To imagine, design, and create profitable software.  Serve as senior hands-on technology leader, teammate and contributor.  Maintain close collaboration and tight alignment with the business.


  • Married father of two
  • Weightlifting, running, and skiing 
  • Faith, philosophy, entrepreneurship, investing
  • Music (play piano)


MySQL, Oracle

Vendors & Frameworks

Praxis Engineering (2009 - present)

  • NetApp - 1 year
  • Oracle - 1 year
  • Red Hat - 1 year
  • APC - 1 year
  • Cisco - 1 year

Near Infinity (2006 - 2009)

  • Ruby on Rails - 3 years
  • Grails - 2 years
  • Spring - 2 years
  • Prototype, script.aculo.us - 1 year
  • Mac OSX - 3 years

webMethods (2000 - 2006)

  • Java Swing - 5 years
  • SWT - 2 years
  • Eclipse RCP - 2 years
  • Windows NT - 6 years

Booz Allen Hamilton (1999 - 2000)

  • Java Swing - 1 year


Hands-on contributor and product director for medium and small companies. Contract software architect and programmer for US government and commercial businesses.Experienced Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, and anything-else Team Member in both large and small engineering teams. Passionate about good code, I also enjoy multidimensional roles that allow me to engage as a leader, or external communicator.Past technical columnist with Dr. Dobbs Journal (Pragmatic Exceptions). Frequent writer on the subject of software development and economics. Guest computer science lecturer at George Mason University.Former U.S. Marine non commissioned officer, rugby player, and football quarterback. I combine vision, pragmatism, energy, and constant improvement in a leadership style that quickly builds highly effective teams.



  • Java - 12 years
  • Ruby - 6 years
  • Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript) -  5 years
  • SQL - 5 years 
  • Bash - 2 years
  • C, C++ - 2 years
  • Basic - 1 year
  • Groovy - 1 year
  • Perl - 1/2 year

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2006 - Present

Programmer | Software Architect

Near Infinity Inc.

Designed and developed custom software solutions for Near Infinity government and commercial clients.  Led design and development of intelliPrints (tm), Near Infinity’s commercially available auditing and business intelligence software product.

As intelliPrints product manager, used Scrum to track, predict, and communicate roadmap progress.  In the day-to-day, worked in a multi-role capacity as architect, UI designer, n-tier developer, mentor, and technical writer.

Worked with Near Infinity CEO and Marketing to expand intelliPrints business.  Engagements included George Mason University grubstake breakfast, VC presentations, and collaboration with business consultants.

Created a Ruby on Rails-based automotive engineering tool in a joint effort with Relevance, for Chrysler.  The tool created and maintained open diagnostic data exchange (ODX) protocol definitions.  Protocol data was later burned into EPROMs for handheld devices used by auto mechanics during vehicle diagnostic routines.

Developed a Ruby on Rails-based ‘cloud’ computing resource for the United States Intelligence Community. This solution provided a common deployment environment and shared service resource for hosting Ruby on Rails-based applications, revolutionizing their ability to quickly and reliably field new Web-based applications.

Developed training material and instructed Intelligence Community field technical staff in Web, database, Ruby, and Rails-based application development.

Technologies and methods used: Alan Cooper, agile, Ant, ActiveMQ, Confluence (wiki), CSS, Git, Grails, Groovy, Hibernate/HQL, HTML, IntelliJ, Java/JEE, Javascript, Jetty, JIRA, JMS, JUnit (unit testing), Linux, Mac OS X, Maven, MySQL, NetBeans, object-oriented analysis and design, ODX, Oracle, personas, pragmatic marketing, Ruby, Rails, Scrum, Spring, SQL, TeamCity, TextMate, Tomcat, Tortoise, Subversion, Web Services, user interaction design, WebLogic, Windows XP

Mar 2011 - Nov 2011

Product Manager

Moxie Software

Directed growth of Moxie's Employee Spaces, a SaaS-based social workspace and content management system that competes directly with Jive, SharePoint, and Yammer.  Was key or principle in most analyst, sales, and support calls for the product, ultimately, leading to the placement of Moxie in the 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant and the landing of large new customer accounts with USC, Shutterfly, Disney, HDR and Turner Broadcasting.  Generated revenue growth of 2x per quarter during my tenure.As product manager (product owner), worked closely with customer, sales, support, and marketing executives to define and prioritize strategic social software objectives.Used background as a system architect and programmer to communicate our Amazon Web Service (cloud)-based architecture to external stakeholders and transform strategic goals into tactical development requirements.  In close partnership with IDEO, led the design of all new user interfaces.Applied agile (Scrum) management techniques to coordinate the development and delivery of all product improvements.

