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Personal Information

Height- 6"5

Weight- 300 lbs

In applying for this position I will be utilizing Knowledge I acquired in my many years as a Geatland warrior and also as a monster slayer. I have traveled across land and sea searching for gold and glory. My skills as a leader would make me great for any position.

Work experience

Jan 1700Jan 1750

King and Hero


As the King of Geats I was required to undertake great and perilous tasks. Many hard decisions were placed in my capable hands and only I could have handled them as well as I did. My work in leading men to their deaths is unparalleled. My honor and glory is known to all man and all man should follow me without question. I am the hardest worker. Greatest thinker. Most likely your most dependable leader. 


Expert Boaster
Expert Mead Drinker
Expert Leader
Monster Slayer


Monster Slaying: Major Mead Drinking: Minor


I study in monster slaying and mead drinking. I am an expert on both and no one else has the knowledge that I do on these subjects.

Hobbies & Interests

Sword Fighting


When I heard of the Dane's problem with Grendel, I immediately remembered my debt to Hrothgar for what he did for my father and kept my word and defeated the satanic monster with my bare hands.

I was once involved in a great war and killed all of my enemies and walked away soaked in their blood!

I defeated Grendel's mother and brought back the head of her son to Heorot. 

I also ripped a dragon's heart out with my bare hand, killing myself to save my people.