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My Mission

"I strongly intend to be an active agent in initiating and facilitating Change in all my works. I prefer not to wait for change to happen."


I also contribute independently to Open Source projects using bleeding edge versions and reporting issues.

  1. I maintain a website that showcases all my interests at (which is consistently updated from 2004.)
  2. I blog at which focuses on my non-technical interests.
  3. I maintain a photography portfolio on

I have artistic interest in

  1. drawing Pencil Sketches
  2. restoring old Photographs using Digital Photo manipulation tools
  3. photographing natural scenery

I read

  1. History ( Roman, Greco-Roman, Egyptian Middle Dynasties )
  2. Anthropology ( Inspired by Carl Sagan )
  3. Science Fiction ( Neal Stephenson, Stephen Baxter, Isaac Asimov, Michael Crichton, Philip K Dick, Robert Heinlein )

I play

  1. Chess ( Intermediate Level )
  2. Table Tennis ( Intermediate Level )
  3. Pool ( Intermediate Level )

I  write

  1. Essays (Socio-Technical, Technical and General Topics)
  2. Fiction (Fan Fiction, Science-Fiction)
  3. Non-Fiction work (Translations, Bibliographic Studies, Strategy, Science - for general reading)


“Sunil is very intelligent, and has deep experience in embedded software development. I would recommend him highly.”

- Joseph Koshy, Computer scientist, Software developer

“Sunil's wealth of knowledge and his energy to get things done is what make him stand apart from the rest. He'll tell you why an embedded board isn't behaving the way it's supposed to and he can also get it to run, no matter other might think they've coded exactly as the documents say. He also gets the processes organised and can take the company to prospective clients and convert them instead of him getting in action after there's a client ready."

  Amit Shah, Senior Software Developer, Redhat (worked directly with Sunil at Codito Technologies Pvt. Ltd)


This CV is to highlight my core skills and list my qualifications.

I intend to create and be part of an Embedded system software and platform services team that specializes in enabling application developers by building on new Processor Architectures and making all features of hardware easily accessible to application developers and Product Architects.


App Template

An application template for those who would like to import a simple framework to write comprehensive POSIX compliant applications. This is also designed to facilitate the use of static analysis tools and evaluate them.

Beta Kit

An extended version of embedded kit maintained on github with the same goals.

Embedded Kit

Meant to be fill essential gaps in an embedded developers toolbox. All the features are listed here:

Kollektive Linux

An Indianised Linux distribution that was my undergraduate project. Information, especially the code, design information is available at

Notes and Comments

Many wonder why I spend a shorter span of time in many of my specific roles. The reason is rather atypical. More than just specializing in Embedded systems, I can work on a number of general issues - being more of a generalist against the common tide. I am very flexible, and usually switch roles only when it is befitting my previous employer to see me in a new role. In most of my new roles, I have played a key part in creating alliances between my new employer and my previous employer to further their business interests by finding areas of intersection. I am also most interested in both intrapreneurship (I prefer this) and entrepreneurship to create newer solutions and take risks where few would like to.

The diversity of the roles I have taken up, including Kernel Developer, Product Manager, Project Manager, SME, Technical consultant, Strategic consultant, Director of Technical Activities, Academic Batch Counselor, Disciplinary Action Head for an educational institution offer me unique perspectives into multiple problems that assist in creating fusion solutions.


Satisfied Customer award (at KPIT-Cummins Infosystems Ltd.) for specialized solutions to two Silicon solution vendors, scoring higher than 4.7 on customer satisfaction. (2012)

LiveWire Team award (at D-Link India Ltd.) for extended efforts in helping company personnel bond together through recreational activities. (2008)

Shri R Sethuraman Award for 'Academic Excellence' in Computer Science and Engineering. (2001)

Shri H Mahadeva Iyer Award for 'Academic Performance', 'Wide Reading Habits', and performance in Extra-Curricular activities. (2001)

ET in the Classroom Zonal Team Winners

Brand Equity Business Quiz for graduates and undergraduate students [South Zone] (2001) with Vijayanand R


I am an Embedded Systems Software Developer specializing in building Product platforms with open source and free software.

