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  • I love watching the History channel and National Geographic channel. They educate me, but they do it in a way that much more exciting than some other documentary.  As teacher, I see to it that I have perfect illustration every time I proceed to my lecture. And most of them came from these channels.  I love how they go in depth about the things they tell you. They don’t just say ''Hitler invaded France'', they tell you his motives, his strategy, his losses and gains from doing so, etc. They really broaden my mind when I watch these two channels.


  • To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of my expertise.
  •  To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.

Work experience

Jun 2009Mar 2011

Natural Sciences/Ethics Instructor

Our Lady of Lourdes Technological College
  • I adequately prepare all course materials and daily lessons plans both in high school and college. I also provide each student with clear course expectations, evaluations and timelines through a carefully written syllabus. Work with each student through their learning process and provide interesting and relevant assignments for students that demonstrate learning outcomes in a real-life setting. Offer clear and timely reports and on all students at the completion of a course of study. Adhere to and publicly support school policies and procedures.
Jun 2005Mar 2009

Science/Values Teacher/Nurse/Academic Coordinator

Christian Family Centre School Foundation
  • Preparing, demonstrating hands-on activities prior to assignment. Assigning homework, including supplemental reading and science projects. I also evaluating student performance on tests, reports and lab activities. Collaborating with other teachers, staff, students and parents to support student progress. Coordinating school science fairs. Mentoring students and preparing them for science competitions.
  • Collaborates with peers to enhance the instructional environment. I models professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, parents, peers and community. I also models spiritual maturity in leading students towards Christ and then spiritual growth.
  • I provide nursing care and health education to students in our school. i also focus in ensuring health and safety for all students.
  • I assist in screening and selecting faculty applications. Provide support and guidance to academic trainees. I assist in selecting right student’s leaders and orientation, training for them. Provide guidance to students on academic goals and educational issues. And most of all, I worked with parents, teachers to address students’ behavioral, academic  and other problems.
May 1999Apr 2004

Warehouse Supervisor

Hexagon Group of Company
  • I skilled to maintain and enhance the excellent safety record of this department and to embrace safety as a core value. Inventory management and control increase the safety and efficiency of the storage of my items. I contributed and implemented ideas to support of the safety campaign with never ending resulting in continuous improvement.
Nov 1996Jan 1998


E. Guanzon Inc.
Nov 1995May 1996


Honai Foods Corporation
  • I receive, store, and ship merchandise that is kept in warehouses—buildings in which all kinds of goods are stored and protected from theft or deterioration. Manufactured goods are I often stored in warehouse between the time they are produced and the time they reach retail stores or customers. Generally I load and unload merchandise as it is received or when it is being shipped to customers.


Ernesto Dungo

Malou Taruc




Nov 2004Mar 2005

24 units in education

University of Caloocan City
Oct 2003Apr 2004


FEBIAS College of Bible
Jun 1992Apr 1995

Bachelor of Science

Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College


computer literate
Windows Movie Maker is an amazing program that brings the goodness of pictures, audio, video and allows the user to combine everything to quickly form a movie, and burn it in CD/DVDs or email them to near and dear ones right away! It automatically downloads codecs, display links to web sites, and allows users to save movies directly onto online video hosting providers.
mime artist/dance interpretative choreographer
This is what I loved doing. I used to organize school program and include my God given talent to my students, colleagues and to parents such as theater arts. I designate good students and train them to involve in this kind of activities. As a result, students increased their self-esteem and motivate them to enhance their skills. Skills in this area brings them to be better person.