I am a 4th year Carpenter with 9 years experience, all the tools necessary to complete residential and small scale commercial projects.  I am very detail oriented and a fast paced worker. I have experience in, and am comfortable with managing larger projects and delegating tasks appropriately, as well as working as a cohesive part of a crew.

Areas of expertise include:

Portable Module Construction

Project Management



Interior Finish

Exterior Finish

Metal work


Electrical wiring

Work experience

Work experience
2011 - Present


Global Construction Services

At Global Construction Services I was a staff carpenter doing high end residential construction. I worked with a helper on exterior and interior finishing for the majority of my time there on a multimillion dollar house, completing everything from top-grade cedar to steel cladding and the installation of custom doors.


2011 - 2012

Lead Carpenter

CNG Fabricating Inc.

With CNG Fabricating I was hired on to the first production run of their Portables program. I was immediately put in charge of the production of them and working out the kinks from the original plans. I streamlined the production, made various efficiency and quality upgrades while consistently reducing the time of construction for a production run. I trained various laborers in basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills and created a production plan book that will ensure ease of building in the future. We built and sold 25 units, but due to the late season start, ran short of sales to continue building them. I was laid off due to this but come away with excellent experience and a solid reference.

2007 - 2011


Self Employed

As a self employed carpenter I did a variety of residential and small scale commercial construction projects. I ran a team of anywhere from 2-6 and managed all aspects of construction, as well as completed much of the work myself. I decided to leave the contracting business to find a more stable and secure employment.

2005 - 2007

Framing Carpenter

AB Construction

With AB Construction I apprenticed as a carpenter and advanced through to running the framing crews for the owner. I was in charge of completing houses in the allotted number of man hours and all aspects of layout and construction  by the time I decided to begin contracting on my own.

2003 - 2005

Carpenter Helper

Evani Custom Homes

Learned framing doing custom residential homes.


2011 - Present

Incident Command Systems

2011 - Present

Level 2 Firefighter

Boulder Mountain

Attended training camp to do all certifications necessary to be a Type 2 Firefighter as an interesting point of study. 

Jan 2005 - Mar 2007





Project Planning and Management



Tile Setting




Finishing Carpentry