I have technical experience of over ten (10) years, having worked on Embedded Systems and Open Source software from 2001. I work on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris ports to specialized hardware platforms. I specialize in improving performance, especially hard real-time performance. 

  1. Developed the first ever port of Hard Realtime Linux (RTLinuxFree) to Cirrus Logic CS89712 SoC which used an ARM7TDMI core, ARMv4 Instruction-set-Architecture.
  2. Developed an RT-BSD patch for Cirrus Logic CS89xxx series cores on FreeBSD 4.0.
  3. Developed an early StrongARM PXA250 Hard Realtime Linux (RTLinuxFree) port on the Advantech SOCER 130 Platform.
  4. Developed an early OMAP 1210 RTLinuxFree port, with support for DSP Bridge.
  5. I specialize in porting Embedded GNU/Linux and other Open Source Operating Systems to Customized Platforms (including New Silicon). 
  6. I help in resolving licensing issues of customized platforms that rely on open-source platforms.
  7. Built security measures and deterrents to secure a complete organization level intranet infrastructure with an intuitive single interface dual-class of IP addresses with open source tools.
  8. Aided in developing and packaging a manageable static-analyzer framework with automated build framework by bringing an (previously) unmanaged software package to the level of packaging and deployment.
  9. Engineered an IPC mechanism for inter-processor communication with support for low and high payloads to facilitate realtime communication on a specialized multicore processor.

As an interest and hobby, I devote my entire time to applying my skills or developing them towards Embedded and Portable Computing Systems.

I take up leadership roles wherever necessary, to facilitate teamwork in high-intellect technology teams or to build teams focused on niche technology.

Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Chief Consultant

Sourcery Inc.

As Founder, Chief Consultant of the Think Tank firm, I provide specialized services to clients in architecture of technology solutions in the Embedded space and Enterprise Computing Space with a specific focus on power management and future-proof methods.

My services are available on hire to collaborate with high-tech teams intending to create robust long-term solutions. My experiences in the telecom industry, the real-time embedded industry and the automotive technology industry assist me in bringing unique perspective to help solve a problem by identifying the key focus areas.

Feel free to contact me if you need help by email no betasam at gmail dot com.

Jan 2012Aug 2013

SME, Cluster Practice

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.

As part of the Silicon Services Group, I worked on providing solutions for clients who are "Device Manufacturers" or "Silicon Manufacturers" with a complete solution that integrates Open Source Operating Systems including GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris on their Automotive Instrument Cluster platforms.

I also worked with a GNU/Tools and Specialized Silicon Tools team providing them with support on compilers and debuggers. I work on complete Silicon Board ports of Open Operating Systems as well as deploying Open Source Platform Solutions to enable Client Products.

I helped in laying out the architecture for next generation vehicular dashboard systems for various segments by providing newer and revolutionary solutions to customers.

Jan 2010Dec 2011

Director - Technology and Incubation

Parisutham Institute of Technology & Science

To understand and bridge the gap between academia and industry, I worked closely with Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science (a nascent engineering institution affiliated to Anna University - Chennai).

Together with an expert, I initiated an Incubation cell, centered around an in-campus Company and Student Association named 'Tech Brigade' which initially used '' (an open source Apache wave derived work-flow management solution) to facilitate students building new projects and spinning them off into new initiatives.

Mar 2009Dec 2009



I consulted and provided inputs to Freesystems, a startup specializing in Small Business Enterprise Servers integrating with the cloud.

The work involved providing High IOPS performance on a BSD derived microkernel for storage devices using a block abstraction to support ZFS.

During this period, I also worked on OpenSolaris/Storage proposing solid state data storage solutions with improved wear leveling characteristics centered on algorithmic approaches. The test medium was MLC NAND Flash.

