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With more than 13 years of experience handling long-distance moves throughout the continental United States, Best Price Moving & Storage, Inc., provides relocation services for both individuals and companies. Best Price Moving & Storage offers services for every step of the moving process, starting with information and consultations to help prepare clients for upcoming moves. Consultations include free cost estimates, extensive logistical planning, and references to other service providers clients may wish to contact during the moving process. Best Price Moving & Storage also provides secure storage for clients who require additional time between moving out and relocating.

Best Price Moving & Storage has established a rigorous system that ensures each client's needs are met quickly and efficiently. Movers arrive at a prescheduled time to load the trucks. After establishing a loading order, the employees of Best Price Moving & Storage load the boxes and furniture onto one of the company's top-of-the-line moving trucks. Professionals separately tag each item in order to maintain proper records during the moving process. Movers then pad every piece of furniture to avoid damage and perform a final walkthrough to determine that no items are missing or unaccounted for.

All trucks owned and operated by Best Price Moving & Storage come equipped with state-of-the-art navigation software, and the company offers dispatch services that allow clients to follow the progress of the move and ensure the process goes smoothly. Best Price Moving & Storage employs professionally trained drivers who take the utmost care while driving to avoid damage to cargo in transit.

When the moving truck arrives at its destination, the unloading crew moves furniture and boxed items to the specific area of the business or residence designated by the client. Crews also remain available to specifically arrange furniture according to client instructions. Best Price Moving & Storage also seeks to continually improve the quality of its service by collecting customer feedback. At the conclusion of each move, customers fill out comment cards, which the company then uses to improve service in the future. Through its extensive services and professional conduct, Best Price Moving & Storage helps make the process of relocation simpler and more affordable.