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A motivated, enthusiastic and trustworthy events management graduate, with work experience in both indoor and outdoor events who relishes being involved within the events and hospitality industry.

Work Experience

Sept 2015Present

Event Staff

Mint Club / Mint Warehouse / Mint Festival / Cocoon In The Park (Leeds)

When I'm not working for Spindlewood at festivals during the summer, I work for Mint at their two venues and two festivals.

My roles include being Bar Staff, Bar Manager and Bar support. My responsibilities have included, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring a smooth operation of the venues bars.
  • Managing Staff.
  • Keeping in constant communication with management and relaying information onto staff.
  • Fulfilling rider requests and acting as a convenient point of contact for VIPs attending an event.
  • Keeping in contact with both venues if two events are being hosted at the same time.
  • Working closely with management during the build and show days of their festivals.
  • Utilising my Personal Licence if necessary.
  • Being trusted with cash and liaising with management about their various Point Of Sale Systems.

My past experience gives me the confidence that I can thrive at Mint in this position, with my contacts and experience within the events management industry rising as I continue to work here.

Sept 2015Present

Owner / Event Manager

Dusk Events (Leeds)

Being a keen graduate, I decided to re-launch the events company that I had previously secured a university placement with. Successfully managing a variety of my own small-scale events at bars, pubs and nightclubs has assured me that I possess all of the relevant skills needed, to be an asset within the events and hospitality industry.

Jun 2015Present

Festival Event Staff

Spindlewood Limited

During my first summer as a graduate, I secured seasonal work with Spindlewood and have been involved in installing various types of temporary event technology at English summer festivals including 'Glastonbury', 'Leeds', 'Download', 'Latitude' and 'BoomTown'. 

My roles include:

  • Liaising with customers on the installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Installing and connecting bar PDQ machines, VoIP telephones, Wi-F, CCTV, noise monitoring cables and gate entry scanners at key areas of the festival sites. 
  • Familiarising myself with the needs of the customer and responding appropriately.

Working for Spindlewood during festival seasons at some of the UK’s best and biggest events has provided me with invaluable experience into how events of this scale are managed. I got to know many influential people within the events industry and experienced a great deal of behind the scenes procedures.  

Jun 2012Sep 2015

Event Staff / Event Promoter

Kasbah Nightclub (Coventry)

In between my university term time, I worked for Kasbah Nightclub.

My roles included: 

  • Event Staff: During the nightclub’s events I have been given the responsibility of working as bar staff, bar support and maintaining communication with the nightclubs partner venue.
  • Bar Supervisor: On various occasions I have been responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of one of the venues 5 bars. This included managing staff, maintaining constant and effective communication with management and keeping the bar organised and fully stocked at all times. 
  • Artist Rider: Ensuring that rider requests by certain artists and bands booked by the nightclub are met.
  • Office work: Setting up and monitoring ticket selling websites and being responsible for posting particular social media content.
  • Promotional work: Promoting the nightclub’s many and varied events though social media, as well as face to face promotion.
  • Ticket Management: Ensuring specific clients have been given event tickets, as well as making sure all ticket outlets have the most up to date tickets to sell.

Overall, the experience that I have gained from my various roles at this events company has given me the confidence that I can work well under pressure as well as in a team. This job has also given me further experience into the world of events and entertainment management and what it requires to be successful in this industry.  

Sep 2012Nov 2013

Event Staff / Head Promoter

Dusk (Leeds)

Dusk was a student run events company that organised and hosted nightclub events around Leeds; I was lucky enough to secure a very active role within this company during my university placement year, which led to me gaining a wealth of valuable experience. 

My roles included: 

  • Head promoter: I was responsible for recruiting staff and building a team of promoters to raise awareness of the events, both online and offline, in order to attract as many attendees as possible.
  • Liaising with clients: I was always present at client meetings, such as meeting with venue managers and other event brands. I was also required to make sure that any DJ’s and performers that we had booked made it both into Leeds and to the venue with minimal problems.  
  • Venue preparation: Ensuring that the venue was set up with the necessary equipment and decoration for the various events that we organised.  

Being given the responsibility of recruiting and managing staff has given me valuable people management skills; attending meetings with venue managers has given me an insight into what it entails when booking a venue. Overall seeing an event progress from the initial proposal to a successful night has convinced me that being involved in event and entertainment management is a career that I want to pursue.

Mar 2012Sep 2012

Event Promoter

Taking Liberties Events (Leeds)

During my first year of university I secured a part time job with student nightclub event company Taking Liberties. My responsibilities included promoting various events that the company hosts, by engaging with students face to face and through social media. This work has given me lots of experience into how to effectively promote an event, and how to best attract the maximum amount of attendees to an event.



Bachelor of Arts, Events Management, Second Class Honours

Leeds Beckett University

(Leeds Beckett University is the UK Centre for Events Management and the longest-running events management course in the UK.)

Activities and Societies: 

- Successfully completed a placement year.

- Part of the Leeds Becket UKCEM Events Society.

- Attended and passed a BIIAB Personal Licence Course.