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I am currently studying full-time a Master's degree of Analysis of the economic setting through the Open University of Catalonia, learning german at the Official School of Languages of Catalonia and learning autodidactically portuguese.

I am planning on taking a second Master's degree of European Integration at the Autonomous University of Barcelona next year. Europe is the land where I live and that I feel as my own. I think Europe faces enormous present and future challenges in economic, political, cultural and even humanitarian matters and I desire to develop an important and fulfilling career contributing to the collective well-being of the europeans tackling these challenges.

I want to dedicate my professional efforts in areas concerning both the private and public sector and related to international relations, business administration, european economy, finance and private equity, economic and socio-political analysis and/or economic policy-making. My aspirations are strongly guided by a sense of improving society, making it more democratic, more egalitarian, with more opportunities and more cultivated.

I have always been interested in developing a wide-range and integral comprehension about all the fields of economics, the social sciences and the humanities. I want to embody the ideal of the renaissance man, an integral being that fully develops its intellectual and physical abilities and a thorough understanding of the world.

I practice Jiu-Jitsu and Judo every week and I regularly lift weights. Other interests: Democracy, International Law, Online learning, Smart Cities, Languages, Economic thought, Martial Arts, Cinema, Comedy, Travelling.


Oct 2015Present

Master of Science in Analysis of the economic setting (EHEA)

Open University of Catalonia

A Master which I am currently studying concerning the study and analyisis of the setting in which companies, industries, governments and other agents operate. Particularly concentrated on the ICT economy, the competitiveness of firms and nations, the underlying factors that sustain them and the understanding of the macroeconomic relations of a global economy.

Sep 2011Jul 2015

Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration

Pompeu Fabra University

Mean grade: 7,23/10. 2:1 Honours.

Through the course of this degree I have developed a strong focus on International economics, Economic History, European Economics&Law, Business Organization, Economic and Socio-political Analysis and Policy-making.

Sep 2009Jun 2011

Spanish Baccalaureate

IES Francisco de Goya

Mean grade: 9,22/10. First Class Honours

Social sciences & Humanities Baccalaureate







Almost C2 level


Current autodidact study


3 years at IES Francisco de Goya


I will attain A2 level in June 2016

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

Proficient Knowledge

Libre Office (Writer, Calc, etc.)

Proficient Knowledge


Advanced knowledge in statistical and analytical software


Rathaus Europa (

Co-founder & Editor

Our online economics blog. We write, translate and share articles about european economics and politics. We translate articles of foreign economists, journalists and political scientists that do not have dissemination in spanish nor in catalan and we elaborate our own content in order to provide the catalan and spanish readers with access to interesting news and critiques to which they would not have an easy access otherwise.

Work Experience

Oct 2015Oct 2015


Actors Gallery

Temporary job as double.

Achievements in Sports

3rd classified. Bronze medal.

Jiu-Jitsu Championship of Catalonia, 2016. -69kg weight category.

7th classified

Jiu-Jitsu Championship of Spain, 2016. -69 kg weight category.