Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2011 - Present

Deputy Sheriff

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff


Basketball, Movies, Rock Climbing, Boxing, Cleaning up the Environment

Community Service

Beach and Neighborhood clean-ups


Red Cross, Hurricane Katrina

About Me

Benjamin Ring currently works with the Deputy Sheriff’s Department. He provides security and safety to the community by assisting people who come into the courts as well as judges. Previously, he worked in the jails where he ensured order in the cells and watched over the inmates. Upholding the ideal that all are innocent until proven guilty, Benjamin Ring has been working with law enforcement since December 2007. Before this, he was employed as a commercial and industrial electrician, learning the basics from his father. He left the field as he was compelled to give back more to the community.In his free time, Benjamin Ring enjoys pursuing a number of hobbies. Most recently, he has begun exploring rock climbing in Malibu and Stoney Point. Though very new to the sport, Ring looks forward to the day when he can get to Class 5, which is considered true rock climbing and entails climbers use rope to scale vertical rocks. Benjamin Ring also finds pleasure in the martial arts, including Kenpo Karate, taekwondo, and boxing. He used to box at a gym in Florida. A fan of the wilderness, he spends time camping and fishing with his friends.Additionally, Benjamin Ring supports professional sports including the Lakers and the Rams. An athlete himself, he enjoys shooting hoops with his friends and playing pool. Benjamin Ring also participates in community service endeavors, such as beach and neighborhood cleanups, as well as donates blood to The American National Red Cross.