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Work experience



ICAS4107B - Manage and Resolve Live System Faults
ICAI5176C - Install & Configure a Router
ICAI4099B - Build an Intranet
ICAD4217A - Create Technical Documentation
ICAB4220B - Create Scripts for Networking
ICAB4225B - Automate Processes
ICAS4127B - Support System Software
ICAS4124B - Monitor and Administer Network Security
ICAT4221B - Locate Equipment and Software Faults
ICAI4097C - Install and Configure a Network
ICAI4188B - Install Software to Networked Computers
ICAA4041C - Determine Client Expectations & Needs
ICAI4029C - Install Network Hardware
ICAW4214B - Maintain Ethical Conduct
ICAD4043B - Develop a Feasibility Report
PSPPM402B - Manage Simple Projects
Visual Basic
Ruby - Programming Language


Robert Daveson