Jun 2006Feb 2009

Project Manager - EmSys Team

D-Link India Ltd. R & D

Joining D-Link R&D Bangalore, I built the EmSys team, forming a new System Software team and merging with the Hardware Platform development team. The resultant was a comprehensive Product Platform development team providing solutions to different Application vertical units.

I was instrumental in the launch of GVC-3000 and GVC-3100 desktop Videophone products based on i.MX27 Freescale Processors. These solutions used soft-realtime system software approaches to provide better A/V synchronization and echo-cancellation.

I incorporated within teams with unique know-how of building CMOS sensor modules, complete with Lenses for improving physical image clarity. I have experience in working with Transflective TFT LCD Modules which were custom-built.

Feb 2005May 2006


Linux Standards Base

I contributed to the Linux Standards Base, a comprehensive exercise to standardize Linux Distributions

My efforts involved building the lsb-install tool to make Software applications portable across various Linux distributions.

This is presently incorporated as part of linuxbase or lsb-base package in most new Linux Distributions for Desktop, Server and Embedded environments.

Mar 2003Feb 2005

Program Manager

Codito Technologies Pvt Ltd

I managed the Embedded System Services Division for Codito Technologies Pvt Ltd at Pune, providing Open Source Compiler Design and Operating System Ports to New Instruction Set Architectures (ISAs).

The members of the Compiler team eventually became a core part of the GNU Compiler team (GCC). A unique Operating System aware (Kernel Aware Debugging) system was created for TI OMAP2 series processors.

Professional services were provided to several companies who needed complete embedded system platforms on custom hardware, before deploying applications and creating new appliances.

During this time, I facilitated Codito in liasioning and becoming a core development partner of FSM Labs, headed by Victor Yodaiken, creator of RTLinux.

Feb 2002Feb 2003

Product Manager

Innvo Systems Pte Ltd

I managed Open Source Hard Realtime Solutions based on Embedded Linux and worked on an end-to-end in-car Telematics Product for a renowned Automotive Company in the US.

A unique echo cancellation framework for the MSM7731-02 from OKI, which allowed realtime reconfiguration of echo and noise-cancellation characteristics was created during this effort. This was designed to interoperate with the ALSA (Linux Sound) framework..

I setup the Tech Team and tools framework for the off-shore division of "Innvo Systems Pte Ltd." in Bangalore tasked with developing a new Mobile Application Stack that later became JuzzMobile.

Mar 2001Jan 2002

Linux Kernel Developer

Codito Technologies Pvt Ltd

In this role, I created the first ever port of RTLinuxFree to ARM Processors.

This was proven specifically on the CS89712 Cirrus Logic SoC based on the ARM7 core using the CDB89712 platform.

I developed an Operating System Instrumentation framework for a custom Micro-kernel. The instrumentation tool was entirely written in Perl and used internal register data collected from a Microprocessor simulator whose architecture was also under simultaneous development.

I acted as the Services Liasion with Redhat India Pvt. Ltd. providing them with consultation on Embedded Linux for their customers.

Mar 1998Feb 2001

Founder and Technical Consultant

Reboot Systems Pvt Ltd

While I was undergoing my Engineering course, as a co-founder and entrepreneur I created "Reboot Systems Pvt Ltd", a PC/Clone troubleshooting company with Mr. Badrinath Nageswaran.

We solved PC problems with a unique set of home-baked tools with an 'Inverse-Time' billing model.

We also developed a model to ensure that solutions could be delivered on time promised to the clientele with the help of an expert business advisor.


