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Bernard Nolan

Work experience

Jul 2010Oct 2015

Working at team 9 as a fitter carrying out the standard inspections and routine maintenance. Switched from contractor to RIO and moved to team 8. Job changed in more ways than one, I was now involved with screenhouse, primary crusher, 4 plant, PC2, and PC3. I picked up many new skills that were relevant for my job, I got my forklift ticket, HR licence, Dogman ticket, Riggers ticket, crane loading ticket, gantry crane, and EWP ticket. All these new assets helped me emensly with my jobs, I became a lot more self reliant and confident in what I was doing. I found that I was able to start leading jobs and taking command as I was confident in myself and the various jobs we do.

Mar 2010Jul 2010

Had worked for Minprovise in between jobs and sporadically since 2008. Job involved going to various mines and inspecting or rebuilding crushers. Was always working as a team to a very high quality standard of work.

Reasons for leaving: Work a bit too sporadic, needed stability.

Aug 2008Mar 2010

Working as a breakdown fitter on high speed manufacturing equipment. Was primarily there as a breakdown fitter but did some installation work, comissioning, and fabrication.  Worked on 2days 2 nights 4 off roster. Worked in a team but more often than not was working alone.

Reason for leaving: Got shafted by the Scottish mafia.

Feb 2008Aug 2008

Working for ESSA who manufacture laboratory equipment for the mining industry. I did some fabrication work, but I mainly did assembling and building of components followed by installation of equipment and comissioning. Worked closely as a team to achieve very high standards.

Reason for leaving: Greener pastures lay ahead

Apr 2007Nov 2007

Working as a fitter doing fixed plant maintenance. Was at Team 9 so was doing inspections, pump strips, screen maintenance, component change out, and shut downs. Was required to do weekend work and nights when required.

Reason for leaving: Sick of fifo life and wanted town work.

Sep 2006Apr 2007

Working for the mining industry dealing fuel. Fixing pumps that the cars filled up at, fixing the pumps and everything associated that all pit mining equipment filled up at. Did a lot of installation of hoses, pumps, and lines. Very regularly worked alone so I had to be very reliable and capable.

Reason for leaving: Enjoyed job but not paid enough for mining industry.

Mar 2006Sep 2006

Working in the mining industry on dust maintenance, carrying out inspections and maintainence of all dust systems. This included fan rebuiulds, pump strips, and general maintenance of all dust systems.

Reason for leaving: Boss was a very unpleasant individual.

Dec 1997Feb 2006

Day to day maintenance of high speed PLC manufacturing machinery, consisting of break downs, preventitive maintenance, and rebuilding of plant equipment. I was also did quite a bit of fabrication work and machining. I worked a rotating day/arvo shift and did shut downs regularly. I did my apprenticeship at Sancella and carried on working on completion of apprenticeship.

Reason for leaving: Time to move on and broaden horizons.


Mar 1998Apr 2002

Certificate in engineering for completion of trade.

Jan 1991Oct 1997

Completed my VCE (year 12).

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