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Bernardo Sousa De Macedo

Online Platforms Product Manager / Entrepreneur


DOB: 2 December 1983

Bernardo Sousa de Macedo is 34 years old and was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur for web related products.

Starting his career in 1999 he worked in marketing and communication for seven years at IGMarketing (Interactive Global Marketing) and moved to build his own projects, including,,,, Meanwhile also worked in several companies as a product manager, technological ambassador, CTO and solutions integrator including Quidgest, EasyPay, Tux&Gill and TST.

Bernardo is also a speaker for motivation, social entrepreneurship, and technology applied in the third sector, speaking at conferences for students and professionals of all ages.

Having clients in several fields, Bernardo has developed goto market strategies, technological roadmaps, and web products in partnership with each co-founder.

He was the entrepreneur in residence of the biggest Portuguese incubator Beta-I, giving advice and mentoring startups with internet related products and services.

Lately, he tapped into the microcontrollers and IoT field to build real functional prototypes with minimal investment, including building 3D product designs and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layouts and microcontroller programming.

And finally, he got in touch with the crypto world and became an investor of ICO's.

Loves volunteering, English Snooker (currently an athlete for Snooker Club Lisbon) and archery.

Main Skills and Competences:

Business side: Product Manager; Team Builder; Public Speaker; Consultant; Sales; Performance Marketing; Strategist; Business Developer;

Tech side: PHP Developer  (Laravel Platform); MySQL Databases; HTML5, CSS3, SEO; RESTfull API's; 3D Prototyping, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop;

Work experience

September 2017Current

Product Manager

ProdTo - Food For Life!

ProdTo is an online service platform that supports a community that brings together Producers, Specialists and Consumers.

With ProdTo it can be easier and easier to taste the food. As life gets more complex, finding time to go shopping can be a daunting task. Even more difficult is discovering new recipes or starting a new diet. 

We work with various experts - nutritionists, chefs, bloggers, sportsmen and other opinion leaders - to facilitate the day-to-day life of the community. 

Together we have created lists of recipes so that the weekly meal planning is done without difficulty and with all the convenience. 

To these delicious recipes are associated shopping lists, thus avoiding wasted time selecting ingredient to ingredient. 

After the final click, ProdTo will deliver the products that come directly from the producers, so they are fresher and more accessible than in the conventional places. 

Community well-being is our priority!

June 2014Current


Associação Acredita Portugal

I am mentor for a couple of startups that apply to the Acredita Portugal competition, where more that 18.000 candidates already showed their talent and products.
My responsibility as a mentor is to help each candidate iterate their product facing the customer, and improve their soft-skills.

April 2018Current

ICO Advisor


The platform aims to connect the people in need with non-profit communities, instantly.

All donations can be tracked in the blockchain, allowing donors to know where and how their money is used.

All donations are made using cryptocurrency, which is sent through our platform from donor to recipient.

All donations are made by using smart contracts, which allows donors to know exactly when and how their donation will be received.

August 2014Current


My passions are built in this corner of my CV.

bGood is a half centralized and half decentralized platform that connects volunteers, donors, non-profits and socially responsible companies. We provide APIs to track volunteering actions and donations worldwide stored onto the blockchain.

December 2015September 2017

Partner & CTO / Product Manager

An online obituary provider.

May 2014Apr 2015


Long Range Ideas, Lda -

I have developed the entire platform of

I was responsible about product and programming from bottom up the entire platform currently available online.

I was also responsible to keep the best standards in SEO and building marketing mechanics to attract more customers.

Skills applied: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Integrating realtime services (,, HTML5, CSS3 (with media queries for responsiveness) 

Mar 2007Aug 2014

Founder & CEO

Global Inpakt, SA

I have built and maintained, a platform to connect volunteers, donors, non-profits and socially responsible companies in a new, dynamic and interactive way: A Social Network for Good.

It included a Software as a Service to manage volunteering actions and donations, making it easier for non-profits to focus in what they do best: help the ones in need. Later on, I was responsible to build a team of 15 people from 5 different nationalities, expert in the various skills we needed (software engineering, marketing, finance, legal, PR, fundraising and digital story telling).