Jul 2009 - Mar 2011

Programmer | System Architect

Praxis Engineering

Directed and implemented resuscitation and modernization of engineering technology and methods on a large scale US State Department-funded product development contract. Rolled out Scrum-based agile development to a team of 20+ developers, wrote Biometrics application and tool components, set up source code control with Subversion, established CM practices, implemented continuous integration with Cruise, established use of VMware, ramped up developer-level Ruby tests, set up project tracking & wiki with Mingle, and mentored junior staff: N-tier architecture, TDD, Ruby, all-manner-of-agile. As the subcontractor PM, was principle in helping the prime contractor go from threatened termination of their contract to a 95% score one year later. Radically improved customer perception led to additional $90M contract extension and near-doubling of staff positions. Contract was to build a distributed border control system with biometrics and deploy it world-wide.

Technologies and methods used: APC, Ant, Cisco, Cruise, Java, Java Swing, Mingle, NetApp, networking, PL/SQL, Rake, RedHat, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Scrum, SQL, Subversion, system architecture, system engineering, Tortoise, Tomcat, VMware

Nov 2000 - Aug 2006

Programmer | Lead Engineer


Designed, prototyped, and developed webMethods’ commercial software.webMethods (now, SAG) is a business-to-business (B2B) software integration vendor that fuses disparate enterprise software systems for improved business efficiency.

Created Core Java and Java Swing components for the webMethods Developer tool and Integration Server applications in order to simplify the process of integrating customers' enterprise applications.  Integrations were composed in webMethods Developer and executed in the Integration Server.  The Integration Server provided a fast, scalable, and highly reliable runtime environment for extraction, mapping, transformation, and loading (ETL) of XML-based documents in disparate systems.

Researched and prototyped RDF/OWL-based integration approaches in office of CTO with goal to automate mappings between potentially related XML entities.  Was a merger & acquisitions technical evaluator of Cerebra (formerly ‘Network Inference’), a semantic web-based metadata repository vendor.

Designed and developed a common auditing library and wrote architectural guidelines for webMethods' product internationalization.

Technologies and methods used: Ant, business process modeling language (BPML), business process execution language (BPEL), business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), CruiseControl, Eclipse, Eclipse RCP, enterprise application integration (EAI), enterprise service bus (ESB), extreme programming (XP), Java, JDBC, JMS, JUnit, message bus, object-oriented analysis and design, OWL, Perforce, Protoge, SWOOP, RDF, RedHat Linux, Ruby, Swing, SWT, SUSE Linux, Twiki (wiki), webMethods Developer, webMethods Integration Server, webMethods Modeler, webMethods Flow, Windows NT, Windows 2000, XML, XSLT

May 1999 - Nov 2000



Sub-system lead, designer, and developer on TRAC2ES, a large DoD contract to create and maintain a global military patient movement and tracking system.  Created Java UI components and XML processing modules for a thick client application that tracked the movement and status of casualties from front lines to destination medical treatment facilities.  Solution was a low-bandwidth XML-database application that edited, stored and forwarded patient movement records.

Technologies and methods used: Java, object-oriented analysis and design (OOA and OOD), PCVS, Rational Rose, SQL, SSL, Swing, Toad, UML, Visual Cafe, Windows NT, XML.

Apr 1993 - Apr 1999

System Administrator | Network Engineer | Meteorological Electronics Maintenance Technician

United States Marine Corps

For over three years out of six in service, supported HMX-1 (the presidential helicopter squadron) as a Windows NT System Administrator, Local Area Network (LAN) Engineer, and Meteorological Electronics Maintenance Technician.

As the non-commissioned officer in charge of all HMX-1 weather forecasting computers, applications and network, lead or implemented:

  • Design, deployment, or maintenance of Banyan Vines and Windows NT networks
  • Coordination of new hardware, software and network deployments
  • Installation and updates to Windows NT and hosted applications
  • Troubleshooting of WAN and LAN network problems

In addition to System Administrative activity, maintained and repaired meteorological and air traffic control electronics in direct support of deployed Marine Wing Support Squadrons and station-based ground electronics units, worldwide.

Technologies and methods used: air traffic control switchboards, Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS), Banyan Vines, cryptography gear, digital electronics troubleshooting and repair, local area network build-outs, solid state electronics circuit-level troubleshooting and repair, scheduled electronics tuning and upgrades, VHF/UHF, weather fax, weather RADAR, Windows 98/NT


Jun 2004 - Jun 2006



C, Java, HTML, SQL, data modeling, Unix admin, Windows Server admin, project management, technical writing, oral communication

3.9 GPA

Sep 2000 - Jun 2004


algorithms, C, C++, calculus, economics, liberal arts, physics, statistics

Aug 1993 - May 1994

Basic Electronics

Naval Air Station, Millington (US Marine Corps)

applied mathematics, applied physics, electricity, electronics, troubleshooting, communications (electronic), circuits, motors and controls, electromechanical systems, schematic diagrams, technical writing, telecommunications


2007 - Present

Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance
2000 - Present

Java Developer

Sun Microsystems
2007 - Present

Advanced Ruby on Rails

Pragmatic Studio
2007 - Present

Enterprise Ruby

Pragmatic Studio
2008 - Present

Taking Technology Products to Market

2008 - Present

Strategic Marketing of Technology Products