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Systems Analysis graduate with a passion for the endless learning opportunities that come with software development. 

1+ year of experience in full-stack development, focusing on React/Redux and Node/Express. Excited to be part of the Toronto tech scene!


Javascript - Experienced with popular frameworks and platforms such as Node, React, Redux, RxJS, and Typescript

HTML/CSS - Also familiar with CSS frameworks and post processors, such as Bootstrap, SASS and styled components.

Databases - Good database programming knowledge using MongoDB/SQL. Limited experience with GraphQL.

Solidity - Have used it in a hobbyist capacity. Decent understanding of smart contracts and deployment..

Software Development - Experienced with the Agile methodology and good understanding of a typical SDLC. Have also had extensive experience with version control, with Git/Github as well as CI practices.

Dev Ops - Basic understanding of Dev Ops tools, such as Docker, Rancher and Kubernetes. Have also used AWS S3 and EC2 fairly extensively.

Mobile Development -Moderate experience with mobile apps using Java (Android)  and React Native.

Other Programming Languages - Some experience with C, PHP and Lua.


April 2017Present

Software Engineer

Cluep, Toronto ON

Worked on various internal web apps to accommodate the sales/operations team, utilizing React, Redux and RxJS in the front-end, and Node/Express.js/MongoDB in the back-end. Also acquired good knowledge of deployment strategies utilizing Docker, AWS, Kubernetes and test tools such as Jest and Mocha.

January 2017April 2017

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs, Toronto ON

Lighthouse Labs is an immersive full-stack web development academy in Toronto spanning 3 months where students spend 600+ hours developing web apps. 


September 2014December 2016

Systems Analysis

Sheridan College, Oakville ON

I completed an unique three-year advanced diploma, with a final year Capstone project that included a complete system development life cycle; designed end-to-end proof of concept software solution. It included courses on systems analysis, computer programming, mobile application development, system development life cycle, software development, database design, network architecture, and technical report writing and presentations.

March 2013July 2014

Computational Science and Engineering

UFJF (Federal University of Juiz de Fora) , Juiz de Fora Minas Gerais , Brazil

I studied 3 semesters of an engineering program in Brazil before moving to Canada.  That gave me a solid foundation on math and early CS courses such as algorithms and data structures and sparked my interest in programming.