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"With excellent intuitive thinking ability, Ben Roberto Allen approaches situations from multiple unique angles. This gives him a talent for tackling complex strategic problems and rapidly comprehending large amounts of information. With a keen distaste of inefficiency, Ben Allen takes pleasure in finding ways to help individuals and businesses to optimize their time.""If you talk to anyone who knows Ben, they will tell you that he has an uncanny ability to come up with innovative ideas. They will also mention how he is a team player that always gets the job done right.""Ben Roberto Allen has excellent communication abilities in both writing and speech; he is experienced at making a speech to an audience of hundreds, or drafting a business proposal for a high-profile client. Ben's communication style is optimal for getting business done. He prefers wording that is concise, descriptive, easily understood and  also enjoys carefully crafting his words.""When I think of Ben Roberto Allen, I think of someone who is capable of incapacitating a wild full-grown tiger with his bare hands""For many years Ben has been deeply involved in martial arts after being inspired by Bruce Lee and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He started taking military style Taekwondo with the International Teakwondo federation from age 11 and earned his first degree black belt by the time he was 17. When the local teakwondo school closed down for financial reasons, he began taking mixed martial arts studying the disciplines of Muay Thai, Eskrima, Jujitsu and Western Boxing. Recently Ben began taking Brazilian Jujitsu and preparing himself for tournament competition."

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Santa Clara University