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-A highly skilled and motivated professional with a proven track record, strong communication skills, both written and verbal, who met and exceeded all corporate goals-

With more than 30 years of business development, technical sales and support experience in the computer and software fields, I feel that I would be an excellent candidate for the position you are seeking to fill.My resume is enclosed summarizing where my skills and abilities have been developed


Martha, Gery

Charles was an integral part of the sales team that I managed at SAP. He was one of our top Lead Generators and able to close challenging leads.”

Marvin Gerr

In terms of being a colleague Charles Bernstein was one of the most valuable members of our group. It is impossible for anyone IT professional to have all the answers. For that reason his knowledge was sought on a day to day basis. There never was a time Charles left anyone without an answer. He may not have immediately known the answer, but his vast experience and innate researching abilities enabled him to find answers far quicker than most. The most important aspect of having him as a coworker lies outside of technology. In any profession it is important to genuinely like the people who you work with on a day to day basis, and Charles is one of those people.”

Eileen Stasny

Charles is the employee that you want to hire. He over achieved his goals and would always want to sign up for extra projects. His great personality talking to customers and mentoring new employees was an extra benefit. I am happy to call Charles "My friend" and an excellent mentor. His work ethic is the best

Diane Sullivan

  • Charles is excellent at business development. His positive personality and extensive experience gives him the credibility that customers like and he uses this to uncover new sales opportunities. A direct result of his efforts is that he gets prospects to commit to moving the sales process forward.”

Randy Shaw

“Charles worked on my team for the better part of a year at Corporate Synergies. His responsibilities included building prospect pipelines...establishing relationships with C-Level Executives.... articulating our value proposition and ultimately attaining their approval to meet with our Senior Consultants. One of Charles' greatest strengths is his unique ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them without losing focus on the end game... building and fostering business relationships. His natural style, coupled with his "approachable demeanor" has enabled him to succeed in this endeavor. Having said that, I would highly recommend him for any business development role requiring a "client-centric" relationship-building approach where complex inside sales process is required for success. Examples would include promoting high technology consulting services, identifying and closing prospects who need CRM/ERP software solutions and the like. I would be happy to provide additional information to help Charles continue building upon an already successful inside sales career.”

Phil Ingram

“I highly recommend Charles Bernstein as a valuable employee and associate. Charles was charged with mentoring me and easing my transition from formal training to the main SAP Business Development team for medium size companies at ICT Group. He did a fantastic job, never failed to answer my product and procedural questions and challenged me as I became more independent. Even though my tenure was suddenly cut short by client downsizing, I will always value Charles’s efforts and friendship.”

Rita Strough

“Charles has a way with a person that immediately puts them at ease. He is a smooth talker and one who can easily use his humor and personality to make things happen. He very successfully opened many doors to prospects for me and helped me in my follow ups to close more business.”


Results-focused, quality-driven professional with extensive experience in business and operational development positions, demonstrating consistent achievement of objectives, strong sales and service skills, and dedication to organizational goals. Advanced presentation and relationship development abilities

  • Core Knowledge & Skill Areas:
  • Customer Relationship Building
  • Service Strategies/Solutions
  • Sales Pipeline Expansion
  • Solutions Selling Strategies
  • Niche Market Development
  • Team Training & Mentoring

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Business Development Manager

Accelbus Systems

I was hired to establish a business development department for an SAP Business One reseller in Eastern Pennsylvania.We were selling in addition to the SAP Business One product, iBolt an add-on that allows for code-free business integration letting clients customize and streamline business processes. We additionally sold a hosted version of Outlook 2007, which allowed business owners and sales managers to maintain custody and control of their sales force’s data.

I was generating between 12 and 15 leads per month with a quota of 10 leads per month. I was securing my own lists, inasmuch as the lists that were provided by SAP under marketing fees, were not ours exclusively

Mar 2005Oct 2008

Business Development Specialist

ICT Group

I was hired to work as a contract employee for ICT Group imbedded in SAP Americas U.S. headquarters in Newtown Square PA. I prospectedand researched lead opportunities for the SAP Business One Product created for small businesses (start-up to 100m in revenues) & Business by Design a hosted solution for the same market (small business)

I did lead generation for SAP All-in-One for medium sized opportunities (100m to 1.5b in revenues)

I generated in excess of 1200 accepted leads for the Channel Managers administering to the reseller channel

I was tasked with a project to find qualified candidates in the enterprise resource market that would consider representing SAP in their respective geographic areas. Prior to my working this project we had no representation in Alaska and Hawaii.

I constantly maintained at least 125% of quota for the last three years.

I was asked to train new hires and was a member of the mentoring committee, where we created a curriculum & teaching track for new hires and co-workers who needed re-training & I worked on a one on one basis to accomplish this activity. In March 2008, I was presented with The Customer Focus Award by ICT Group for February 2008

Aug 2004Feb 2005

Business Develpment and Lead Generation

Corporate Synergies

Searched for, generated and pre-qualified sales opportunities for the outside sales force in health care benefits. I took Corporate Synergies into the educational and government markets, where previously they had no experience or exposure before.

I communicated either by phone or e-mail daily with “C” level officers in corporations and Vice Presidents of HR and Business Managers in educational institutions K-12 and Secondary ; Managing Directors in municipal markets, I worked specialized campaigns in vertical markets, sales promotions, kept my prospects appraised by e-mail of pertinent news information relative to changes in the health care industry

Apr 1996Jun 2002

Information Technology & Purchasing

Credit Card Center

Information Services Department

Responsible for maintaining all telephone systems at headquarters, creating and updating both the internal, external e-mail and fax phone directories. Creating and maintaining voice mail accounts, training new employees in setting up their announcements for voice mail. Maintained and supported networked multi-function devices.  Responsible for maintaining & scheduling preventive maintenance.

Purchasing Manager

Established and ran a one person purchasing department responsible for buying all capital equipment for internal use for the corporate headquarters and eighty branch offices located throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Responsible for purchasing computer workstations and servers, desktop and networked printers, telephone systems and service, copiers, faxes and office furniture and all the consumables they required. Searched for and established long-term relationships, setting up purchasing schedules with multiple vendors