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Work experience


Consultant / Mediator

Ziegler Consulting

Consulting: - Business planning and analysis, project coordination, dialogue facilitation, requirements definition, business process/policy development - Education & training; business communications,presentations, workshops, training - Research; environmental scans, studies, assessments Appropriate Dispute Resolution: - dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, coaching, mentoring


Project Advisor

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

Project Advisor to Philippines municipalities implement e-business applications, including taxation and business licensing applications. I worked through CESO, an established Canadian NGO. CESO has a partnership with the Philippines, in which CESO provides experienced professionals (who volunteer their time & services), to the Philippines. All work is conducted on-site in the Philippines.



Values-Based Business Network

Supporting local, living economies. The Values-Based Business Networking provides networking and learning opportunities for triple bottom-line, sustainabilility-oriented, businesses.


Online Mediator


Online mediator (of eBay disputes) with SquareTrade. As a contract mediator to SquareTrade, I mediated e-Bay transaction disputes, via the Internet. SquareTrade provided the online application to manage the dispute resolution process and content. There was an API between SquareTrade application and eBay data. I worked from my home!



Sierra Systems

Consultant roles included business analyst, project manager, facilitator, implementation support, proposal writer. Clients were typically large organizations, public and private sector, in Canada and the U.S.




Consultant roles included business analyst and project manager.



Lee Turnbull

“Ben is very conscientious, always prepared, very friendly, good with people, and I recommend him as a mediator in pretty much any civil/commercial dispute.”

Susanna Jani

“Ben worked as an IT Consultant for us at the Distance Mediation Project, an ODR (online dispute resolution) family mediation pilot project of the BC Mediator Roster Society. He was precise in his work, able to see both big and small-picture issues, and brought many valuable ideas to our project.”

Pam Wilkins

“I hired Ben as a project manager for a high risk, many-faceted project. His attention to detail, realistic approach and consultative manner gave this project the boost it needed. I would hire him again unreservedly. ”

Alex Gillis

“Ben is a creative thinker and blogger. He pulled off a tricky assignment in the Philippines when he photographed, videotaped and interviewed people for a blog for CESO. His positive messages, actions and collaborative approach demonstrate how to work with others in projects here and abroad.”

Current Memberships and Community Affiliations

Past Affiliations


I am a freelance consultant and conflict management professional, based out of Victoria, British Columbia. My goal is to make it easy for people, and organizations, to come together AND reconcile their differences. Behind this is my belief that good things happen when people find ways to respect, understand, and appreciate each other. My consulting experience spans 3 decades, starting with work in the civil engineering field (construction project manager, surveyor, planner), 15 years with large systems integrators (business analyst, project facilitator), and most recently, as a freelance consultant to public and not-for-profit organizations. As a certified mediator since 2001, I’ve successfully mediated hundreds of civil and commercial disputes, including 3 years as an online mediator of eBay disputes. Currently, I work as a mediator and mentor in the British Columbia Court Mediation Program, and also conduct mediations privately. I’m a fan of sustainable business practices, both locally, where I’m a director of the Victoria Values-based Business Network (a network of local businesses focused on triple bottom-line practices), and internationally, through my recent work as a volunteer advisor, with the Canadian Executive Service Organization, in the Philippines.

My specialties are collaboration best practices, appropriate dispute resolution, conflict coaching, sustainable community development, corporate information management.

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