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He is the director of five companies. These companies include: Axiomedic (May 2004 to the present), Benny Ltd., Ranana Municipal Development Company Ltd., Strauss Water Ltd., and Investment Company Ltd.

Work experience

Brama was the Chief Executive Officer of an education network for primary religious schools for a decade and a half. On December 23, 2012 he was appointed General Manager of Ranana, Israel, a position he began working in on January 1, 2013 for 11 months. From June of 1994 until June of 1996 he was the Director of AID USA.

From 2005, Brama was a volunteer representative in Ranana, Israel, serving on many public municipal committees. He was a member of the board of directors of various urban development plans there as well.


Brama holds a Masters in Literature.  In addition, he has done work with Negotiation at Harvard Law School (USA), senior management at Columbia University (USA) and senior financial management at Tel Aviv University

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Brama is a married father of 7 children.  He has been living in Ranana for more than 20 years.


Customer service, entrepreneurship, public speaking, strategic planning, new business development, management, negotiation