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My ability to be detail oriented with ideation and writing is one of my strongest attributes. This has lead to a variety of different roles centered around writing & editing, documentation & research and product development. I thrive in this type of environment.

Work experience

Oct 2013Nov 2015

Project Management Director / Patent Researcher

Ideology IP

An invention and patent monetization company dedicated to the inventing, patenting and selling of high value intellectual property assets, focusing primarily on consumer electronic technologies.

At Ideology IP, I was tasked with various patent research projects which involved...

  • Researching projects across a number of different fields
  • Searching through known patents and prior artwork
  • Providing a detailed report on the direction of the product field to make a case for proceeding with a particular project.
  • Providing disclosures and technical illustrations for each research project. These illustrations included cross sections and exploded views, as well as annotations and descriptions of various components and the function of each. P
  • Prepared documents for review by patent agents/attorneys
  • Edited the disclosures and modified the technical illustrations after patent agent/attorney review and discussion.
  • Kept a log of the status and the stage of completion of multiple open research projects.

Inventor / Technology Researcher

Legacy IP, LLC

Legacy IP, LLC is an intellectual property think tank dedicated to the inventing of high value intellectual property assets, focusing primarily on consumer electronic technologies and biomedical devices for stem cell delivery.

As a Technology Researcher at Legacy IP, I...

  • Conducted research for and wrote technical disclosures
  • Provided documentation of known patents (prior art) and the direction of the product field in a report.
  • Delivered technical drawing for each technical disclosure, including all annotated, cross-sections and exploded views.
  • Responsible for a vast majority of patent drawings with annotations; describing the mechanical and/or electronic components and the functions of each.
  • Prepared disclosure documents for review by attorneys. 
  • Edited disclosures and modifying Illustrations after attorney review and discussion.
  • Worked on multiple technical disclosures in tandem.
  • Maintained a progress log, listing the status and stage of completion of each assigned technical disclosure.

Inventor / Development Partner

Ennova Direct, Inc.

Entered into a contract with Ennova Direct, Inc. (a California based company) to explore the development of several consumer electronic product ideas.

As an Inventor working with Ennova Direct, Inc. I...

  • Presented my concept of an internally illuminated computer keyboard for working in low lighting conditions.
  • Provided input on the keyboard's design, product branding (Eluminx) and packaging design. 
  • Researched and suggested the use of electroluminescent illumination over other available technologies.
  • Researched and sourced a domestic supplier of electroluminescent material used the manufacturing process.
    • Eluminx debuted at CES 2003 as the world's first illuminated computer keyboard.
    • Eluminx won "Most Innovative Computer Product Award" at CES 2003.
    • Eluminx was licensed to Fatal1ty Gaming (Auravision).
    • Eluminx was featured on the Fox TV Series "24" Season 3, Episode 06.

As a Development Partner with Ennova Direct, I...

  • Sourced a design firm to conceptualize and prototype the FlashLite USB Data Drive. 
  • Provided input on the aesthetic and mechanical design of the prototype. 
  • Assisted in conceptualizing a future MP3 player version of the FlashLite USB Data Drive.

President / Co-Founder

One Drop Comics

One Drop Comics was an independent comic book publisher based in Columbus, GA in the late 1990's. The imprint successfully launched three titles (Shades of Silhouette, Notorious Rex & Shifters); and sold books in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

As President of One Drop Comics, I was responsible for...

  • Supervising storyline and character development.
  • Editing script writing and character dialogue. 
  • Directing storyboard and content layouts.
  • Scheduling illustrator deadlines and coordinating completion of artwork.
  • Coordinating with printing houses and distributors.
  • Advertising and coordinating with national and international advertisers.
  • Organizing media relations for print and television.
  • Booking and organizing convention tour schedules.



Associate's of Applied Business

Brown Mackie College

Business Management