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I am currently seeking a position wherein I can use my talents to make technically complex products and processes interesting and understandable to clients. Please see the following list for job titles that I believe fit this description. 

Instructional technologist

Technology coach

Technology trainer

Customer education trainer

Corporate trainer

Course developer

Technical writer

Quality assurance


An expert in instructional technology, I work with educators, facilitating the integration of digital tools to enhance learning. I develop, implement and manage projects which support teachers' goals and objectives. The curriculum and content I produce helps education staff to learn new systems quickly and use them effectively. My services are primarily hands-on product training and support. I am also responsible for finding new technologies to improve learning.


Writing; Training; Ability to communicate technical and complex information to all levels and types of audiences; Instructional design; Needs analysis; Experienced with Macintosh and Windows products; Strong interpersonal skills; Fast learner 

Work experience

Educator; Health

U.S. Peace Corps
  • Compiled, edited and published comprehensive health curriculum guide
  • Created, implemented and evaluated a nationwide education program
  • Arranged and managed the distribution of $7,000 in community aid

Educator; Nutrition

University of Wisconsin Extension
  • Created and published tailored How-To's, articles
  • Prepared budget reports to justify expenditures
  • Coordinated and presented training sessions in two counties

Teacher; Substitute/ Student

Antigo School District
  • Planned, taught and evaluated courses in biology and chemistry
  • Followed frequently changing rules and procedures
  • Updated school’s entire chemical inventory

Technology Trainer and Teacher

Shelby County School
  • Develop, implement and manage projects which support teachers’ goals and objectives
  • Write job aids and software instructions, document IT applications
  • Taught biology and chemistry
Aug 2008Jun 2010

Teacher- Biology, Anatomy, AP Biology

Plano High School
  • Awarded “Most Influential Teacher”
  • Taught advanced biology, core biology and anatomy
  • Created and maintained class website
Aug 2006Jun 2008

Teacher- Biology

J.Sterling Morton East High School,
  • Produced course materials (course descriptions, objectives, overviews, etc.)
  • Understood user's skill level and prepared documents accordingly
  • Taught biology 
Feb 2004Oct 2004

Certified Nursing Assistant

Peterson Health Care
  • Maintained accurate medical records
  • Rehabilitated emotionally/behaviorally challenged patients
  • Promoted and ensured positive environment with service orientation  


Aug 2008Jun 2010

Graduate credits earned toward Masters

University of Aurora

GPA: 3.83

Transcript Information Course Title                                                     Grade          Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Biochemistry                                                            A              3.00


Molecular and Cell Biology                                   B              3.00


Action Research in Math/Science                        A              3.00


Experimental Design & Biostatistical Analysis  A              3.00


Nature of Science                                                   A              3.00


Teacher Leader Roles/Attributes                         A             3.00

Sep 1994Jun 2000

Bachelor of Science

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Credit Hours: Biology= 41 Philosophy= 45 Science related hours= 59Total Credit Hours: 86

GPA Biology Major:        3.33 GPA Philosophy Major:  3.65GPA Overall:                     3.49Points of special interest:

Residence Hall Association Representative

Student Conduct Board member

Newman Center volunteer

Semester Abroad- Former Eastern Bloc Countries


  I like to ask questions that encompass more than most people's curiosity.  I enjoy being interested more than almost any other feeling. You'll notice from my resume that I spent my first two post-college years in a country where most couldn't speak my language. Because of my drive and ability to learn quickly, I was able to create a nationwide health initiative. My intense interest in learning and helping others has brought me into public education.  My enthusiasm for learning and the life sciences spilled over to the students, which is one of the reasons I was awarded "most influential teacher".  
Interpersonal Communication
My career is helping people achieve their goals through education. To keep helping people, i've learned to meet them where they are. First of all, I am extremely patient. This is one of the most common things my clients say to me while I teach them a new skill. That is not to say that I cannot be assertive. As a high school teacher I simply wouldn't survive without the ability to speak up when necessary. I am also able to remain respectful and professional even in very stressful situations. Consider the phone calls I've made to the parents of failing students. I have needed to remain focused and respectful so that we can work past the emotions and work toward a solution.    With my friendly disposition and professionalism, I find it easy to work with colleagues, clients and supervisors.   
Design and deliver instructional products
  As an educator, I have had the opportunity to work through the complexities involved in educational project management from the initial needs assessment on through development and implementation. A great deal of this work has been in the design and maintenance of instructional products for a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. Examples include manuals, curricula, audiovisuals and online assessments. I have also developed and delivered training focused on improving and maintaining specific skill sets.   Professional development is a standard requirement for an educator. I am therefor constantly researching material and learning new teaching techniques.   
  My first two post-college years were spent in a foreign country. I had to learn both a new culture and a new language quickly. Despite these challenges, I was able to implement a nationwide health training program. At the same time, I wrote and edited a comprehensive curriculum guide for Peace Corps trainers in Armenia. This required me to understand the user's level of proficiency and prepare the documents accordingly.    Nearly every position I have held has involved substantial document creation including articles, reports, course descriptions and study guides. During my work in science education, I've created much of my own learning materials, taking complex concepts and making them both understandable and memorable. I also prepared laboratory instructions and guides which outlined proper procedures and warned students of common errors. I've carried this skill to my current position as a technology trainer. I create hardcopy and online software instructions using screenshots, graphics and text. Recently, I've begun blogging at There, I write about instructional technology, offering advice and reflecting on current trends.  
  Over the years, I have developed the organizational and planning skills to design and manage a wide variety of training projects. In my various roles, I have come to understand the complexities involved in project management from the initial assessment through development and implementation. As a teacher, I have also found new ways to utilize the principals of ADDIE. Technical skills have been imperative in these pursuits and I have honed these competencies through troubleshooting and using a variety of software and online tools. My current position requires me to train clients and design instructional products for a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. I mentor teachers in basic computer skills and help them meet objectives through the appropriate use of technology. Afterwards, I follow up with educators to ensure the training produced the desired results. 


Tennessee License

TN Department of Education
Sep 2010Sep 2015

Biology Teaching License

Il State Board of Education

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