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Over 8 years experience in the U.S. Army, with 5 years of supervisory experience.  Supervised and coordinated the timely maintenance of over 5 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles valued in excess of $ 9 million.  Responsible for the supervision, training, welfare, and mentor ship of 10 subordinates.  Strong ability to communicate with diverse clientele and all levels of management.

Work experience

Jan 2014Mar 2016

Unmanned Aerial System Repairer

U.S. Army Fort Hood Texas

Examined and inspected aircraft components, including landing gear and hydraulic systems to locate cracks, breaks, leaks, or other problems.

Conducted routine and special inspections as required by FAA regulations.

Inspected completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards and that aircraft are ready for operation.

Analyzed and interpreted maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications to determine the feasibility  and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.

Managed repair logs, documenting all preventive and corrective aircraft maintenance. 

Sep 2011Jan 2014

Automated Logistical Specialist

U.S. Army Fort Bragg North Carolina

Facilitated  computers and computer systems to set up functions, enter data, or process information.

Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork.

Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

Distributed information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.

Aug 2008Sep 2011

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

U.S. Army fort hood texas

Analyzed blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory and components.

Identify and resolve equipment malfunctions, working with manufacturers of field representatives as necessary to procure replacement parts.

Test electronics units, using standard test equipment, and analyze results to evaluate performance and determine need for adjustment.  

Adjust or replace defective or improperly functioning circuity or electronics components, using hand tools or soldering iron.

Assemble, test, or maintain circuitry or electronic components, according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, or knowledge of electronics, using hand or power tools.


Aug 2014Aug 2014

Air Assault 

U.S. Army Air Assault School is a 10-day course designed to prepare Soldiers for insertion, evacuation, and pathfinder missions that call for the use of multipurpose transportation and assault helicopters. Air Assault training focuses on the mastery of rappelling techniques and sling load procedures, skills that involve intense concentration and a commitment to safety and preparation.

Oct 2011Nov 2011

Combat Life Savers Course

A Combat Lifesaver (CLS) is non-medic soldier with moderate emergency medical training to provide care at the point of wounding. Combat Lifesaver skills are intended for use in combat; however, the skills may be applied to soldiers in non-combat situations. The Combat Lifesaver is instructed in various techniques to treat and stabilize injuries related to combat. To include, but not limited to, blast injury, amputation, severe bleeding, penetrating chest injuries, simple airway management, and evacuation techniques.

Nov 2009Dec 2009

WLC Warriors Leaders Course

WLC is a month-long course that teaches Specialists and Corporals the Basic skills to lead small groups of Soldiers.  This course is hard hitting and intensive with emphasis on leadership skills and prepares Soldiers to advance to the rank of Sergeant.




Team work