’s a terrible feeling to know that I haven’t tried my best and gotten a job done correctly. It shows that you put in effort to create the best product you can achieve. 

Improved Skills

  • Working on a deadline – Over the course of the year, it was a constant challenge for me to turn articles in on time. I had to learn how to work efficiently in order to get all the information I could as quickly as possible, instead of letting them drag on. Having a bi-weekly deadline pushed me to focus hard on meeting due dates, and to work on getting assignments done in a given period of time. 
  • Communication – I have gained practice with gathering information from various sources, and bringing it together to effectively communicate an event or idea.
  • Interviewing – In writing so many different kinds of articles, I have learned the best way to gather information during interviews. I've been able to think on my feet and think of follow-up questions, and to prepare the best questions for the information I set out to gather.  

My Initiative

Travelling to Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Attending the JEA conference in Minneapolis this year was a big decision for me. I chose to go so that I could improve in crucial journalism skills and learn from professional journalists. Going to workshops, participating in the write-off, and  exploring Minneapolis made up such a unique experience, and placing in the write-off was definitely a highlight!

Student of the Week section

  • I worked with a new idea in the Features section, and helped to start up the Student of the Week articles. Over the course of the year, I wrote 4 Student of the Week articles, and I was able to expand to write about more personal topics which I found suited me well.
  • Features Section, including Student of the Week articles

My Community

Outside of the Dragon Press, I am involved in volunteer work with several organizations. For a year and a half I have been training and raising guide dog puppies with Guide Dogs for the Blind. I volunteer one to two days weekly at Bible Fellowship church in the Nursery, in Children's Ministries, and on the worship team. Over the course of this year, I have served on the leadership group for Foothill's Embrace club. I have also been involved in tutoring elementary-aged children, and helping in a third grade classroom. This summer, I will be travelling to Switzerland to work on staff at an international missions conference.