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Bernat Aritz Monge Nunes

Graduate Student of European Integration and Economics


I am studying a double Master's programme on European Integration at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and at the Université de Toulouse and I am currently improving my command of the french language.

After developing a thorough formation in economics and the economies of Europe I have delved into the institutional and legal aspects that frame them in order to develop a fully integral understanding of the European Union.

Europe is the land where I live and that I feel as my own. I think Europe faces enormous present and future challenges in economic, political, cultural and even humanitarian matters and I desire to develop a fulfilling career contributing to the collective well-being of the Europeans tackling these challenges.

I want to dedicate my professional efforts in areas concerning either the public sector or the private sector and related to the European economy, Economic policy, Monetary economics, and/or socio-political analysis of Europe. My aspirations are strongly guided by a sense of improving society, making it more democratic, more egalitarian and more cultivated.

I have always been interested in developing a wide-range and an integral comprehension in the social sciences and the humanities. My reference is the ideal of the renaissance man, an integral being that fully develops its intellectual and physical abilities and a thorough understanding of the world.

I practice Jiu-Jitsu and swimming every week and I regularly lift weights. Other interests: Democracy, Economic thought, Languages, Online learning, Cinema.

Work Experience

Feb 2018May 2018

Internship at the European and International Relations Service

City Council of Terrassa

Internship assisting the city council staff on various activities related to EU activities, projects, promotion and city diplomacy.

Oct 2017Dec 2017

Support and Communication of scientific journals

Open University of Catalonia

Assisting the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education and assisting in the internationalisation process of the other scientific journals of the Open University of Catalonia

Academic Conferences

The EU and Global Challenges: 28 Ideas from the Erasmus Generation

(3rd-5th May, 2017)

Through a previous selection by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, I was personally invited to partake in a series of conferences at the University of Florence and to jointly write a paper with a colleague of the Master's degree on European Integration. The joint paper was titled Constitutional Identity: The constitutional dimension of EU integration and disintegration, which explored the legal concept of Constitutional Identity in a period of growing euroscepticism and potential disintegration.

The participants in the conferences included graduate students in international and European affairs, academics, members of the European Parliament and EU high ranking civil servants.


A Way out of the Euro

Research Collections of UAB

This dissertation presents what are the less disruptive strategies for any given Euro Area Member State willing to withdraw from the Euro and the Eurosystem depending on its initial macroeconomic circumstances and what would be the expected results and the consequences of such process

This collection gathers a selection of research works carried out by students of the Màster Universitari en Integració Europea comprising from the academic year 2010-2011. Previous to its publication these works have been tutorized by professors with a doctoral qualification from a diversity of specialities and have been evaluated by a tribunal composed of three professors other than the tutor.

Monge, B.A., A Way out of the Euro , Quaderns de Recerca UAB , 41, Centro de Documentación Europea - Universidad Autónoma de Cataluña (Bellaterra, 2017).


The European Financial and Monetary Malaise

Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs

A heteredox analysis of the new financial regulations, the Banking Union, the Euro system, Quantitative Easing and its consequences. Published at the Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs, the academic journal of the Yale-based Think Tank European Horizons.

Monge, B. A., The European Financial and Monetary Malaise, Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs, Volume 2 Issue 2, Chapter 3, European Horizons (New Haven, 2017).



Sep 2017Dec 2017

Social Policy and Welfare States in the XXIst century

University of Oxford

Nota: 100/100

This course discusses the origins, development and functions of welfare states in high-income countries. Taking an international comparative approach, the course discusses theories, empirical research and policy challenges in a range of different countries.

Sep 2016Sep 2017

Master's degree on Droit Européen (EHEA)

University of Toulouse I Capitole

Mean grade: 12,525/20

Master thesis: 18/20

A double Master's degree which comprises the European Integration process and the European Union Law.

It thoroughly concentrates on competition and the regulation of economic activities within the European Union's internal market.

Sep 2016Jul 2018

Master's degree on European Integration (EHEA)

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Mean grade: 8.86/10

Master thesis: 9.5/10

A double Master's degree which comprises the European Integration process and the European Union Law.

It thoroughly concentrates on the Public law of the EU, its historical development and its institutional system.

Oct 2015Jul 2018

Master of Science in Analysis of the economic setting (EHEA)

Open University of Catalonia

Mean grade: 7.9/10.

A Master which I am currently studying concerning the study and analyisis of the setting in which companies, industries, governments and other agents operate. Particularly concentrated on the ICT economy, the competitiveness of firms and nations, the underlying factors that sustain them and the understanding of the macroeconomic relations of a global economy.

Sep 2011Jul 2015

Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration

Pompeu Fabra University

Mean grade: 7.23/10.

Through the course of this degree I have developed a strong focus on International economics, Economic History, European Economics&Law, Business Organization, Economic and Socio-political Analysis and Policy-making.


Feb 2018

Economics of Money and Banking (MOOC)

Columbia University

Verified Certificate

Mar 2016

Financial Markets (MOOC)

Yale University

Verified Certificate

Apr 2016

Chinese Politics - China and Political Science (MOOC)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Statement of Accomplishment

Mar 2014

Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World (MOOC)

University of Copenhagen

Statement of Accomplishment

Feb 2016

Classical Sociological Theory (MOOC)

University of Amsterdam

Verified Certificate

Dec 2013

Conditions of War and Peace (MOOC)

University of Tokyo

Statement of Accomplishment

May 2014

Reason and Persuasion (MOOC)

National University of Singapore

Statement of Accomplishment

Dec 2013

Søren Kierkegaard - Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity (MOOC)

University of Copenhagen

Statement of Accomplishment

May 2014

Shakespeare and his World (MOOC)

University of Warwick

Statement of Accomplishment







Almost C2 level. CAE Certificate (C1) 196/200 points


B1-B2 level


B1 level

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

Proficient Knowledge

Libre Office (Writer, Calc, etc.)

Proficient Knowledge


Advanced knowledge in statistical software

Achievements in Sports

2nd classified. Silver medal.

Jiu-Jitsu Championship of Catalonia, 2018. -69kg weight category.

2nd classified. Silver medal.

Ne-Waza. Jiu-Jitsu Championship of Catalonia, 2017. -69kg weight category.

7th classified

Jiu-Jitsu Championship of Spain, 2016. -69 kg weight category.