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Beth is a doctoral candidate at Texas Woman's University in Family Therapy with a primary research focus in families, medical family therapy, sexuality, and illness. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate and a Certified Sexuality Educator (AASECT) who is able to effectively communicate and connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of ability. A committed and dedicated individual with a proven ability to meet deadlines and effectively work in a team. 



Bachelor of Arts

University of Texas at Arlington

Interdisciplinary Studies


Master of Education

Widener University

Human Sexuality


Master of Science

Texas Woman's University

Marriage and Family Therapy


Doctor of Philosophy (ABD)

Texas Woman's University

Family Therapy

Work History


Contract Clinical Therapist

Lake Worth Counseling
  • Conduct biopsychosocial-spiritual history interviews and intakes for assessment and treatment of presenting problem.
  • Provide continued therapy to clients based upon ongoing assessment of treatment needs.
  • Develop comprehensive treatment plans with measurable objectives and goals.
  • Conduct psychotherapy using evidenced based practices rooted in sound theoretical techniques (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfullness Based Techniques, and Family Systems). 
  • Develop and maintain HIPAA complaint records. 

Instructor, Research, Consulting Experience

Various Organizations
  • Qualitative Research Assistant: Dyson, D. (in review, 2016) Sex talk study.
  • Qualitative Research Assistant: Dorrish, J. (Dissertation, 2019) Dog guides and families: An online qualitative study. 
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant for masters level classes at Texas Woman's University: FS 6253 Supervision in Family Therapy (Fall 2017).
  • Instructor for The Parenting Center (2015-2017): Nurturing Parenting Series
  • Contract Educator for The Velvet Box (2012-present): SexEd University class series
  • Instructor for Texas Christian University continuing education (2016): Silver Frogs Program
  • Instructor on Record: Texas Woman's University: (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015)
    • FS 4543 Developmental Sexuality
  • Developed web content and blogs for sexual health and women's health websites.
  • Engaged in product consulting for sexual health products for large manufacturing companies. 

Clinical Intern

The Parenting Center
  • Ascertained over 300 face-to-face psychotherapy hours of which 150 were relational hours (couple or families). 
  • Maintained HIPAA compliant documentation of all clients on caseload within agency and licensure requirements.
  • Performed clinical assessments and collaborated with clients to build treatment plans with measurable goals. 
  • Fluidly moved through several therapeutic theories which included Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Experiential techniques based on the clients need and presenting problem.
  • Co-facilitated multiple child centered play therapy groups on the topics of ADHD and anxiety. 

Qualified Mental Health Professional

Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County
  • Developed and implemented an entire human sexuality education curriculum for the Women’s Crisis Unit facility.
  • Performed psychosocial assessments on clients.
  • Developed comprehensive treatment plans with measurable goals and objectives.
  • Conducted communication skills group and sexuality education group for the treatment of schizotypal, bipolar, and major depressive disorders.
  • Developed and maintained audit-able contemporaneous records consistent with Medicaid billable requirements.


Systemic Psychotherapy

Trained in systems theory and can fluidly move from CBT to Narrative to Experiential based upon clients needs and presenting problem with clear rationale.

Sexuality Knowledge

Comfort with and ability to assess and treat many various aspects of human sexuality issues within intimate relationships. Excels in knowledge relating to sexual dysfunction and illness.

Teaching and Facilitation

Trained in curriculum writing and creating tailored lesson plans for both professional trainings and community education workshops. 

Collaborative Care

Recognizes the importance of involving clients existing health care system and actively engages in collaboration with these systems as necessary with proper releases from client. 

Cultural Competency

Sensitive to multicultural considerations (especially various sexuality communities) and careful to emphasizes multiple perspectives throughout both educational classes and clinical work. 

Non-Refereed Publications

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Authored an entry: Lebow, J., Chambers, A., & Breunlin, D. C. (Eds.). (2018). Encyclopedia of couple and family therapy: Biography of Ellen Wachtel, PhD. Springer

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Facilitated Trainings

Boatman, Beth. "Sexual Health and Relationships: Starting conversations with AYAs and their families." (Presenter, 2019 Texas Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Conference, Fort Worth TX, invited, February 16, 2019) CMEs provided. 

Boatman, Beth. "Talking About Sex: Help us help them." (Clinician Training, The Parenting Center, Fort Worth, TX, February 1, 2018) CEUs provided.

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Boatman, Beth, "Domestic violence awareness and the LGBT community." (Presentation, Tarrant County Sexual Abuse Advisory Council Annual Conference, Fort Worth, TX. Invited. April 20, 2017). CEUs provided

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