Bennett Quillen presently directs Quillen & Associates, a strategic and technical consulting firm catering to a variety of financial institutions, including a range of banks and securities agencies. A U.S.-based company, Quillen & Associates serves businesses operating across North America and around the world today. Bennett Quillen founded the organization following more than three decades of high-level experience as a project manager, consultant, and executive at banks, analytical and consulting firms, and an array of other financial corporations. Today, he continues to publish regularly and he receives frequent invitations to appear at a variety of symposia and conferences. Prior to establishing Quillen & Associates, Bennet Quillen served as a project manager for a series of banks and money centers, updating systems, converting infrastructures, reducing operational inefficiencies, and delivering a host of risk management and compliance services. Comfortable with managing a variety of core operational systems, he has directed and assessed the implementation and shift of large-scale conversions typically involving a multitude of applications across platforms such as Jack Henry, Systematics, Fidelity, and Fiserv. Bennett Quillen maintains certification as a Project Management Professional, certification in Treasury Management through the Treasury Management Institute, and Life Certification as an Information Technology Professional with the State of California. Having served as director of the Mid-America Payments Exchange, he also holds memberships in the Securities Industry Association, Information Technology Committee, and the Missouri Science and Mathematics Education Program.Bennett Quillen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from Principia College in 1964. He then transitioned to the University of Southern California, where he earned an MBA in Industrial Management and Finance. He is also an adjunct faculty member for both Washington University and Webster University, where he teaches classes in project management, economics, and information technology.


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Work experience

Work experience

Associate Consultant

Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.


1965 - 1967


University of Southern California
1960 - 1964


Principia College