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About Benjamin Wiseman

Dr. Benjamin Wiseman is a longtime pain management and anesthesiology practitioner who retired from daily practice in 2010 to concentrate on managing his family trust’s agricultural and ranching operations. Dr. Benjamin Wiseman has held several academic appointments throughout his career, including faculty positions with the anesthesiology departments at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and the Texas A&M Medical School. In these positions, he trained anesthesiology residents in specialized areas of chronic pain management involving the surgical placement of spinal cord stimulators and morphine pumps. He also instructed on methods of permanently destroying the nerves that cause pain.

Dr. Wiseman’s professional experience includes 15 years in Waco, Texas, at practices such as Mid-Tex Anesthesiology Associates - Providence Hospital Anesthesia and Hillcrest Hospital Neurosurgical and Pain Anesthesia. He subsequently spent six years with Tupelo Anesthesia Group Pain Services, and the North Mississippi Medical Center Pain Management Center as medical director. During his free time, Dr. Benjamin Wiseman enjoys performing in musical theater and playing trumpet and piano.

Work experience

Oct 2009Jan 2015


Benjamin E. Wiseman M.D., P.A.


Jul 1976May 1979


University of Texas Medical School Houston