I was also responsible as the investors relationships which allowed me and my team to raise 550.000€ investment from one VC, Portugal Ventures (425.000€) and a Business Angel Association, BusyAngels / PNV Capital (125.000€) at a 1.250.000€ valuation.

Apr 2010Jul 2014

Member Board of Experts

doSomething portugal

I gave advices in the field of online social responsibility through in the board of experts at doSomething.

Main Skills: Strategist; Consultant; Public Speaker

Sep 2012May 2013

Technological Ambassador


I was responsible for the outside communication of Quidgest for the outside world. Building the bridge between the Marketing Department and the Research & Development Department. I was suited up to represent the company at corporate events.

I was also responsible for the new Quidgest website. Building the entire website in Wordpress and kept the multilingual modules that the company required.

I was also a team builder and motivator, so people came to me when there was a problem.

Main Skills: Team Builder; Public Speaker; Indirect Sales; Internal / External Marketing; SEO

Oct 2011Aug 2012


Tux & Gill

With the CTO role, I had the chance of building projects in the technological field for Tux&Gill clients (Banco Popular, Semapa, Vulcano). Having a constant technological research skill set, I needed to seek for solutions in the various fields of technology to serve our clients purposes.

Programming in PHP and MySQL for building dynamic websites; Creating interactive web banners (Skyscrapers and MREC's) in Flash, was also my role.

Video production is not my strength, but I could develop a couple of demos and presentations built with Adobe After Effects. I have also developed a very basic facebook application to celebrate Christmas at Tux&Gill.

Main Skills: Web Product Strategist; PHP; MySQL; HTML5; CSS3; Server Management; Photoshop; After Effects; Adobe Flash

Mar 2011Sep 2011

Founder & CTO / Product Manager


Head Hunted for Go Find, Lda while working as the Main Programmer at Easypay - Payment Solutions.
I was asked to build a replica of (acquired by Amazon) and so I have worked with a team of designers that built the interface and I applied the interface on a geo-referenced product search platform. All built from scratch using MySQL, PHP and MongoDB.

I have built the API's for the retailers, so their stock mechanism was able to ping our servers and update their existing stock on our platform.

Main Skills: Web Product Strategist, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Server Management

Mar 2010Mar 2011

Solutions Integrator / Software Engineer / Product Manager


I have optimized the easypay payment API's, allowing their costumers to receive data in the format they want: JSON, XML, JSONP, HTML or even a PHP array to be used with eval, allowing clients to build payment integrations in one afternoon instead of two weeks.

I was responsible to create the API's manuals and keep them updated and to make them formated in a common understandable way for the integrators.

Dec 1999Jun 2007

Solutions Integrator

Nupalinveste, SA

This was my first company. Nuno Machado Lopes decided to adopt me while I was still in high school. He saw potential in my atitude and he was the base of everything I believe.

Started developing the fist "Paradise Garage" Nightclub official page and soon I was requested to build the websites of other businesses from Nupalinveste, SA: Paradise Productions (event organiser), NML Agency (band management), Out There Records (a record label) and later started working as a "solutions integrator" at IG-Marketing - Interactive Global Marketing.

At IGM, not only I have developed all corporate branding, logo, website but I was also learning how to build 3D designs with 3D Studio Max for Windows. So I have build the drawings for events like: The Launch of BestRockFM Radio, Herbal Essences Beach Party, Festas da Cerveja, Bacardi Bat Beats, Heineken Thirst. I was using 3D to build photorealistic concept images;

Later on, the Social Network boom appeared in Portugal and we could not stay bellow the line. We moved and I was managing a team of software engineers to develop. - Brand Democracy, You Decide. part of the In one week we had over 10 million hits to our venture page, and about 70.000 registrations. We were awarded with the #8 viral marketing campaign in 2006 from MarketingSherpa (


Portuguese -Reading / Writing -  C2 Native

English - Reading / Writing - C1 Proficient

French - Reading B2 Basic / Writing A1 Basic

Spanish - Reading C1 Proficient / Writing A1 Basic


Category B - yes