Apr 1997Apr 2001


Shanmugha College of Engineering (now SASTRA)
  1. In my Undergraduate studies, I specialized in "Computer Science & Engineering"
  2. My core interests are System Software and Operating Systems.
  3. I passed this course with Distinction, and was awarded an overall score of 76.21%
Aug 1995Oct 1998

Honorary Diploma in Software Management (HDSM)

  1. I had an early introduction to databases (SyBase at that time) and Unix (Solaris).
  2. As part of my project work here, I created a Resource Booking System for Library Management and Computer Room Booking that was entirely customizable using FoxPro and "Wizard" styled Dialog Boxes.
  3. I received 82.1% and was graded 'O' for Outstanding performance.
Mar 1995Mar 1997

Higher Secondary Certificate

Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  1. Completed my Higher Secondary (also referred to as Pre-University) majoring in Computer Science.
  2. I was also the School's System Administrator for a set of fifteen (15) IBM/PC Clones and played a role in migrating to Pentium workstations in 1995-96.
  3. I am proud to be in the Roll of Honor, having secured the highest marks in my batch at 92.17%
Mar 1990Mar 1995


Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  1. I received my Matriculate in basic Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology.
  2. I was also a Founding President of the Computer Club and System Administrator of the Computer Lab (from 1992). This aided in my strong experience in Computers.
  3. My overall score was 86%


Operating System Kernel Porting
  I have ported Linux to new ARM SoC variants ranging from ARM7 to ARM11, PowerPC450,750 based SoC solutions and a highly parallel Multiprocessor (64 Processing Engines) for a Silicon Vendor. I have ported OpenSolaris 9.06 and OpenSolaris 10.1 to SoCs built on ARM cores. I have ported RT-BSD to ARM7 and ARM9 based Silicon variants, which had working FreeBSD ports. I have been part of team efforts involving creation and management of BSPs on multiple Platforms targeted at Networking, Consumer and Automotive devices.
System Administration
I have extensive experience in Administration of systems at various scales. I have been maintaining and managing servers catering to over 500 users as an addition in my earlier designations. Being heavily interested in computers from childhood, I maintain a small network for my personal use with over 10 computing terminals aside from my phone and tablet. I have maintained networks with 3 nines (99.9%) reliability and specialize in deploying commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware as servers for small and medium businesses. I have been managing routers and webservers, running Linux augmented with the Xen hypervisor and Oracle Virtualbox.
Team Leadership and Administration
I have held Management and Administrative roles in all my Professional Designations. I have a strong urge to work with people as a team, and believe that the team can achieve much more than an individual. I specialize in ensuring high standards of documentation, adhering to deadlines, streamlines process management and quick, firm decision-making.
Technical Presentations
I have advanced presentation design and delivery skills honed over several years. This has helped me in being part of several roadshows and product launches. I have given technical presentations on Linux Kernel Design to several teams. I have briefed corporate executives on Intellectual property law, specific to incorporation of open source components in commercial products in all my roles involving Product engineering and development. During my work as Director-Incubation at PITS, I have designed and delivered several technical workshops on Open Source, Embedded Systems with hands-on experience using an Oasis(r) Development platform.
Technical Interviewer
I have been able to consistently screen, interview and rate individual technical capabilities within a short time frame. This has helped me determine their technical suitability for a particular role. I have been Interviewing candidates in almost all my Job Roles. I have closely worked with HR personnel specifically for recruiting Technical Staff working on Embedded Systems and GNU/Linux platforms.
Debugging and Troubleshooting System Software
I specialize in finding core reasons for unanticipated or unacceptable behavior of system software. I have unique expertise in being able to home in on the root cause of the problem quickly and therefore find the exact type of fix needed.  I have also been credited as a 'Disaster Manager' while deploying this skill within a team and augmenting their performance.
Linux Kernel Driver Development
My primary focus is to work on the Linux Kernel. I have worked on 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and the current 3.0 series of the linux kernel. I provide solutions on Realtime Linux (scheduling extensions) based on 2.4, 2.6 and 3.0 series of the Linux kernel. I am familiar with RTLinux, Adeos Cascading framework, Linux Realtime Scheduling mechanisms. I specialize in the Video for Linux (V4L2) framework, the ALSA framework and core code for the ARM architecture. I have worked on Camera Sensors, Display Panels, Digital Microphones and Analog Speakers. I also work on the bootstrap code of the kernel and the scheduler.